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  1. The fact that I failed here FUCKING SUCKS. I hate the fact I made such a bad call after all the missions I've been Platoon Leader in where I've bought 90% of you through it safely. Please don't have a go at me over one mistake in about 100 missions. 99% ain't bad! See, I didn't realise this as I very rarely ever do airborne operations, so my overbearing/forceful insistence was down to a misunderstanding rather than malice. I know for future the FAC can decide to change the approach if he needs to, which I didn't before. No need to be unpleasant towards me because I didn't know this. I'm human, I'm not perfect. The way Sarissa has relayed it makes it easily understandable to a moron such as myself, and it's constructive. Calling for a revocation of tags isn't. At all. Let's move on. I've learnt lessons, I've had a thoroughly good kicking for my stupidity. Let's bury the hatchet now.
  2. Might =/= so much AA they blot out the sun.
  3. Before everyone piles in and decides to shit on me from a great height, I was not informed what my objective actually was by Zeus. I was just told 'land on that island'. Not what I was looking for, not who I was fighting other than a drug cartel who inexplicably had multiple SAM and Gun AA systems (!). As such, my judgement was that the sensible thing was to secure the airfield quickly to ensure a Forward Airfield for the Helicopter Pilots and Jets to operate from, as well as give us a clear landing site we could secure and hold against all comers. I ordered the fast jets into strike the airfield before we landed to eliminate such a threat to us. This did not happen. Our aircraft decided not to actually strike the airfield, but to fly over and look at it, after someone pointed a SAM system at them. I was warned of a missile spike threat, but no gun threat to my helicopters. As such, I decided to press the attack - anti-air missiles cannot engage and kill 4 helicopters simultaneously. AA guns, admittedly can, especially when said helicopters dawdle in on their insert runs. I dropped the ball, I acknowledge that. Mistakes were made and we failed. Don't make it worse by calling me an awful platoon leader or acting superior, claiming you'd have done it better. Certainly don't start witch hunts or engage in personal attacks. I'm the only person who actually takes Plt Leader when the slot is called, and to be called shit when you do is disheartening in the extreme. If you think you can do it better, step up and do it. I'm taking a break from Arma for the foreseeable future. Attitudes need to change, and people need to be more courteous to others.
  4. Noted, I'll change these. Thanks pal.
  5. *Puts on Nerd Glasses* Actually Nova, I think you'll find multinational forces deployed by the UN tend to be taken per Battalion from their host countries, so for example the British have given over a Battalion to Peacekeeping in Cyprus between the Greek Cypriots and the occupying Turks. You'd very rarely find a UN mission where forces co-operated to the extent you're suggesting as they tend to rotate units rather than use specific units for specific jobs or have every country operating at the same time. The closest you'll get to that is missions like Timor Lest where the UN took police units from a number of countries and amalgamated them into a UN Stabilization Force to restore law and order there. *Takes off Nerd Glasses* Having said this, I do like the idea of a random choice of units so people won't know who they are until the mission starts. It's a concession of realism I like! Are you planning to do this properly and have a Return Fire Only ROE? Because if you do, I'm fucking down to Platoon Lead this, especially if we're doing more RP style missions. Any mission that breaks from the norms of 'go here kill this shooty bang bang' is awesome, if probably slightly against the ethos of the community. As Woody quite correctly pointed out, the missions will be a lot less shooty if done correctly, but probably a lot more interesting/suspenseful. At any rate, the UN tends to avoid actually engaging unless directly threatened where possible, for the simple reason that if you kill troops lent to you by the international community, the international community will stop lending you troops.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation. Nice to hear it from someone in officialdom for certain.
  7. Noted, thanks. I'll wait for a CM to clarify. The mission wasn't really designed for police, not least because I was given a SWAT Team as a 'specialist' unit. Hence my desire to embrace the ridiculous. People are always so quick on these feedback threads to call others out for mistakes made and the stupid shit which when done in small doses is pretty damn funny. It's getting really fucking tiring having to continually field responses for people whinging because I am daring to enjoy myself during the missions, and add a little levity to what was otherwise a pretty bog-standard mission. That wasn't a mission where MILSIM was expected, and if it was, it wasn't made clear. Hence my attempt to have fun. But if fun isn't allowed now, I guess I'll have to find somewhere else to play.
