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  1. Intelligence failures happen. What you are briefed is not necessarily what you will encounter. This is especially true if you are an insurgent force, without the support of the local population. Additionally, the police were not waiting for you. I spawned them outside the town and had them drive in. If you were slow in setting up that's not my (or their) concern. If you charge a town full of enemy AI on your own as an insurgency and then stand and fight rather than breaking contact with an obviously numerically and superior equipped force, expect to get killed. Expect the enemy, if you hole up in a building which they know you're in, to frag said building. It's at this time I wish we still had the Iron Front advanced AI, as they would not hesitate to frag a building with enemy infantry inside. If you rambo in one of my missions, you'll very quickly end up as a last man in a section cut off and surrounded, and I will kill you if the AI does not. Where the AI cannot or will not follow Zeus instructions, such as aggressively clearing buildings, I'll control the AI and get it into the building after you. If you spend too long on a roof-top, expect a sniper to begin shooting at you to get you to move. If you don't, he'll kill you. If you sit in the open in a field for an extended period, expect an HMG to shoot you up. I won't pander to those who want to feel like The Terminator when I Zeus. As a Zeus, your duty is to make the mission challenging, and punish unwise behavior. That includes suicidal bayonet charges, idiotic decisions and cocky attitudes. I will not hesitate to shoot to kill you if the situation warrants it, otherwise whats the fucking point of you even playing an active mission? If you want to go into a mission where the AI all stand still and wait to die, go and play a firing range mission. I would have though that having fun in a mission means not ramboing your way into situations your section clearly cannot handle and in which a superior force would kill you, and instead approaching things methodically. Welcome to Northern Ireland, where the IRA didn't fight like a conventional military. They didn't have longrange radios, and they didn't operate in Platoons. They fought from ambush in cells of up to 15 men, only opening fire on targets they were confident they could kill, before running and blending back into the civilian population. When they did take the fights to the British in the streets, they did do only for very very short periods (20 minutes at most, before the QRF could show up). If you decided to treat it like a conventional mission, there's no wonder you didn't enjoy it, as you were trying as an irregular insurgent force to fight an Army designed and trained to fight conventionally, and with a lot of skill and experience in doing so. I am tired of people whinging when they don't have cakewalk missions where they can Team America their way through hordes of AI. Easy missions are boring as fuck, and if you want to shoot thousands of AI and feel like God, play Virtual Arsenal. If you actually want a challenging time of it, with lots of enemy and scenarios set in time periods we don't normally play, I'm your man.
  2. You get pop-in in Spectator cam. All the units I spawn in are behind cover, and I do it close to players as otherwise you mow shit down without actually getting shot at yourself. All structures in Arma 3 as far as I am concerned contain the enemy. No tanks were spawned, at least not by me, after the initial start of the mission, and the locations of QRFs were clearly marked.
  3. I'm going to give some feedback now, myself. I'll apologise if you thought what I said on stream was harsh, but you can't expect or force people in a game to walk 8km to an objective without pre-warning them it's going to happen. There's plenty of proof in there that I repeatedly offered you ground transportation and you turned it down, and that I was more than open about the transportation you had, and the objectives to accomplish. You'll also find proof in that stream that I told you the objective south of the main three 'might be occupied, might not.' You could have rolled through it with your tanks, without much issue. To be honest, I expected you to bus your initial troops up the main road, occupy that village and then jump off elsewhere. The mission was designed to be flexible, with objectives waking up only if you decided to bypass it and attack the other town first. If the mission seemed confused, it's because you didn't actually accomplish the set-up objective before the hour mark, and thus I had to quickly end the mission to avoid overrunning and people complaining the mission was too long. If you had been quick in assaulting the town, you'd have had more time before the Russian QRF arrived and would have had an additional objective to rescue a US-SF team and CIA agent trapped in another complex of buildings. As it happens, you took a very long time to actually reach the town even after I gave the sections who had dropped 9km out with transport. Once there, you gave the order for all armed personnel to be shot (which included the agent. GG!) I ended the mission earlier than planned to avoid the issues that usually accompany a mission with lots of running and little trigger time, where the blame is passed up the chain often unfairly to Zeus. My frustration on that stream was down to the fact I'm not again going to carry the can, as Zeus, for your refusal to use assets offered to you. If Zeus gives you something, you're more or less expected to use it unless we give you the choice, as we have to think about every asset we give you. I don't spawn shit in for fun, I spawn it in for your convenience. Use the shit I give you or I'll run a mission where you get nothing.
