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  1. I would but the question is always timing.
  2. Here is the pastebin, cannot check the repo to make sure mods are fine and I checked the Arma 3 cache, which is fine. It seems like the error I am getting might be apparent in the pastebin but I have no Idea how to read that thing. My game is crashing and I have no idea why Have had no problems until today. I did OC my PC this morning, but cannot see how this would affect just the FK server No problem with FK#2 with Altis template as zeus or player. FK#1 is currently on Isla Abramia
  3. I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in casually playing some nightly/daily/sometimes Smite? If so feel free to message me, may ID is same as on here.
  4. Should do an updated one for M6 launcher mortar. THe range table is built in on this light, 60mm beautiful explosive baby. Its CRTL and B to open it and fire away after prepping rounds. Of course adjusting for elevation and wind must still be done but jesus........
  5. For second mission The following document had been previously prepared Changed Mulladost to Chaman
  6. Zeus: @capitolmoney170, Insayne, @atomicbucko122 Platoon: @Paintchk SL: n/a The following is the main zeus perspective of the second mission. If i ever seem like I am not paying attention I was probably typing to someone about problems I or someone else may have been having. Being US Army, a firing line on civilians is a war crime and I have footage of those crimes. EDIT: Fuck my life I didn't know you could use the zeus button to leave a remote control. FML FML
  7. Would be glad to help!
  8. Another Update, Trying to load in after mission 2, same problem as before.... Learned, it may be due to the template problems.... maybe
  9. Update 2: Tried to load in this morning, 4/6/2017 around 9:30 AM EST, same problems Tried loading into active mission #2 I think, around 4:15PM EST, no problems.... Don't know what has changed if anything will continue if problems occur
  10. Update. I can load into any vanilla multiplayer server no problems, same quick load in and no errors as has been normal. I can load into the test FK server no problem. It is quick as normal. I have no idea what the fuq to do.
  11. sorry for the wall
  12. When I attempted to load in today, 4/5/2017, I am not having problems on the TS. However there is a severe lack of loading into the server. Arma takes the normal amount of time, put when I try and join the server it takes forever on the map screen before slot up screen. When I get to the slot up screen I click on a slot and it takes sometimes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to show up. Begins going into the mission and loading super slowly often getting stuck on the following before I get a Battleeye Client not responding error. Never had any problems before and no idea how to fix. If you check out my latest stream I somehow got in and was just rubberbanding constantly.
  13. Having trouble implementing the ARES mod compositions when I am zeusing. Is there currently any fix for this problem so that one can easily set up larger bases? If not is there a way to get around this somehow?
  14. until

    I will always volunteer to get shot up!
  15. Thanks daddyrissa!