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  1. @Life010 awww man. I was referring to the real one. My humours not the
  2. Put me in coach
  3. I'm sure this has been done before, I recall it from somewhere, cant put my finger on it though
  4. You win this round veteran. But us FNGS are resilient.
  5. Does it take the compressed files and allow you to access them. I guess if you are the one creating a zip file then 7zip is better. But for accessing, they both do the same job
  6. If it works, it works
  7. This is already in place. FNG'S don't even connect to the server until regs have slotted up. We get dragged from waiting room when they are ready for us to slot.
  8. Your request has been answered. I accept cookies as a reward. Looking at the possible war starting in the FNG thread. We could do all countries VS Canada on the grounds they are hording bacon and maple syrup all to themselves
  9. Although my welsh is a little rusty. It roughly means goes to college/school in Cardiff. Likes to play games. Arma 3 in his spare time. @BENJ4x?
  10. A fellow welshman, persevere for a few weeks, get to know people and enjoy yourself. You'll be regular in no time
  11. Hell, if I spent the mission picking broken guys up out of helicopters/trucks to carry to @Steadyhand08 in the field hospital, I would love it, hearing the stories from the front line, then the call of battle and a grunt (Me) gets sent in to help. SIGN ME UP NOW!!!!!!!!
  12. Enjoy the download
  13. Download Winzip. Then follow the forum instructions you should be fine. I'll be on TS later to give you a hand if needed. Welcome
  14. Reinforcement waves. Casevacs. Artillery barrages. If I was in a mission where it was my job to wait back at base until I was needed. Whether I got used or not. I think once in a while it would be good. It would certainly add to the realism a little bit. If this was once a week or bi monthly. I would definitely be up for it.
  15. It was nothing to do with me, I merely tried to stop Mum and Dad from fighting, now the social is here and Mum has a black eye