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  1. I'm trying to get a friend to start playing the game. He's not too big into Milsims but I'd like to get him into it. I'm just waiting on him to make an account. Would I be able to get added as a Big Sibling for him. I'll link his account / name when he has. I think he's called himself @Sturmgewehr Because the name 'Loki' has been stolen and he's kinda upset but it's okay.
  2. ...Do we have drone Op tags? I know werthless makes them an arse to use sometimes due to how the system can over take them. But there's something g deeply satisfying using a darter recon to Las and recon. A Greyhawk to bomb bunkers and vehicles. Before letting the stomper roll over the survivors. And they really need using more >.>
  3. One of you was talking about this a while ago. There's a mod you can download that fixes using compositions on the server. What's the mod called?
  4. In my honest opinion. While a calculator is helpful, it isnt really needed. Wind is capped at a static value due to something on the server so the distance change is negligeable. Try not be reliant on a calculator. After a few games you'll get your Co-Ords down eezee peezee. The wind effect will only massively effect you when you get to the edges of shooting range at charge 2 or so, from my play around. I'd possibly use the Calculator for MASSIVE elevation changes. Such as trying a precision strike on a military compound on top of a hill when I'm say below it.
  5. Huh, mortar calculator. I dont have to do it in my head anymore, cool.
  6. *Generic FNG quality of post*