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  1. I'm sorry but...uuuuh...why am I being mentioned for platoon? I've never platooned in my life.
  2. That'll be nice. Not just for me but others as well. I'm probably only going to start looking at these properly though after the 16th, my last exam. For now they'll be ran off the standard template.
  3. Yeah but I'm pretty bad and do the know where I should start. I was thinking if picking a map that's most suitable to each group, locking equipment but still having them as a Zeus set up. I've never done any of the mission scripting in Eden before. Wouldn't really know where to start Rip my dudes.
  4. New group in the works. Though this is going to be for early missions and smaller groups. Of 2 to 3 squads in size. Based around Gendarmerie units. Such as the GIGN and Swat. For this it will mainly be GIGN (yeah whoooh you can wear altyns as a substitute for bit having the correct helmet.)
  5. Eeeeh, I spose so.
  6. In personal opinion I would move the Mortar to a heavy weapons squad. The issue with it is that an overwatch position is generally dependent on height. Heavy weapons is force application. I feel like it fits more in the 'get absoloutely fucked' situation of a squad. Rather than 'remove threats before they occur'. Also with a lot of overwatch positions you're typically shooting over another squad's shoulder. Fine with a rifle, but when a a 10m discrepancy means you land a 60mm in the middle of an enemy or a friendly squad. Your mortar team has to be on point. I know a lot of the mortar peeps CAN land them that close, but it's still not a risk people would want to take every single shot. Also, the BAF 60mm can be one manned, meaning you keep standard squad template, and the rifleman just takes a mortar and a complement of rounds, make everyone else but AR or AAR take a spare shell for him Heavy weapons though, all about area denial and pinning. And what better time is there to drop a mortar on a building that had an enemy squad in it when they're unable to move. I prefer the idea of an 'Extended' prophet for 'Light Recon', a selection of 2 men sentries linked to a prophet pairing. I dunno, you like your fancy names. What about 'SONAR', 'RADAR' and 'LADAR'. Constantly pinging information back to prophet who can relay as head of the squad back to platoon. Giving you a full squad of 8. Each pair could specialize with shot calls, infantry, air and Armor for example. Fast Response is easy enough. One squad in an AT Wildcat 6. IC is in a commanding role, 2IC is ground lead. Rifleman slot is pilot. Boots on the ground, close support, mop up rapidly, get back in, go to next objective. I know you like limiting scopes Lenny, but I tried that with a 'Vanilla Equipment loadout' last time I squad lead, while people were okay with the RCO and similar sights, I think 1x is a bit too iffy, in fact it's better to just cut the sight out then, your Zeroing gives you much more of an effective range. 2x scopes fit nicely into a 5.56's effective kill range of 500~ meters. Don't see anything I would honestly change about overwatch or how I'd do it differently, barring the Mortar. Spotting SMAW's would be fun, but I think most people would go BAF NLAW, which kinda ruins the fun.
  7. After Last Nights mission I am definitely going to be continuing this layout. I was also asked by a few people if they could also use these lay outs for their own missions. my response to this is. Of course. Go ahead. Also, I'm hoping to have my next Doctrine done by Tonight, for use in a late night mission as all mine have gone, look at the doctrine list post for more information.
  8. I'll looking into it. But if it fills the same roles as SAS I probably wont use it. The first 3 Doctrines have been created. We will be trying out the SAS tonight, if I get to take a mission.
  9. Doctrines Added: Fireforce, Soviet Mechanized, SAS, CIA / Green Berets, GIGN To Be Added: Edit: You guys can suggest Doctrines. basically pick out famous armed force groups, and we'll try and make something out.
  10. Once again. The mortar was walked onto the squad slowly, and would be broken if the enemy lost line of sight. This happened with bravo as they got hit. The immediately fell back behind of a hill. So the enemy lost line of sight, hit the area where they were, and stopped. Echo's idea was to sprint into a lightly armed hangar. I barraged it at a steady pace that would make sense for mortar splash, 3 round barrage every 20 seconds. To mimic the idea of landing and then the next barrage being sent. After a protracted assault I stopped. Sent a tank in against you. (giving you time to flee). At which point you destroyed the tank. At this point I moved over to bravo and began mortaring them to give you reprieve, however they grew wise and fell back immediately. Which meant they went back to mortaring the Hangar. Not you, the Hangar. You stayed in it. You died. I do my missions realistically. If an enemy is hiding in a building and you have a mortar. You slam it till you break their will and they begin to flee or you level the building. I didn't want to level it so I dropped the majority of them outside, around the edges, not towards the entrance. You could have fled at ANY POINT directly away from the hangar entrance and base, bar the ending barrages and you have been safe, even if you moved as you heard the whistle, as the Hangar would have eaten it. Instead you didn't, giving the enemy time to work out a pin point calculation, drop the shells in front of the hangar and have them splash back into you.
  11. Think a Digby mission, limited assets, specific load outs, but more asset based, which if you use it incorrectly you will more then likely fail.
  12. DOCTRINES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bxe5HYK0QWF6XxuWrYwj7Wp59CcT3gGMI-fQoS3ACCg/edit?usp=sharing MISSIONS:
  13. In my opinion, I believe it was boring because your assets weren't utilized correctly. As a mobile force set up to be one, you simply didn't use your mobility and it wasted your asset. Ground wars in that area (It was mimicing the Rhodesian War) were almost impossible. large Savannah to clear with very little way of resupply severely strained ground combat. It's why they became so proficient in the use of helicopters. The set up was made to mimic the Fireforce Doctrine. I set you up in order to use that and gave a fair few people the run down of how it was supposed to play out. I even spread the mission objectives out by a fair distance in order to artificially give you more of a reason to use the Choppers. You were given a limited amount of ammo and an FOB with an Arsenal so you could move about and resupply, to use the choppers. You had a C-130 and a link between the bases to drop charlie and delta repeatedly, it was never used. There shouldn't have been anything 'lacking to do' their were four objectives. But it cocked up, not through Zeus but because asset usage either wasn't used effectively. Or when the first counter was employed (Low Skill ZSU gunners) you didn't counter it. Leaving you to decide to try a protracted ground war, sprinting through the Savannah, which you were not equipped for. *Edit* I like to base my missions around asset usage. Making them a bit more specialized then how we do it. For example when I used the Soviet Doctrine in Takistan which was heavy Mechanized infantry with a Quick Response Spetznaz squad and in the end the ability to call down devastating Mortar barrages. It went well, and Asset usage was employed correctly, and it went without a hitch. I'm going to be making a thread which has my mission plan and ideas in, and they're going to be based around real world doctrines used in heavy fighting, where if it's employed incorrectly. You will fail, or make the mission an unbearable slog.
  14. So this is a clear up for some people on the 3rd Mission. This is addressing the mortars. There were four compounds to clear. Two of standard infantry, one contained a mortar encampment, one contained armor assets. You attacked the Armor Dept. Not the mortar compound. On top of that you didn't utilize your assets due to ZSU issues because of something that happened earlier in the mission. You lost your C-130 pilot not to destruction, but because he fucked off and left it unoccupied, meaning you could drop in at a hat to attack the position. The mortars were launched in 20 second bursts in 3 round barrages. Unlike Bravo, which backed away. Echo decided to utilize a Hangar as a defensive positions. Mortars like slamming defensive positions. You got slammed.
  15. I'm trying to get a friend to start playing the game. He's not too big into Milsims but I'd like to get him into it. I'm just waiting on him to make an account. Would I be able to get added as a Big Sibling for him. I'll link his account / name when he has. I think he's called himself @Sturmgewehr Because the name 'Loki' has been stolen and he's kinda upset but it's okay.