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  1. If Alpha is unable to read the map and unable to notice the difference between a person in full British gear and a Jihadist, that is not something I as platoon can influence.
  2. You misspelled @Argon there.
  3. Imagine writing a list consisted of things that piss you off in 2017.
  4. > Brief your squad and cover all of the shit they need to know > 5 minutes later as we're mounting up, someone asks ''So what are we doing?"
  5. I have noticed that you failed the understand the meaning of ''The. Pilot. Missed. The. L. Z.".
  6. Wrong thread, sorry.
  7. I mean, with an unlimited supply of littlebirds... We don't really need a single Mi-8.
  8. U wot m8?
  9. Mission 1, the speshul mission: Bravo Squad Lead Zeus: @Sarissa, liked the idea, but we expected heavier resistance as we pushed into the island. Bravo was tasked with clearing one of the towns that were supporting the rebels and when we arrived there it was absolutely empty. Maybe take a co-zeus next time, that will help you set up enough hostiles for all the squads to face. Props to the surprise T-80 hidden in the hangar, we ran like hell. Clear objectives and good comms, no complaints. Platoon: @PowerColour (Wowawowa), clear orders and good coms, nothing to complain about here. Squad: @LTRampageX, @Linnet, @Bellsbattle, @mekboy_4000, @PVT. J. Mohammed, @Chukase and a few others. Right off the bat, I'd like to apologize to red team for keeping them in the back most of the time. They didn't really see much combat, but then again, neither did we. No issues here, you lot did as you were told. Solid job, I'd say. Made sure all of you guys left the LZ safe, I sat back and waited with Delta for a second bird to come and pick us up. Got back to the main base and linked up with you guys. Later I learned that Linnet got ran over by @anden3. Tbh I wasn't surprised.
  10. My role: Bravo squad lead Zeus: @Vericht and @UniDigit. I liked the mission but after the briefing, it all went to shit. The second I dismounted, got a massive desync and got killed by a guy firing trough the walls. I respawned, linked up with my squad again, got zerg'd by Lunchboxes. There were more than 15 of them approaching our position as we were preparing to pull back to the town. I understand that you wanted us to retreat from the town ASAP, but that could've been done with some artillery shelling. The ~25 hostile armored vics you sent at the town were a ''bit'' excessive. Platoon: @andyt90 I liked the plan, and I like that you took your time to speak with the squad leaders individually after the briefing. I think both of us made a mistake by setting up Bravo's defense point a bit too far from the town. Other than that, everything was good, clear comms and orders. Squad: @gadsada, @JamieT06, @Crillekarl and some other guys. Oh boy, now where do I start. First of all: DO NOT TOSS NADES AT SPAWN, EVEN IF THEY'RE PRACTICE NADES. It's common fucking sense for gods sake. My 2ic was @Maroon, and I really fail to see a reason why would you repeat every order I uttered just after I finished speaking. Just creating unnecessary short range chatter, that just prevented me from hearing the LR chatter properly. Second, when I repeat ''clear comms" multiple times over the shortrange, you were supposed to: Cease all SR chatter, since it means I'm either giving a SITREP to platoon, or receiving orders, intel etc, etc. Also, for the guys that were in the BRDM, do not expose the rear end of the vic to the area from which the hostiles are advancing from. It's has more armor on the front for a reason. 9/11 Would get zerg'd by Vodka hungry Americans.
