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  1. If thats the case then I look forward to this system, more than happy to help test it as well with @Numinous in tow to see how viable it is with Advanced medical. The point I was raising was due to me bringing up this same issue and receiving a very negative response.
  2. Seeing this thread has actually annoyed me, I recall putting a similar post out there and I got outright fucking lynched for it, why the sudden change of heart from everyone? As far as I was made aware, it added "A greater challenge" to the gameplay and I was repeatedly told to "Go back to playing COD" if I wanted it changed back.
  3. Latest.
  4. This is useful when trying to put out comms when you need to specify or spell something, useful in conjunction with @Sam41's guide on radio protocols as seen here: NOTE: It is not mandatory to use this, it's just helpful to know and can be applied in real life as well. Also H is Hotel
  5. Sure, I should be around during the day Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening
  6. Sounds like fun to me, I'm down for playing this again.
  7. Are you able to find it in the editor or virtual arsenal?
  8. Sounds like fun to me!
  9. So I got this game ages ago, got it refunded because it was in such a bad position I didn't want to risk it. Recently watching footage of this it really looks like a decent game to try out, I'm considering getting it tonight and possibly streaming it but it is multi-player. Curious if anyone else here has it or has tried it.
  10. https://vk.com/club142558157 The video description has a download link to a fixed version of the mod as apparently the current rendition has some crashing issues. I will be installing this tonight when I get back
  11. I'll be aiming to do a map wipe on this soon as most people have gotten comfortable with the controls and the way the game works, if anyone is interested but is unsure how to play this I'm more than happy to walk people through it.
  12. Sometimes the enemy get it wrong
  13. I like this term, I shall proceed to use it.
  14. The fuck is a trashcan doing in the middle of the desert? The idea of spotting IED's is to look for what YOU would hide it in, bins, trash, abandoned cars, bodies, a fucking goat. etc They're not impossible to detect if you take care to look out for out of place things
  15. It's mostly because "Clip" is a Hollywood trope. Here's an image that will help you.