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  1. Another little tip is radio check responses, or mentioning the quality of signal. The one I like is 5by5, the first number relates to the volume, are they coming in nice and loud for you to hear them? You rate it based on your personal opinion out of 5. 2nd 5 is for quality of signal, perfect is obviously 5, but if there's static or other issues then you'd say a lower number, for example; Radio check is made, you can hear them nice and loud but the line is all static or barely making any sense, you'd reply with something like "Coming in 5 by 2" etc This should let the recipient know that their volume isn't the issue, it maybe building or terrain interference and need to move into a better location to send through traffic.
  2. You did fine, you in essence took the reins and threw yourself into the deep end, I can happily give you some pointers or run downs on squad leading if you'd like and answer any questions if you see me around. But definitely major props to those squad leads that keep shit together and make it look easy
  3. Something I did in a previous group was side/mini missions, usually involving about 6/12 people which had a direct relation to the main op. It tied in somewhat like the "Lore" of the mission, we'd have a scenario planned out which may last a couple weeks to a few months, and we'd randomly select from a list of available volunteers to perform either a recon op or a sabotage mission, this would have a direct effect on the main assault and tie everything together nicely. For example, we sabotage a vehicle factory, we'd see the results in the main mission with a reduction in enemy armour, or if we destroyed a munitions factory the enemy wouldn't have anything special in terms of equipment (Such as snipers, heavy MGs or possible turret emplacements). It also gave those users who didn't have the performance to stick with the main assaults a chance to get some co-op gameplay in without something going wrong (men leaks, etc). Maybe this is something to possibly consider? If done right, this shouldn't cause any separation or anything to that degree, and would be open to all (unless chosen to restrict for regular or above)
  4. A lot can happen in 5 years, just because it was fine before doesn't mean something can't change. You don't go to hospital with a broken leg then say "But my leg was fine last week"
  5. Off the bat I can see your DRAM Frequency is stupid low which in my experience is either faulty RAM or a faulty motherboard, only way to check is to put new RAM in and see if the DRAM Freq goes back up to normal. The clock timings are fine and what I generally expect for most rigs. EDIT: It might just be a false positive from CPU-Z, when I get home I'll do a similar check on my system to compare. To get a more accurate take on what your RAM is clocking in at, it's best to read it from the BIOS directly and see what it feeds back, if it comes back at around 1600mhz then it's an alright low tier RAM set so the FPS you've been getting is generally what I'd expect to see. EDIT 2: Looking a bit more into this, and forgetting that CPU-Z shows the single band, I'm supposed to double each of the amounts it specifies, most of these are ranging in about the 1333mhz area, which is quite low for what you want it to achieve, I'd say getting some new RAM would be a good take, if you give me the model number and brand of your current motherboard and a rough budget of what you can afford I'll find some RAM you can look into getting.
  6. Might get back into Minecraft, when I get back tonight I'll get the info you need to add me to the whitelist.
  7. You may have 16GB of RAM, but the MHz per stick and the timings of the RAM play an important role at how efficiently it runs, if you have the RAM model information or specifications I can help to give you a more accurate take on what maybe going on here, the rest of your system is fine. As others have stated, ArmA has a terrible history of performance issues, I mean there's a lot to process in such a small amount of space and the ArmA engine is still relatively new to the world of 64bit, it's going to have some initial teething issues. The resolution you play at also has an impact on the FPS you can achieve in game, what monitor do you have, it's refresh rate as well as the default settings you currently have on your desktop?
  8. Mission 1: Interesting to say the least, I like the idea of having to do an amphibious assault but the way it was handled/executed was poor in my honest opinion. It took a long time to arrange everyone in the correct way and then with the APCs driving over water, this made it very monotonous due to the sheer amount of time it took due to us having to be teleported to the other side of the town, I think if we spawned each of the squads in their designated direction of attack it may of turned out better, but given how long it took a lot of people weren't fully focused on the task at hand. Once we got on land, shit hit the fan very quickly and butt cheeks clenched hard as we drove through a barrage of enemy RPG and small arms fire, definitely a good choice of APC though as Alphas took an absolute beating and survived more or less to the end. I think there were far too many tanks pushed into the field before we even had time to re-asses and receive orders, a lot of people were turned around or unsure what was going on. Not sure if this was a failure of the squad lead not relaying the orders back to us or if platoon hadn't ensured everyone got the command, but I also know there were issues with TS at the time as well which may of contributed to the lack of communication going on. We finally got into our vehicle and started to extract, only to be flanked by 2-3 MBTs and 1-2 LAVs which, as these were piloted by AI, immediately destroyed us in about 5-10 seconds. The mission was alright, but I think the execution could of been a lot better but I understand that some of these may of been caused by bugs/issues Mission 2: I was in @mulletshock's squad and was permitted to be the squads DMR for this mission, we were tasked to assault a beachhead and take over a radio station, then move onto the docks and push some "memes into the ocean" if I heard correctly. The initial setup went very smooth, a strange way for briefing as this was done after we teleported to the location so we had to somewhat guess what gear to take with us. We were going to assault the beach via RIBs so we made our way to the objective zone, I would like to say I made one of the most smooth beach landings I've ever witnessed by switching off the engine and allowing the boat to just gently perch onto the beach, beautiful. We moved forward onto the radio station and came under immediate fire, I think in the initial contact we lost 1 person but ultimately dispatched most, if not all, enemy forces in the building and in the immediate area, 1 vehicle was destroyed by LAT and we were able to push into the building and secure all the hostages in record time, all in all that objective took around 10-15 minutes for us after initial contact was made. I dispatched 1 suicide bomber from about 700m out which almost ran into one of the other squads, our MG team had initially spotted them running through the trees but was unable to get a clear shot on them, took me a few shots but one connected with the vest which caused a sudden and satisfying "Pop" We were then told to move north to the docks where the other squads had started to merge for a final push onto the town, I provided overwatch and dispatched several sneaky units hiding in windows and rooftops to allow our forces to push forward quickly. Moving forward with squad lead I made my way into a building to provide overwatch towards the lighthouse, taking out several enemy units when I had spotted an enemy vehicle moving through the town, knowing my left side was closed off I was suddenly surprised to be instantly killed by a shot through the wall by the vehicle in question, very frustrating and several people shared in my annoyance at this happening, our squad medic @warlordsh was also present and killed also. Very fun mission, well executed and finished in record time which I believe was a surprise for the mission organisers.
  9. Hi All, Thought I'd make one of these to introduce myself give you a tad bit of insight into who I am. 27 y/o from the UK, work for an ISP as a Technical Advisor, graduated both college and university as well. I'm an avid airsoft player, haven't been much lately due to certain issues but I am coming down to that airsoft meet in May, exciting times! I've been playing the ArmA series since it was called Operation Flashpoint : Cold War Crisis back in 2001, been in many different milsim units for ArmA and have been so far having a blast with everyone here, the more relaxed but organised way of play is very enjoyable I must say, but also being able to sit with a community of people and just have a laugh is something I've missed for quite some time. I'm usually around the weekday evenings, sometimes the weekends are quite busy for me so you'll seldom notice I'm around. Looking forward to more shenanigans with everyone in the future!
  10. Hi, welcome! Definitely special around here.