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  1. until

    FOX 1 autorifleman assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant for both missions, please.
  2. Netherlands, cause if West germany got invaded back then we had an area in germany we had to reinforce. might be fun to have a West-German and Dutch mission in one.
  3. Real men use faction specific optics. Using NATO optics and attachments on your glorious AK that Mikhail provided for us is a shame to the motherland. If you don't already know russian optics, take time to learn them. HANG THE CAPITALIST SPIES!
  4. I still thinks Nova's voice hasnt recovered yet.
  5. when Chuck Yeager decided to take Chinese Camo and weapons when we're fighting Chinese troops using VERY similar weapons.
  6. Zeus: None, but @NeilZar made the mission Platoon: Dunno Squad: @LastRanger37 @Sarissa @Chefla @BonSie @conga Note: ''FPS me daddy.'' was very topical during Neil's mission. Quoted form da rulez: If a Campaign mission is played and it is broken, the mission creator will face consequences at the manager team discretion. Note to CM team: If this counts as shitstirring, just remove it.
  7. Don't worry about it, During the mission I thought it was just your voice that made people think you were edgy.
  8. TLF


    "Surprises" Unfortunately only Dutch people will understand.
  9. TLF


    Still better than steam support
  10. TLF


    Some KNGT gunner please. Mind if I ask what sort of vehicle will be used?
  11. Always knew you were a russian president.
  12. For the second time, Please sign me up.
  13. until

    first and second mission pls.
  14. until

    Would like to take a demo expert slot, please. for first mission any non-listed slot will do.