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  1. Because then you don't lose data and it takes a fraction of the time
  2. Was going to suggest that you go into the properties and re-assign the executable location, it sounds like arma3 sync was moved or the path was corrupted.
  3. Is this when you launch ArmA 3 Sync itself or when you try to launch arma through the app?
  4. IMPORTANT: As I found yesterday, please ensure you're not running local host ace at all. If you're getting version missmatches with the server this means localhost ace is still loading somewhere, if this is the case pleae disable all mods and recreate the preset in your launcher.
  5. Added some mods which are quite sizeable, be aware this will most likely be the last big mod change in awhile as this is required to flesh out the WW2 assets, also removed the localhost ACE due to Workshop dependencies, so please make sure when loading into the localhost you use the current version of ACE in the mod pack, the server will be updated on any changes with ACE when this happens. Please note, if you use the ArmA 3 launcher for FK missions, ensure you're using the FK ace version and not the localhost ACE as this will give you issues. Mod Changes: Added - Czechoslovak army 1938 Added - ace Added - GEIST Texture Pack Removed - LocalHost ACE
  6. So as some of you may of been aware, I've recently been holding some smaller local host missions with some of you, this requires the use of a separate mod pack which is located here: This contains different types of mods than the FK one, so if you're trying to join us with a different pack you wont be able to get in, even though key checking is disabled due to the nature of these mods. Now! You might be wondering how you get into the local hosts, it's easy you just turn up and ask if there's a slot available. But please be aware that you may be turned away if we feel it's too crowded or too many people want in, this may seem harsh but the server is only limited in slots and that's on purpose, these local hosted missions are designed for smaller and easier to manage ops, despite the chaos that usually ensues while people wait. The modpack is updated regularly, now that it's been established it most likely wont be updated for some time, but I'll use this thread to let others know when it's been updated and whats been added/removed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SUBSCRIBING TO THIS THREAD FOR MOD CHANGE UPDATES The IP will be given out in the channel on the day of the local hosts, these are random as they're dependant on mood of those around and availability, also please refrain from spamming me with pokes or IMs in TS, if I'm not responding it's because i'm busy doing server stuff or zeusing the mission currently going on. You can join mid mission if there is space, but don't expect someone to give you a hand too much if you suddenly appear. I was given permission by Mavy to put this thread up here.
  7. Its between Sahrani and Namalsk
  8. I own the game, if you want I can give this another go and let you know what I find
  9. Edited topic to show server information, I got my previous game host sorted out and now I can host a small little server for 7days to die
  10. It sounds like a plan was decided but then utterly ignored.
  11. If we were informaed that there maybe mines in the area, why did none of the squads take a mine detector?....
  12. @Vericht Was platoon matey, I was just a Zeus.
  13. As you can see, this is really fucking annoying for Zeus when they're trying to put things in order to make this mission fun for you guys. It's distracting and causes us to stop what we're doing in a persistent/active battlefield to pull away and deal with whatever it is we're being pinged for. As Zeus, I myself will smite people that do this, Digby is the same in that regard and I'm pretty sure others will as well. I will also report the players we've had to smite for issues like this but I wanted to bring this to attention for the wider community that it's fucking annoying and is not in anyway funny. You only need to ping ONCE.