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  1. ban in 3...2...1...
  2. Fact, however that leaves your AR team without AT and puts the medic at the front (which arguably isnt that big of a deal though). It's just reassuring to know both assault teams have AT and the support team (which often is in an 'overwatching' position) also has AT to use on incoming unexpected threats.
  3. Putting a lead in command of an assault team is something they even did back in WW2. Dont know how it's done nowadays, maybe @Digby Tatham-Warter or @Vericht can tell us? they are way more knowledgeable about current military stuff than me Anyway, in terms of military rank a squadleader is still considered 'expandable'. So I see little issue putting them in command of an assault team. They have a pointman/riflemen to lead the assault and if something happens you always have a 2ic/3ic that can take over. I just really like the flexibility of the three fireteams I proposed. Every fireteam can deal with any threat they come across. They all have access to AT and a supporting weapon (Grenade launcher or LMG) and are lead by a person that has shown commitment by obtaining a tag (SL/2ic/medic) thus showing they can handle responsibility. Three persons for an assault team also (to me) seems the ideal number of people. I often find that directly controlling three people alongside me is a bit to 'slow' while having only two people allows for very quick flexibility. (that and the fact that TWO assault teams gives you even more flexibility to tackle situations. And you can always push together to form a 6man assault team if needed)
  4. Thats why they are upping the health and bleedoutrate to prevent stuff like that (well if the medic is good and quick. Otherwise rip). I feel your issue is more of a zeus one. Zeus should in the begging of the mission be more liberal with respawns and only after half or near the end slow down/stop respawns.
  5. Correct me if im wrong, but werent you against instadeath as a whole? Because this thread is more about instadeath standing in the way of adv medical. Anyway as far as the responses go. Its mostly an echo chamber. The first few responses mostly dictate the side of an argument. If this (or yours) was posted on a different time and other people responed first the response might have been wildly different. its why i always ask people to speak up, even if they 'seem' to be in the minority. Because staying silent is seldom the right decision, that will only make the discussion more monotone than it actually is, resulting in a warped view of the issue.
  6. Think most people are annoyed about the combination of instadeath and adv.wounds. I 100% feel that instadeath should stay, but it needs to be slightly tweaked to make adv medical viable. So the upping of health ensures a bullet has more chance of knocking you out instead of outright killing you. The upping of the bleedout rate ensures a ledic needs to act fast and correct or the patient dies... So in essence instead of getting shot and dying immediatly you would have about a minute of you gurgling blood hoping a medic sees you and stabilizes you before you die. So the lethality of the gameplay stays, but it gives medic a bit more to do
  7. Insta-Death/Player Health - We will be testing a system whereby Player Health and Bleedout rates are increased - meaning that the likelihood of getting killed immediately by a single shot is diminished; but without proper medical aid players will still likely die. Meeting report allready adresses this issue So adv.Medic with instadeath will be viable soon(tm)
  8. Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody You guys know what i'm gonna say. That was another amazing mission. A lot of action without it being overkill, a good balance of enemy assets (we always had just enough AT to keep pushing), and the AO was actually pretty perfect as far as missionflow goes. Liked the fact that you gave sporadic respawns for the first half of the mission and near the 2nd half told us there would be no more left. This gives everyone the 'fun' they want in the beginning, not getting salty because they died and had to wait 30+min. But it also gave meaning to your life because in the 2nd half we 'could' actually lose the mission if people kept dying. Really nice balance there. Also I don't know what actually you guys do with the AI, but holy shit are they lethal. The AI in your missions are actually a decent threat. They suppress, flank, use grenades, etc... amazing. Prime example as for as missions/Zeus goes! Platoon: @Rezonath Good plan actually. You set up a first phase and adopted to the combat situation on the ground. You kept everyone informed of their orders, gave general directions and made sure the forces weren't to grouped up nor to spread out. Very good leading. Only be careful driving around with enemy assets. My squad just came out of a frantic firefight while also being engaged by an enemy BRDM when we suddenly saw your commandeered BRDM... We knew we had you guys in such a vehicle but because it was so close at the frontline and because we were still full of adrenaline and on edge, we started engaging you... luckily for you guys we didn't have AT and resorted to grenades and small arms meaning you managed to send the message we were firing blue on blue. Squad: Lenny=Squadleader (2ic: @UniDigit / 3ic: @Brelf) Right because of attachments we had a 10man squad which resulted in me being able to form my dream fireteams. Yellow team: SL, Riflemen AT, riflemen Blue team: 2ic, Riflemen AT, riflemen Red team: 3ic/medic, Riflemen AT, Autoriflemen, Autoriflemen assistant This is for me the perfect squad layout and i would LOVE to be able to do this every mission. Basically this way you have two assault teams with a pointman, an AT and a leader with a grenadelauncher. So each three-man team can effectively deal with any threats they encounter. Supporting them you have the Support team with the autorifle buddies, an AT and the medic who also fills the role of 3ic. As shown in the expertly drawn picture below the Support team can suppress enemies while both assault teams flank around (ofc in a wider flank than is shown on the pic, this is just an example rendition. This setup also works wonders for moving since you can keep an assault team on both flanks while moving to ensure maximum flexibilty/responsiveness while the more 'valuable/static' support team can hold the middle of the line with their firepower. Also makes managing your squad way easier and makes active use of your 2ic/3ic. Instead of having to do a check on every member of your squad, you can just ask the fireteamleaders who have a quicker sight on the situation than you. E.g. easier callouts of casualties or number of AT. Instead of going 'do we still have AT/casualties and who' and getting mixed signals, you can just go 'yellow AT/casualties? red AT/casualties? blue AT/casualties?' and get a very quick check on it. Long story short, i really like this squad layout and it works wonders in the field. It helps that my squad was very good. if I do have to complain it's about members straying to far away from their fireteamleader (thus neglecting the benefits I outlined above) or the AT taking a bit to long to get on target (mind you, they hit their shots, but it needs be quicker, you shouldn't have to aim/zero for longer than three seconds. It sometimes took upwards of ten seconds. That causes casualties when getting fired upon... Final note: Rip ECHO. We were constantly on the frontline assaulting objectives and we started paying for it near the end... we reached the final objective with three people (Sl,2ic and 3ic... go figure) but unfortunately both Unidigit and Brelf died leaving me as the sole survivor of Echo. It was an honour serving with all of you and I hope next time you'll join me again using this squadlayout. Mission rating: 10/10
