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  1. Fuck Alpha Fuck Alpha's driver and Alpha's gunner especially. Rest of you luckily were grey specks on the spectrum of retardedness... in contrast to Alpha's bright neon flashing colour. Good job.
  2. age of empires

    Uwp is fine. It works. Its just the storefront thats shit...
  3. I'm not entirely sure if the recent rulebreaki g, incompetence and toxicity is the sole results of the serversplit... it exposed it more yes, but the real causes remain unadressed. Anyway. I prefer smaller ops when we can fix our issues. Or when we use the actual feedback provided and see how we can make them work better. As for now. Lets stick with 70person missions till we work out the issues and try this again in a couple of weeks?
  4. age of empires

    You mean something like Empire Earth? I would be down for that... They are making a definitive edition of AoE II and III, so I'm guessing those ages will be excluded from AoE IV
  5. I shot a friendly by accident two days ago. It was a nightmission with nvg's. We were on the frontline with friendly squads on our left flank. Moments before the incident I was being engaged by enemies on my northeast... minute or so later I see a guy on the the enemy position facing towards me so I shot him without thinking... what happened was that an ally from another squad was lone wolfing it and pushed accros the frontline, away from his squad, and into an enemy position. So sometimes blue on blue happens because people dont follow combat rules. Stick with your squad and when moving in an active combatzone notify others.
  6. There is no dead when following my orders. Only eternal glory in the afterlife. You did good soldier, you did good.
  7. Question: could I as an SL 'ask' that my squadmembers take a certain 'family' of guns to ensure we all can share ammo? E.g. all take british guns, or guns that use 5.56nato, everyone go G36-variants etc?
  8. Shafty keep things civil. If the developer now changes the game and their attitude and create a positive experience, i dont see why you shouldnt support them. Positive change should be rewarded.
  9. 1st mission, 1st server As a riflemen I can only give feedback towards zeus and my SL. general feedback towards other squads below. Zeus: @Rorkiy Seeing you Zeus a mission instantly made me think of 'taunting Tanoa'. While the misison was different than I suspected, it was amazing. We landed at a 'hot' LZ where our Chinook exploded due to a bug, but whatever. We soon enough were on the ground and started pushing into the city. We faced some pretty balanced opposition I must say. At two separate times we even had to fallback to a previous position because the AI was starting to overwhelm us. Something that rarely happens so good job. All in all I feel this was a close and hardfought victory, and thats how I personally like missions. heck, we even ran out of ammo. More of those please Squadlead: @Callistano Like always a good SL. Must give major props to the decision to fall back on two separate occasions. It's an order you very rarely hear in FK because we have a tendency to stand our ground and die... but sometimes it just makes sense to fall back, regroup and do a new coordinated attack. So props to you for making that call not once, but twice. General feedback: I do want to say, when fighting in the dark with hampered ability to identify friend or foe... stick with your squad and within your assigned sectors! I saw a couple of people going lone wolf and as a result getting shot by friendlies.
  10. campaign


    i'll take echo SL
  11. until

    @BigT you can probably take my spot. Family decided to claim my free time that day...
  12. Or... since we have two identical servers with the same amount of slots... just say 'server 1 is reg+' and 'server 2 is open for everyone'. Why do the needless switching is both servers will be identical to each other? the only reason a switch would make sense if each of the servers was 'unique' in some way. E.g. differnt squad layouts of a change in vision (e.g. milsim vs casual)
  13. With option two it would basicly be one reg server and one 'open server. But if this poll decides on two 50people servers, the actual implementation can still be discussed! Thats why this discussion is here. See what 'flaws' there are and how we adress them
  14. Just an FYI: the idea with option two is that both servers will be official and that 70man missions are possible, but they need to be scheduled. So no fucking about.
  15. Supporter of option two. 70 people is to much to effiiently handle for zeus/cm/server/platoon. The fact we manage to do this (albeit slowly) is a small miracle. Two 45'ish slot server seems perfect. You could even differentiate in gameplay if needed (casual vs casual milsim). ArmA is also build for +-50 people max so added benefit. i also think when you start doing 30man missions there will be too much 'fighting' going on because I think a lot of people prefer 'smaller' missions towards the big ones we have. 45 people servers provide a very nice middleground. You can have a platoon of three/four extended squads and an asset. That's a perfect size to handle as Zeus/Platoon.