  4. Oh I am fucking in!
  5. I will be around tomorrow
  6. That last layout is what I had in mind with my initial thoughts. You need a generalist command net which the Plt leaders can use to converse with Coy, without sections clogging up the net.
  7. until

    I'm going to cry.
  8. There is a reason you have support staff as a Platoon/Company/Battalion Commander. No one man can run everything on his own, and if you try you're onto a loser. Most Platoon Leading styles here rely on the Plt Leader doing all the comms himself, which is going to become more and more impossible the bigger we get. The RTO's role is to keep the comms away from you that you don't need to hear and to pass on the essentials you need to react to. Being a platoon leader has 3 Ds: Display Leadership - You're the boss, and the buck stops with you. Lead your men in the style that suits you, but you are in command of the whole platoon, including your support staff. If you want someone to do something, make yourself heard in clear, calm and collected missives, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Don't under any circumstances die. Dying as an Officer is VERBOTEN. An old Parachute Regt. friend of mine once had to drag an officer off a fire step in Iraq, uttering the immortal missive "Get your arse down Sir! You're the Officer! You're not allowed to die!" That sentiment applies here to. If you die, command and control temporarily breaks down. Disseminate - If you want something done, say so. Keep saying so until it's done. Check statuses and use your RTO to keep tabs on everyone. After a major combat action, get a SITREP. Don't be afraid to regroup your section leaders and re-brief them in the field. If the plan has changed, communicate your intentions. Delegate - USE YOUR SUPPORT STAFF. The 2IC often hangs around waiting for orders from the Plt Leader and is occasionally never used - get that 2IC working! Get him running between the sections checking on their morale/cas/ammo states. Get him to set up an ammo dump/cas collection centre with the medic. Use your RTO as above. Use your FAC if you need a section moving from one objective to another. Use your drone operator. Even the Platoon Rifleman can be useful as a driver. @Netheral feel free to nick this for your Officer Training School thing.
  9. I don't understand why people find it so hard to Platoon lead. I never find it difficult, and I've not yet lost a mission as Plt HQ
  10. Let me know if you need a hand
  11. Deal with it - One, that's realistic, and two, if it's time sensitive or important, the RTOs will pass it through regardless. I could be persuaded to run something like that.
  12. Oh I totally get what you're saying, and that's why I'm saying it's possible without much additional work. All it requires is the addition of 8 more slots to the Templates, and the changing of a few names on the others, and we'd have two concise platoons and a company commander. We kinda operate in a bit of an arse about face way anyway, doing the job of a company under one Platoon Command Structure. What I forsee happening is: Rename Platoon Commander to Company Commander. Rename the Platoon slots to their Company Equivalents i.e. Company Medical Officer rather than Platoon Medic. This leaves FAC and the MFC at Company Level, were they'd be anyway, and means the support roles are elevated and separated from the Infantry so are unlikely to get bogged down in fighting and not performing their support roles. Add 8 more slots in the form of two reduced strength command sections. Platoon Commander Platoon Medic Platoon RTO Platoon Rifleman. This means the RTO needs to be the link between all sections and the commanders, as otherwise the Platoon Commanders/Company Commander would go insane from chatter. The net setup would be the attached diagram. Separates the Command Nets excepting 69, with should in theory only have 4 callsigns on it (Zero, One Actual, Two Actual and any misc elements such as a medical team or EOD/Sniper/ninja section.) Each platoon gets their own network for internal comms, with the ability to patch onto another net if needs be - an Emergency Net is also factored in should shit go super wrong. People are listening to max two channels as standard - their platoon net and short range - and the support elements are separated off into two ancillary nets where they can talk amongst themselves until they are ordered into action by their infantry controllers.
  13. This would work (and one I have the Gotterdamerung I'll build a mission with this structure) but it's going to require a Company Commander with a grasp of how a company is supposed to operate in the field, and two Platoon Commanders with a grasp of inter-company operations. It'll also require Radio Operators with pitch perfect RT procedure. You cannot do it with our current templates without some serious half-arsing and a lot of headaches for the RTO. I'm all for giving it a go, but would we ever implement it as a standard thing? Probably not. As one offs? Sure. As Ron Swanson says, "Never half arse two things at once. Whole arse one thing."
  14. It's not arrived yet. Once it does, I'll draw up a guide with funky screenshots and shit.