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  1. until

    Grenadier or Rifleman slot please.
  2. until

    When we first tryed the mission i was FOX 4 Grenadier. TL was siri
  3. until

    FOX 4 Grenadier please.
  4. Hey You could try right clicking on the arma.exe > properties> compatibility> check disable desktop composition. If this doesn't work try running the game in windowed / borderless.
  5. I have added all the briefings for orange and red mission's to make it easier for you guys to pick your assets as i know a few of you wanted this.
  6. Me and @Judgeman did look at doing something similar, but we decided it would be too difficult for us to keep track of. I will have a chat with judgeman later on today and see if we can come up with something. It might not be as in depth as the idea you have suggested but I do think the idea would add something unique to the missions.
  7. Mission 2 Role: Rifleman(LAT) Echo Zeus: @Life010 & @Siri Platoon: @Rezonath Echo SL: @Judgeman 2IC: @Timberhawk Medic: @DiseasedPombear Autorifleman: @GingerRocker Assistant: @atomicbucko122 Rifleman(LAT): @Toasty & ME Mission was to recapture Chernogorsk & Elektro. I enjoyed this mission alot well done @Life010 & @Siri. I didn't have any contact with platoon so i cant comment on that front but it was a mission complete. We started out by having a civilized quiz in are battlebus which all started from @Judgeman asking if there were any other questions after briefing, there were no winners to the quiz sadly. Echo didn't encounter much resistance in Cherno just a couple of retared T-80's which me and @atomicbucko122 managed to despose of fairly easily. We continued towards Elektro at which point are SL went all gung-ho and bucked it towards the town passing several T-80's and crashed into a shed (Said his keyboard ran out of battery likely story @Judgeman). We all scattered from the battlebus into a nearby building to take shelter from the T-80 that was chasing us, @DiseasedPombear managed to fix us up and we cautiously pocked are heads out of the door to see the T-80 circling the building, i pulled out my rpg ran at it and shot destroying it. We continued on are mission to purge the town when we could hear the unmistakable sound of another T-80 at which point @Toasty pulled out his LAT im not sure if he destroyed as i ran away. I believe this is where the ptsd set in for me as i ran straight in to a group of EI i panicked fired 4 shots and then the dreaded dead man's click (forgot to reload my gun because im special) and i was swiftly mowed down. There was a respawn wave shortly after but not much occurred from that point on. Unfortunately i now owe @atomicbucko122 £200 as @Judgeman managed to survive again which is a shame.
  8. Third mission Role: Rifleman Delta Zeus: @Hekhal Platoon: @Derpy SL: @Judgeman 2IC: @atomicbucko122 Medic: @Silver Snow Autorifleman: @Godzi Assistant: @mekboy_4000 Rifleman: @Toasty @DiseasedPombear @Don Haka @Master-Young Are mission was to take and hold the town of Staroye everything seemed to be going well at the start until we decided to roll in to the town where are hunter got shredded and we had to abandon it. Blue team was ordered to push into the town on foot and start the purge, which was going rather well until we tryed to form back up on Delta actual and @Don Haka got mowed down right in front of me while crossing an open field. I managed to make it to delta actual which is when i figured out i was the only member of blue team left alive, we were informed that an enemy reinforcement wave was on the way and delta was tasked to hold the north of the town just behind Bravo next to an old church. We dug ourselves in and waited to be engaged by the enemy which didnt take long. Bravo took the brunt of the initial attack leaving them with only 2 guys left they fell back to Delta at which point i was mercilessly shot in the head by a MSE-3 Marid while i was getting my rpg out thus ended my involvement in the mission. Though it does look like i just tripped over my own trench and broke my neck. Delta took the least amount of casualties in the mission so well done to @Judgeman for that. @atomicbucko122 i believe i owe you £100 as @Judgeman didn't die, i also believe @Silver Snow owes a little extra!