  9. Zeus: @Woody @BagOfOtters some other dudes? Very fun mission. We faced some heavy resistance and the relative closeness (thanks to terrain and not having scopes) of the battle made it very tense. The airbase had way more enemies than I expected... a very pleasant surprise actually Platoon: @Sarissa Can't really say much except good job on making the plan, keeping forces together and organizing the final assault on the airbase. Squad: @Callistano Good squadleading as always. Squad itself was pretty decent except for some troubles with out medic and his gear but whatever. Lost half the squad at the first objective and during the last push we lost ervyone except for me. I cleared stuff with remnants of knight and Alpha and took a selfie on a rooftop with @Brelf. Very fun and rewarding tense mission ^^
  10. My mistake i looked on the signup cheat
  11. So providing feedback with genuine points of concern, improvement and admitetly some salt isnt allowed anymore? Yes I can be salty and complain. And im not perfect either. But i have platoonlead enough and know enough about this game and community to give feedback about it. And so I will. If we go down the road of 'do it yourself and dont complain or give feedback' we need to start cloning ten people to fill 70 slots. And its like i said about the plan. Its not necessarily wrong. But flanking every single mission gets dull and starts activily disrupting mission/gameflow and diminishes actual tension/active combat. Or keep trying cheap shots on people that give feedback and try to improve the community/gameplay. Im sure that will work out in the end.
  12. Zeus: @Sarissa Good Mission, fun idea. The AI triggers were maybe a bit to delayed (couldn't spot anything from overwatch, when we came closer enemies appeared) but I get why this is done. For server/fps reasons. The radio's were a bit fucked up when respawing and my squadmembers respawned at different locations altogether, so maybe do a check on that. I also have a complaint about Platoon's planning of your mission (which you can read below) which once again brings up the topic of 'should zeus be allowed to restrict platoons planning/movement in a mission'. I say yes... Platoon: @NeilZar Can we please for the love of god stop with all the massive flanking manouvres? I know it often seems like 'the best plan' but holy shit is it boring setting up three squads and three tanks on a hill, shooting everything and than moving in. The flanking on the map also meant crossing open terrain for 750+ metres for the infantry... quite dangerous. This map actually presented a beautiful opportunity to move in a single line with four squads and the four Abrahams as shown in the below picture. Would have provided more tension, fun, cover and sheer awesomeness. Sometimes a good/fun plan is a plan that doesn't exploit every weakness by the enemy/Zeus. A result of said forced flanking by Alpha was that after taking the villa, we had to wait for 30minutes for Charlie to clear the entire town, catching up with us before we could do anything ourselves again. As for the actual leading of Platoon give us some sitreps/intermediate orders, etc.... was a bit too quiet. I often wondered if there actually was a chain or command or other squads. it's not that you did something wrong as PltLead. it's just that, well, not a lot happened. The plan seemed designed about having to make as little as possible changes to the plan and to have as little as possible communications with the squads as a result... and it showed. Squad: myself as SL No complaints about my squad. They listened and died when i asked them to. We charged the villa through a wall of smoke looking like a scene out of Band of Brothers. During the clearing we lost half our squad in CQB. I asked for fire support from Broadsword one who took that a a suggestion to charge straight into the compound and shoot me while i called in my every move, relayed where I was and even waved at them. Needless to say I now contain more salt than the actual desert in the mission. Hate to say this but that was atrocious by Broadsword. The commander (@DHbatman) shouldn't have ordered the driver (@Silberjojo) to move straight in the compound, the gunner (@Netheral) shouldn't have fired at a rifle-armed enemy when there were friendlies in that area and the loader (@LongLiveQuebec) should have relayed all info (if he didn't since he was my link to broadsword). Not blaming one person and everyone involved has apologized and I still love all you guys but still... things like this really shouldn't happen given the circumstances. Anyway after respawning and taking the villa we waited 30min for new orders. We finally got told to move in and saw Broadsword1 getting taken out. We pulled in close to the crew to drag them in our vic and help them, but for some reason they refused and preferred to stay in the middle of a desert, wounded with an enemy tank bearing in on their position. Why? Suicidal maybe? in the end all my fucks were gone, I drove to the edge of the compound, told my squad to just clear the damn thing and fuck tactics. I spearheaded the assault and took out about ten enemies before running guns blazing into an enemy fireteam behind sandbags that lit me up. Zeus/mission: like a beam of sunshine Platoon: would have gone to a neighboring country to outflank enemy if possible Squad: all died of heatstroke and also because of the intensity of my swearing near mission end Broadsword1: most dangerous enemy alive to allies and themselves
  13. Got shot through a wall Got killed by the exploding blackfish 10/10 best luck. Also, thanks that you found the leading good, but trust me, that was barely adequate by me tonight... hope I can show you some actual leading pretty soon
  14. until

    Alpha Lead if you will
  15. I really dont get your point.... can you clarify? Because you are making it sound Lambs and FK play missions on their own servers without the other community and than given the info to the other... the whole point is playing together in one session, but that means having one unified modset, which is a problem because suddenly everyone needs an additional x-GB of mods.