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  1. When Squad Leads have you dress all black thinking it's tactical. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Adding on to what Digby said, there were a few occasions where people didn't clear areas properly or didn't ensure that targets were in fact KIA. That's why it may appear that stuffs "Spawning in behind them" when in actuality it's just people not checking properly
  3. I believe you were platoon correct? With that, not sure why you sent people to fly way around the AO coming from the location that the enemy QRF's were going to be coming from. You had them fly through an actual hostile zone which of course would be littered with potential AA and heavy enemy forces, so of course shit hit the fan and you lost people when you fly them that way, if you did a direct front assault I actually think you'd of had more luck that way then how it went down. It got to a point where we decided to give the squads vehicles to get to the AOs, and when they arrived things started to take some form of shape of which appeared to be a co-ordinated assault. One thing I must mention: Double Tap Enemies The amount of times I was able to zeus into an enemy that revived themselves and then flanked the lot of you is insane, in fact I think it may be pertinent for the medic to check bodies of enemies to ensure they're dead, or at the very least capture them for intel.
  4. It was not a suicide bomber, it was a hand grenade after I waltzed passed the lot of you without any resistance.
  5. Just a faulty adapter by the looks of things, could also try updating your USB drivers to see if that resolves the issue if you prefer it on USB. If not, if you've not had the headset long contact logitech to replace the part.
  6. Always wanted to try the Apex missions, I'm down for that
  7. I don't mind if they take different types of 5.56 as it's mostly the ability to share ammo. If I want someone to pack light I'd suggest a rifle to take (M4 CQB-R) to optimise their weight. If we're running british kit, I'd ask them to take L85's as they use a different type of M4 magazine, which is mildly annoying as I do like my SOST rounds.
  8. If you have 1 member of the squad doing their own thing, that can bring the entire squad down with it. That's 1 person that can potentially be a massive liability because they want to be a special snowflake. Especially in missions where extra kit maybe required this allows for more wiggle room amongst the soldiers in the squad to bring spares or demo packs etc EDIT: To add onto this, people feel there's no punishment with this as I've seen it several times where speshul snowflake picks up an enemies weapon and just ignores any command to drop it. I think the commissar system needs to be introduced to counter said speshul snowflakes.
  9. I see the rule that superiors word is law, in that regard when I've said to people to bring 5.56 and they've ignored it would this be something to take up in the after action report or to a CM directly?
  10. Hence why it should be open optional like I originally suggested. What I was pointing at was that with the 5.56 limitations, it allows more squad cohesion especially with sharing ammo. Personally I think there should be an amendment that means people must follow SL or 2ICs call on what type of caliber one is allowed on a mission
  11. Personally I think we should push people down to 5.56 again as default but speciality roles can go up to 7.62, for example LAT should be carrying a 5.56 rifle, it's lighter and if they take a SMAW allows one to carry more weight due to the lighter nature of the 5.56 An auto-rifleman should be allowed to take 7.62 due to the heavy suppressive nature of the round and the better range they can achieve, this means that they can provide overwatch/cover fire from better ranges. A Marksman should be allwed 7.62 by SLs permission, if no permission granted the marksman takes a 5.56 DMR Medics take 5.56 and Rifleman take 5.56, same with 2ICs as well as this means they have more weight allowance for 203 grenades. With the change to 7.62, i've noticed more instances of people running out of ammunition and no ability to pass magazines around.
  12. I remember playing this, went to it rather recently to play the full conversion WH40k mod for it. Good fun!
  13. Not sure why so many people are testing this, I've already answered why the armour is at ridiculous levels. So I'll say here why it's so random especially with the results. I spoke to Katie who made the tank way back when, I was also one of the original testers that put it through it's paces back in the day in conjunction with the real armour mod. The LODs are set to values relative to the real armour mod Byrnes is already making a new tank, they do not like the one currently released due to the issues it has The Challenger 2 source files are open source, if the armour values bother you so much you've got full permission to modify them (I'll be speaking with Katie on how to modify these values) The Challenger 2 isn't indestructable, unfortunately ArmA 3 plays a role in the random behaivours of AT weapons. Sometimes an RPG can take it out or disable it, and sometimes it takes a barrage of rockets from a Hind or something. I can appreciate people trying to defend or make sense of this, but the tank is not this immortal god weapon. When I was driving with Cyanide we took track damage, but this was being hit direct front. If we took the same amount of damage to the rear or sides? We'd of had a lot more damage to the vehicle.
  14. Why do you have 2 different sets of RAM in your system?
  15. Mission 1 - Operation Segway Hedgeway Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody @mrrbatty Did well, kept contacts fresh but allowed small moments of respite in between, not major BS moments that I could point out. Platoon: @Urist McGLORY @cyanide & Myself I was the platoon medic, platoon were still alive so I think I did a good job. Unfortunately Urist took an explosive to the dick and died instantly, not a lot I could do about that. Not even sure where said explosive came from but he dead. Cyanide was the RTO, did a good job communicating with the KNIGHT despite them constantly exploding due to heavy AT fire coming their way. Might want to keep spacing a bit wider due to Desync though as we became one with charlies land rover via rear entry. Urist kept people moving, even during the initial fuster cluck that occurred he managed to re-organise and get everyone pushing forward again, kept communications going and managed resupplies well, I think everyone got a fair share of action throughout the mission. Squad: Closer toward the end of the mission we were given some prototype military stealth technology, the new hoverboard we have added gave us the means of silent infiltration to catch the enemy by surprise. Then we thought fuck that and managed to get a hoverboard with a HMG strapped to it cause 'Murica! We did a glorious head on charge taking out infantry and the like, the swift nature of the hoverboard allowed us to push deep into enemy territory and take refuge inside a barn which we used as a central staging area for cover. This didn't last long as the BM-21's decided to ruin the fun by hitting us with a few volleys of rocket artillery which fortunately didn't kill us. The only casualty we sustained at this point was the hoverboard, shall it forever scoot it's way onwards in the afterlife. After that we ran into a forest, got shot by russians, got back up, shot the russians and urist had his asscheeks blown through his forehead. 10/10 would platoon medic segway scoot again