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  2. 24/4/2017 second mission probably gonna get a follow up mission if people interested. Retreive body from ocean.
  3. Hark it's always a dutchie pointing out the spelling mistakes Here's a ''hark'' in real life.
  4. Don't try and ask them. All they'll do is wave the turkish flag as always... for reference, just look at the CSGO artwork page on steam.
  5. it's an evolution of the battle rifle. And doesnt mean every battle rifle is a DMR.
  6. They're called Battle Rifles...
  7. Get rid of BWMOD
  8. I think it's just not specified enough. One way to prevent people from taking is maybe typing the name of the mod as a prefix of the real camouflage in sidechat. But in my opinion seeing some vanilla stuff is great. It's a part of the game we for some reason never use. It's also familiar to a lot of people to a point where I could confidently say that someone with 1000 hours of play time has used vanilla weapons more than mod weapons. So in conclusion I'd just say that it either needs to be so nitpickingly specified that it cringes like hell, or just ban it all together. Although I'm not a fan of the latter. EDIT: I didn't specify earlier in this post, but vanilla equipment is also a lot better for easier training missions. Just because of that familiarity a FNG doesn't have to go über far out of his/her comfort zone. The equipment is familiar to them, and that can only be a good thing for someone we don't know his/her familiarity and competence with mod equipment for.
  9. And I thought that Dutch mechanized infantry was a myth... I have been proven wrong.
  10. Sibling project headquarters
  11. Do not be of worry comrad, Batman also had minor technical issues. And we pretty much all died halfway.
  12. Then I doubt it even has a hitbox for one.
  13. Thank you, pcgamer.
  14. Ammo rack is just underneath the turret mantlet. Try shooting it from side just under turret, you should be able to get some succes there.