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  1. Traitor! Welcome Tom. Glad to see you're settling in!
  2. Burns Challenger and Abrams Tanks for the Tank God, Coax for the Coax Throne!
  3. You Sir, are my kind of FNG. Keep at this
  4. This is also dependent on times the trainers can make I'm working with a training team for Armour that consists of those in 3 seperate timezones, so they're likely to be weekenders and reasonably late in the day, dependent on schedule - watch the forum.
  5. Cheers chaps!
  6. I'll let the results build and then I'll make a decision
  7. If not, can I know why? Thanks.
  8. Drago, you know where I am. Scenario ready to go on your say so
  9. What type of campaign are people up for playing? I'm kicking around a few ideas but want to gauge the mood of the community before I put one together. So, you now get to vote. I have no idea when it's going to be up as obviously our great and powerful CMs will have to test the missions, but obs calander posts will be made etc. So let me know.
  10. Old Presidente is dead, long live new Presidente!
  11. No. It makes the Veterans tag elitist, and discourages them from mixing with everyone else. It also has the potential of driving a wedge into the community, which you want to avoid. Creation of Temporary Rooms isn't a bad idea though.
  12. Cheers matey.
  13. You ran over 500m ahead of the rest of the platoon into an enemy MAIN BASE without clearing it. What the flying fuck did you expect to happen? Additionally, a 'sit in protest' in a Bradley at a lack of infantry action at the precise time I put in infantry action for you wasn't smart. I gave plenty of opportunity to dismount and clear towns - Hell, the final objective WAS a town. The only caveat I gave the Plt. Leader is that this could not take longer than 15 minutes per town. Otherwise you could dismount, fight as inf, remount without issue. If you chaps didn't get those orders, that's not a Zeus issue, and blaming me isn't cool. From Zeus' perspective, the concept worked fine on paper and was supposed to demonstrate to you the psychological terror of mechanised infantry, the whole not quite knowing what's going on until you dismount into a clusterfuck of bullets and explosions. Evidently, some of you aren't up for that. No biggy. I'd just request that before throwing stones at those who give up their time to design missions for you, you consider the feelings of the Zeus's when you badmouth their work or call what they come up with " The worst mission i played here so far." It makes me not want to bother designing missions for you lot, or quite frankly, play in such a toxic environment. Just my two pennies. And thank you for the kind words of those leaving constructive feed back - I'm taking it onboard.
  14. I do brevity. I also don't give rubbish Contact reports
  15. Welcome to FK, where the level of maturity in the community means you get spammed with Sausage Gifs. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.