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  1. I want to play OPFOR to fuck with people's mind, just like Zeus controlled AI (shooting near them, injuring, spreading a sense of danger and lower moral [Maybe shoot to kill 1-3 people who are really oblivious]) only that if you die you have to wait like everyone else. I couldn't care less if I get shoot like a dirty AI. I like to be a ghost, to fuck with people's situation (that is why I like the Stop it Slender mode in GMOD, just going around, scaring people, only killing when they came close to 8 pages). *Edit: For all it's worth, I also would love to see a TTT-style OPFOR. @Hekhal, @Woody or whoever decides, poking Veterans/Regulars that they are double agents for Mother russia and they have a secondary Pistol with silencer in their equipment. Injuring Teammates when they get too confident or when they are oblivious, blowing up stuff to spread confusion, maybe hiding a wheel of their vehicle(there is a spare one in the cargo). But keep in mind it is all subtle and not going on their way and mow down a squad from the back of the line, as said I love to fuck with people's mindset. Of course this would mean that everybody scans everyone's loadout at one point, maybe there is an option to hide Traitor caches in areas that the squads are in and people can't stumble upon (which also can be difficult).
  2. Honestly, the idea of the mission was great, and the problem was not the OPFOR faction, it was that the AI is either in brainless or godlike mode. As soon as you flashed your light they could spot you and shoot you. Platoon, Bravo and some other squad had heavy casualties because 1 truck with 4 AI Rifleman drove up and we identified them too late as hostile, and they mostly shot at the source of the flashlight. If the mission would have happened in the early night - late evening time it would have been better. I mean there should be a limited amount of sunlight, but pitch black was not the best approach. Putting all the blame on Zeus (@Wattsits) or OPFOR ( @Woody, @Hekhal. @Hydraa_ and @lemuel1) is just not right, because as far as I know the most death were, as said, by AI or friendly fire (yes our Squad was engaged by friendlies because they did not flash their light as was told earlier). OPFOR mostly stuck to scaring and shooting to injure. It was a test and next time we improve it, the concept was not the problem.
  3. - Mission 3 - KNIGHT Driver Zeus: @cineafx very well thought through mission with interesting approach and good execution, not very much else to say on this part, as it was my first time driving KNIGHT or being in KNIGHT in general. Platoon: Not much to say about Platoon because I was the Driver of KNIGHT, as far as I noticed they did a good job and had no major issue with leading the Mission. SL: @AstroNaught Very understanding and helpful Squad leader/Tank Commander. Helped me a lot on my first drive with KNIGHT, good and exact commands, no real issues encountered during the mission - Mission 4 - KNIGHT Driver ( Abraham) Zeus: @Judgeman was the Zeus I believe, briefing took it#s time and after that waiting for Mission begin took even more time (Had a duel with @Woody out of boredom). But after the first hurdle was taken the Mission went smooth and without major issues on our part. Platoon: Because Platoon drove into a IED after about 20 seconds into the Mission I was not really on par with what is going on during that Mission. Heard Rumors that Platoon Leader quit and joined Zeus to yell at them ( don't know how true that was). Only thing I noticed because of the IED at the beginning and Squads dying left and right Platoon soon got very confused and a lot of chatter was the result. SL: @Silberjojo Overall good commands and good Squad leading, sometimes had trouble understanding him because of chatter of Platoon and him sometime cutting out for me. At the end we did an awesome double back flip with the Abrahams because we drove into enemy wreckage backwards
  4. @Yason, yeah, all I could do was Scouting with my HuntIR
  5. Mission 1: Zeus: Great mission with greater ending, no problem with AI, just one "bomb" was a little strange. Platoon: No Idea... Leader: 2iC died a few minutes after landing and SL followed shortly after ( not 100% if it no partly my fault because I shot something what looked like a Russian but turned out to be Lefty) Overall rest of us cleaned several Bunkers, cleared out the Area we are supposed to clear out and got blown up, great time all around.
  6. Mission 1: Got kicked because someone assumed I took his slot ( no problems , happens, I'm not angry) Mission 2: Alpha walked up a hill with friendly armor burning near us, huge explosion and Alpha was down to 3 Member (Autorifle + Assistant and me as Rifleman (FNG)) , was told to take over command, took the LR from SQ-Lead, was shoot, lying on my back all I heard were my last 2 squad member and a medic trying to rescue me while flares lit up the sky... most cinematic end of a mission ever for me! 10/10 forgot to record it.... Mission 3: Survive the Assault, fun Mission, great Combat, got Memleaked.. rejoined and Russian were around us , tank and no AT anymore, kept killing Infantry and stayed far away from the tank as possible, great Mission.