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  1. Having trouble implementing the ARES mod compositions when I am zeusing. Is there currently any fix for this problem so that one can easily set up larger bases? If not is there a way to get around this somehow?
  2. until

    I will always volunteer to get shot up!
  3. Thanks daddyrissa!
  4. Yeah I noticed troubles tonight, I updated already and cannot get on.... I hope we get a clear answer!
  5. SO excited for this! Love the Halo Universe and the backstory of the human war before the discovery of the Covenant
  6. @V1rU5 That guide would be great help! I don't know how much of the basics I need to know but I do have some experience and know-how. Depending on when that guide could come out I would be willing to wait! Thank you
  7. Hello! My question is really for those that have created missions, especially PVP missions, before. I am seeking to create an at least 3 mission campaign of sorts. All of the missions will be based on Abramia and be PVP. Following is the overarching themes of the missions Mission 1: NATO is trying to setup a stronger foothold in Abarmia. Mission 2: Opfor retaliates by kidnapping a VIP Mission 3: NATO tries to survive an Opfor onslaught to recapture the VIP Mission 4: tbd Right now this is some of what I have. I am working on load out restriction ideas and trying to develop a flow for the missions I just need help with some of the basics and more complicated things in setting up a PVP mission on the Eden Editor, especially since I have not been able to find a youtube video for help. I know @anden3 and @V1rU5 have done these style of missions previously and was wondering if I could have a chat? If anyone has more interest in the mission details I have more written up and can share it.
  8. Mission 4: Bravo AutoRifleman While I cannot say much about the platoon and squad lead aspects of this mission I would like to touch on the player controlled OPFOR. I am sure this idea isn't new to the server but I feel it should be implemented more often. The realism aspect only increases when one has a well controlled player based opposition force. There is the possibility of course for such missions to get out of hand in some way but the Zeus only needs to be competent enough to overcome that. I feel this aspect of OPFOR should be introduced at least into more "nonregular" missions if possible. Maybe even sending an FNG suicide squad as QRF... I think that could be hilarious.
  9. until

    I would like to join too. I know most of the basics of the advanced system but feel that picking up any tidbits would be great!
  10. This was alpha mission 2 on Wednesday March 1, at 10:40AM EST
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    I am sad that fngs can't do this. but good luck to those that do!
  12. Hello! My name is Dan aka Capitolmoney170 (Cap) and I have been enjoying playing on the server for about a week now