  8. Not against the Rules to my knowledge. It's called humour (or humor for you uneducated yanks). I was entertaining a stream in addition to Plt. Leading, so that's one of the reasons it was going on. Thanks for the compliment regardless later in that thread.
  9. My glasses actually exist in XCom. Holy hell that's good!
  10. It was certainly done by the British in the Second World War - the Section was split in 2, with 6 men and the section Corporal acting as the rifle element and the 2IC, Bren No1 and Bren No2 acting as the Bren element. The Bren fixed the enemy in place whilst the riflemen closed with the enemy and dispatched them with bayonet, rifle and grenade. Today the British rifle section is two elements of 4 men, each with an LMG, Grenadier and Leader, be it the IC or 2IC. To my understanding, which may be out of date by now, these chaps assault in bounds, so no team is left at the rear. Everyone goes forwards together with mutual covering fire to the moving team.
  11. Not interested. If Nopryl want to slaughter those unprepared for such gameplay, they can find someone else to shoot.
  12. My feelings on this have been well documented. NEVER EVER let your personal feelings affect the way you Zues, and design missions that are possible. Getting me to drive 10km in every direction separating me from my units would not be possible IRL, which I why I chose not to do it in game. Only giving me ground transportation and then peppering every road with IEDs doesn't give me anywhere near enough time to be able enough to actually get to each Shura location. To mortar me and my platoon when I turn up at said Shura location is not on. To then fail the mission for me when I accomplished all my objectives, is definitely not fucking on. This evening's antics have made me question whether I actually want to play here again. And I don't say shit like that lightly.
  13. As you should!
  15. Intelligence failures happen. What you are briefed is not necessarily what you will encounter. This is especially true if you are an insurgent force, without the support of the local population. Additionally, the police were not waiting for you. I spawned them outside the town and had them drive in. If you were slow in setting up that's not my (or their) concern. If you charge a town full of enemy AI on your own as an insurgency and then stand and fight rather than breaking contact with an obviously numerically and superior equipped force, expect to get killed. Expect the enemy, if you hole up in a building which they know you're in, to frag said building. It's at this time I wish we still had the Iron Front advanced AI, as they would not hesitate to frag a building with enemy infantry inside. If you rambo in one of my missions, you'll very quickly end up as a last man in a section cut off and surrounded, and I will kill you if the AI does not. Where the AI cannot or will not follow Zeus instructions, such as aggressively clearing buildings, I'll control the AI and get it into the building after you. If you spend too long on a roof-top, expect a sniper to begin shooting at you to get you to move. If you don't, he'll kill you. If you sit in the open in a field for an extended period, expect an HMG to shoot you up. I won't pander to those who want to feel like The Terminator when I Zeus. As a Zeus, your duty is to make the mission challenging, and punish unwise behavior. That includes suicidal bayonet charges, idiotic decisions and cocky attitudes. I will not hesitate to shoot to kill you if the situation warrants it, otherwise whats the fucking point of you even playing an active mission? If you want to go into a mission where the AI all stand still and wait to die, go and play a firing range mission. I would have though that having fun in a mission means not ramboing your way into situations your section clearly cannot handle and in which a superior force would kill you, and instead approaching things methodically. Welcome to Northern Ireland, where the IRA didn't fight like a conventional military. They didn't have longrange radios, and they didn't operate in Platoons. They fought from ambush in cells of up to 15 men, only opening fire on targets they were confident they could kill, before running and blending back into the civilian population. When they did take the fights to the British in the streets, they did do only for very very short periods (20 minutes at most, before the QRF could show up). If you decided to treat it like a conventional mission, there's no wonder you didn't enjoy it, as you were trying as an irregular insurgent force to fight an Army designed and trained to fight conventionally, and with a lot of skill and experience in doing so. I am tired of people whinging when they don't have cakewalk missions where they can Team America their way through hordes of AI. Easy missions are boring as fuck, and if you want to shoot thousands of AI and feel like God, play Virtual Arsenal. If you actually want a challenging time of it, with lots of enemy and scenarios set in time periods we don't normally play, I'm your man.