  11. Mission 1 My Role: Bravo Squad Lead Zeus: @Urist McGLORY, decent mission, we all had enough objectives to complete and hostiles to engage. Platoon: @Forked, clear orders and good comms, no complaints here. I don't know who was the FAC, but having the pickup for Bravo and Charlie land at the dock was probably not the brightest idea. It was exposed to fire from the north, across the river, and while on approach they got shot down. Luckily the pilots @Dragosphere and @Chuck Yeager managed to survive and once we patched them, they linked up with us untill we got extracted. Squad: @Snapjaw was my 2ic, he took over briefly while I was resolving some technical issues, did a solid job. The squad was consisted of: @Maie, @PowerColour, @Silberjojo and a few others. No major complaints here, you guys did a good job. The only squadmate with whom I had a problem was @wafflehammer. Why would you open fire on a friendly helo that was taking off, despite being told to cease fire multiple times, is beyond me... Mission 2 My Role: Bravo Squad Lead Zeus: @UniDigit and @anden3. I really liked this mission, was a pleasant change from the typical ''mil-sim'' background. Still salty about Andre ramming the bride's speedboat into a dinghy that was occupied by my squadmates, but nevertheless, was a fun sight. 10/10 Would go on a suicide rush to rescue Katla's man bride. Platoon: @NeilZar good comms and clear orders, as usual, no complaints here. Squad: @Gditz was my 2ic, did a good job of providing support into our solo town push. Other guys were: @PowerColour, @nigel, @atomicbucko122, @Fanto and a few others. You lot did an amazing job, we were pushing into the town while Foxtrot was doing their own thing behind us. PowerColour managed to provide support with the DMR as we pushed in, but sadly he got taken out. We had moderate resistance while advancing and you guys kept your cool. No complaints. Other squads - Foxtrot: @Nikovei I didn't see you around before this mission, so I didn't really want to rely on foxtrot. Maybe next time have an experienced 2ic who can show you what the correct longrange is. Also, leaving your lunchbox behind wasn't the brightest idea, since it still could've provided a decent amount of covering fire. You should've focused on the area around the main objective, not the town suburbs, which were moderately clear. Communication was bad, and could barely hear the guy that tapped into our SR frequency. Mission 3 My Role: Platoon Lead Zeus: @NeilZar a good job, overall. The only reason why I didn't send a squad or two directly into the town with the hostages was because I was afraid of the earthquakes bringing the buildings down on them. At the end, I got a bit bored of watching people shoot stuff so I jumped into the PLT MRAP and went on to run over the counter attacking forces that were approaching the town. MRAP flipped, took ~5 RPG hits, and still managed to keep me alive. When I bailed out, got knocked out by a Russian soldier, took him out, and proceeded to pick off the remaining hostiles with my DMR. I don't know how I survived that, but I was as baffled as you. Platoon: Myself, @atomicbucko122, @Neroxen, @Silberjojo and @TheGamblersDice. No complaints here, you lads did a great job of providing support. OtherSquads: Echo, can't recall who the squad leader was, but a bit more discipline would've been welcome. Your guys kept bailing from the moving Squad MRAP that was infront of the PLT Vic, next time someone does that, dont pick him up again, his fault. CAS: @Natnanny and @milkomeda. Stellar job, kept the skies clear from the transport choppers and took out multiple hostile armored targets. The only problem I had with you guys was when you took down half of Charlie and Delta during one of your strafes.
  12. Mission 1(Juan) My Role: Bravo SL Platoon: @Sarissa clear orders and good comms, made sure we were moved between objectives as fast as possible. We didn't see any large engagements, but judging by the other posts in the debrief thread neither of the squads did either. Zeus: @Urist McGLORY I really liked the idea of multiple objectives, spread across the maps. The assets you've given us made sure we could move from one objective to another quickly, but the hostile activity in those areas were next to none. Maybe next time have a co-Zeus or two, because a single Zeus can hardly manage to put out enough stuff to keep all the 6 squads + Assets busy. All in all, good idea, but bad execution. Squad: @anden3, @ghostsquid, @Snapjaw, @Pruchol5, @Edelweiss, @Jesus and a few others. No complaints here, everyone did as they were told, Even though we didn't see much action, our resident script kiddie Andre kept the atmosphere lively with his shenanigans, saw him fall off a building and off a cliff, but our medic did a good job patching him up. My 2ic was @ghostsquid, dunno why you refused to move from that immobilised tank that we were using to provide cover for Foxtrot, but at the end you got out of it alive. Mission 3 My Role: C-130 and F-18 pilot (callsign Whiplash) Platoon: @PowerColour didn't really had much interaction with PLT lead, plan seemed good on the map. FAC was @Don who did a good job. No complaints here. Zeus: @Argon, @Weegie and @LvL (I think), overall a good mission from my perspective. As CAS, managed to take out 20-30 hostile ground vics, including 2x T80 platoon and 6-7 BTRs and 3-4 Attack helos. The parachuters lagged me out a bit, but otherwise I had no problems, everything went well tbh. Squad: My WSO was @TheGamblersDice, my go-to fly buddy, thanks to that the atmosphere was relaxed. He had to leave half-way in the mission but he did a good job calling out the targets and engaging them, as usual. Other Squads: As the C-130 pilot, I was tasked with delivering Delta (SL @Igi), Echo (SL @anden3) and Foxtrot (SL @Doctadoone) to their respective LZs. Next time I'd like to see a bit more discipline because while we were loading up, people kept fiddling with the ramp that was annoying for most of us. Delta didn't parachute on its LZ so I had to do another pass above the AO, no more issues after that.
