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  1. campaign


    UAV op. Drones aren't that different from helicopters tag holder bby.
  2. campaign


    REEE, pilot
  3. until

    May I ask what ammunition types are available to the armoured assets?
  4. until

    Any of the BSWD commander/gunner/driver slots. please.
  5. If i still see people without apex and saying it's too expensive after this. Imma kill dem normies
  6. Zeus: no commentsPlatoon: FAC: @mulletshock PLT LEAD: Digbus thaterus Wartherus After about waiting 15 minutes I was asked by Woody to just hop into the A-10 provided for me. After we rotated and circled the HP for about 10 minutes Mullet told us to engage any non-American targets. As I was hungry when mullet said it, I remembered the order as: ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET. After that we pretty much just rekt the AO untill I got interrupted by my mother during an Immelman maneuver I died. Mission was a great meme.Squad: @Woody and I were pretty much just trying to take as much food from the buffet before the fat people (AA) noticed us. I didn't really like the Shilkas tho, they're too salty. Gonna approach the chef later and get him fired. *MOD EDIT* No pictures here please
  7. until

    Reee, was in the previous mission. but was late to notify rorkiy. Would still like a slot tho.
  8. until

    Would like to grab pilot. But if woody also asks for it I'll take co-pilot. EDIT: not going do to IRL stuff.
  9. until

    Would still like a slot.
  10. until

    FOX 1/2 grenadier pls
  11. campaign


    Would also like pilot. EDIT: 'hammed ain't got tags afaik.
  12. Clipazine.
  13. space engineers


    Mod list?
  14. ''Random SU-25 not being told there will be enemy fast movers.'' It was told during briefing that there was an operational airport in the AO.
  15. Are you referring to me taking out a BTR by jumping on it?