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  1. As far as I know, it does.
  2. I also recall telling him to remove it, thought he did until I saw the screenshot.
  3. The Weeg is an invaluable asset to every team he graces with his presence.
  4. until

    SL in both, por favor.
  5. You can get the prestige instantly, but at the end, its up for the CM team to decide if you deserve the tag or not.
  6. Medal of Honor Airborne was pretty good imo.
  7. campaign


    Squad lead, por favor.
  8. I assumed that Bravo got wiped since they weren't responding on LR and Bravo actual wasn't moving for multiple minutes, so I ordered Delta to move.
  9. until

    Can I have the PLT 2ic slot?
  10. Echo and Fox were supposed to hold a perimeter while Alpha makes sure the hostages were extracted safely via helo. Got domed while I was behind cover before I could give the order. Well, we were supposed to stay on separate frequencies but then Neth had issues with his ISP, which led to me taking over the other 3 squads so I had everyone on 69.
  11. until

    Plt 2ic, or SL
  12. until

    EDIT: Nvm, realised I already had a slot assigned.
  13. Alrighty, welcome to the R6Siege discussion thread, drop your Uplay/Steam ID's below. -Steam name: Rezonath -Uplay name: R3z0n4th (3leet5me) Write about your preferred operators and weapons, and other game related things. I've been playing with @TheGamblersDice, @ThatWalder and @Totally Not Connor lately, we usualy play ranked with an occasional casual game to warm up.
  14. I prefer the standard Red/Blue fireteam layout. Not too much stuff to micromanage, especially if you have a competent 2ic, also works better with bounding. Depending on the squad members I use two variations. Blue Team - The offensive team. 2x Rifleman LAT +1x Rifleman + SL (or 2ic). I usually have them at the front of our squad. Red Team - The support team. AR + AAR + 2ic (or SL). Used mainly to suppress the fuck out of hostile contacts as blue team moves in to engage directly or flank around. They advance behind blue team. Medic - Dependent on the situation. While we're advancing on foot, I prefer him being in the back with red team. But as blue team starts engaging I have him right behind us, because most of the time blue team is the first one to suffer injuries.