  13. My Role: Bravo SL Zeus: @Katla_Haddock, @Woody and @Dragosphere. I really liked the mission, I hope we have more mechanized infantry missions in the future. At the end, we got ambushed and pinned down, most of my squad got wiped and later Katla confirmed there were ~100 Hostiles in the AO. @Woody kept screaming something at me but I had no fucking clue what was it, due to the amount of gunfire incoming to our position. The low visibility really added to the tension. Platoon: @Forked, the initial plan was ok... No idea why there were KNGT OW markers in the middle of the valley we were advancing trough. I'd say that ordering Bravo and Delta to head north and search for survivors, without any support, was a bad idea... Afterall we got absolutely dicked. Comms and Orders were clear, no complaints on that. Other Squads/Assets: @Don_prince and the other guys who were in KNGT decided to charge the airfield (was a really,really good sight). I felt like we need to help them out so I ordered my squad to push down onto the airfield, we were bolting it down the hill with the BMP covering us. I was leading the charge when I got hit in the leg, I fell down and got finished off shortly after. After the respawn wave, drove an URAL full of my guys back to the Airfield to link up with the BMP since it was still operational, got shot at by a guy from Alpha, still managed to survive it. Then we went to reinforce Delta and got absolutely fucked. @Gditz from Delta was kind enough to dig up some trenches in which we sat until we got zerg'd by Katla and Woody. Addition: F*ck you @Lenny for desecrating the area of our last stand with your filthy bullets. Squad: @Weegie as my 2ic, @nikolov216, @BigT, @Habivi, @MikeDoubleU and a few others. You did good, followed the orders and completed all the objectives without any holdups. @Syndicate was our medic, and I felt like he was absent for most of the time, I rarely heard him speak,he was afk for some time and then he DC'd.
  14. 1st Misson My role: Bravo SL Zeus: @Katla_Haddock and @Woody (I think). Was a good mission, every squad had enough to do. The only problem I had was in the factory, a bit too much workers to rescue (around 15) and driving them back to Platoon that was a click away made us practically sitting ducks for 10 minutes (appreciate that out of nowhere T80 that broke the monotomy a bit). In the last town we encountered a ''new breed'' of enemies, the UN bullet sponges. The fact that we didn't get to clear out the ''Great Taliban Hills'' was kinda lame, but you got bored so its understandable. 9/11 Would fight superhuman bullet sponges dressed in UN uniforms again. Squad: @DapsterSenpai (don't know his forum name) @Crump, @Trinoc, @FireDad, @Edelweiss, @Hiigara and a few others. You did ok, followed all the orders, cleared what needed to be clear and escorted what needed escort. The problem I had was us getting mowed down by that BTR in the last town, and the guys that left the vics way behind. Suffered no casualties up until the last town, respawned, and then finished the mission. Platoon: @NeilZar no problems here, the plan was good and the orders were clear. Like the way he pronounces Bravo over the LR. 3rd Mission My Role: Platoon Lead Zeus: @DHbatman no complaints. Maybe make the HVTs a bit more serious next time . Mortar strike on Prophet's position was glorious. Squads: No complaints on Alpha and Bravo. The only thing that bugged me about Charlie was dismounting in a crossfire in the 1st town, @Igi was the squad lead, but I am aware of him being offline at that time (because he crashed) so it might be a bad call by the driver or someone else. On the other hand, the only problem I had with Delta ( @Moogle was the SL) was them dismounting a bit too far from the AO and exposing themselves a bit to much while going to the towns we were clearing. I also want to apologize to them for running two of their members over(i desynced, so bear with me ). Somehow they only suffered minor injuries so the PLT medic managed to patch them up quickly. Assets: Knight, @Natnanny @Judgeman and some others, saw you guys exposing your side armor a bit too often, just keep an eye out for that in the future, you did good otherwise. Prophet, @Loradas and @PinkMunn, even though I gave you the freedom of choosing your OW positions and how you get to them, still dont think you were that effective on top of that mountain. Squad/PLT: @SuddenDeath was my RTO, good job relaying info from me to KNGT and vice-versa. @Weegie There wasn't a lot of work for you, but you did a good job of patching me and a few other members when needed.
  15. Wait what?