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  1. 2nd mission, Flight lead of F-18 Combat Air Patrol (Whiplash 1-1) Zeus: @Hekhal a good job as usual, kept the mission interesting for all of us. Platoon: - @Chefla didnt really have a lot of interaction with ground forces since we were tasked with keeping the sky clear. - @Mopafid as FAC, great job! Squad: -@Shoxe (as Whiplash 1-2) in an F-18 -@Verich (as Big Papa) in the A-10 as CAS. Great mission overall, a bit short in my opinion though. Managed to take down ~10 Yak-130s before taking a missile to the face. Props to Shoxe and Verich for doing a good job.
  2. So I've been around for nearly 3 weeks and I figured i'll finally write an introduction thread because why the hell not. My name is Rez, I am 18 and I live in Montenegro. I study graphic design and in my free time I fool around in ARMA and exercise high quality shitposting. All jokes aside I'm here mainly to make friends while playing some ARMA on a non-serious level. Atm I'd like to focus on Squad Leading and Piloting. P.S. I am a self-proclaimed memelord.