  9. People that wear NVGs even if it's not a night mission.. why just why! People that feel the need to add laser sights to there guns during day missions there are no words to describe them.
  10. 1st Mission Role: Delta Rifleman LAT Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody @Wattsits Mission was very enjoyable with lots of objectives that were very well defended (some would say too well defended). The action diminished for some squads having to defend from possible renforcements from the airfield as there was only 1x BTR and 2x Urals as far as i was aware. Platoon: @Forked I didnt have any contact with platoon but it was a mission complete so well done. Squad: Delta SL: @PowerColour 2IC: @Prototyp Medic: @Jackal AutoRifleman: @Toahmes Assistant: @Wolfgram Rifleman (LAT) : @Snapjaw @Winters @Ewido Im not sure what happend to @PowerColour at the start of the mission as he appeared to just go afk (He might of stated why and i just missed it, PowerColour did return shortly after this little story). @Prototyp took over SL and we headed to are OW point north of objective - Locate and extract ya boi eggwil himself - we stashed are vehicle about 500m from the OW point and proceeded on foot only to bump in to a BMP at which point shear panic broke out. The BMP was 300m away near the edge of a tree line so i took out my RPG26 which i have hardly ever used, for some reason i could only zero up to 100m (turns out it can zero up to 250m but im an idiot) i panicked did my best to compensate and hit a tree!. Im not to sure where the rest of are LAT went as i didnt see anyone else take a shot, suddenly i hear over coms a BTR had come up behind us at which point everyone was running around like headless chickens i made a sandcastle (Trench) droped a smoke on it and hit the deck. The coms were silent for a long time and all i could hear was the BTR rolling around near me, next minute the BTR opened up and riddled me with bullets, turns out his BTR had wiped most of Delta. I died 2 more times in this mission but i will always remember hiding in my smokecaslte waiting to die. 10/10 would panic and RPG a tree again.
  11. I like this idea! I think it would add a lot to the immersion.
  12. This sounds interesting and I would be up for giving this a go. Will the opfor be outnumbered player wise or will the teams be fairly split?
  13. This could possibly have something to do with java. If you don't have java installed on your computer you need it to run arma3sync If you have it installed just check you are running on the latest version, you can find this out by opening run type cmd then java -version.
  14. PMC OBTAINED ASSETS < CURRENT REP LEVEL = 28400 > OBTAINED ASSET SLOTS Knight Air Prophet (Prophet can wear normal prophet uniform) Mortar Drone Aircraft carrier OBTAINED GEAR LEVEL Improved Gear OBTAINED KNIGHT ASSETS M2A3 (Unlimited) M1A2 (Unlimited) 1X T-72 1X Challenger 1X T90 OBTAINED ARMED VEHICLES 1X M113A3 (M2) 3X BTR - 60PB 2X Quillian 1X Punisher OBTAINED AIR ASSETS AH-6 (Unlimited) 1X Y-32 Xi'an VTOL 1X UH-60M 2X Merlin 1X F/A-181 Black Wasp II 2X Mi-8AMT 1X Mi-24P (AT) 1X Wildcat OBTAINED VEHICLE ASSETS Improved Armored Vehicles INTEL FOUND 1) X.O.F ? 2) X.O.F logo found on ground 3) X.O.F Sharpshooter spotted in takistan? Mystery Asset Unlocks PLATOON ABILITIES 1X HOWITZER ROUND - 500 REP (Zeus controlled platoon marks position on map) 1X CAS RUN - 600 REP (Zeus controlled platoon marks position on map) 5X SMOKE ROUND - 200 REP (Zeus controlled platoon marks position on map) 4X MORTAR ROUNDS - 300 REP (Zeus controlled platoon marks position on map) 1X EXTRA RESPAWN - 700 REP Using abilities cost rep off the overall rep earned at the end of a mission and increases overall rep lost if mission is failed. Platoon abilities can't be used to complete objectives. BLACK MARKET DEALER WEARS Black market trader vehicles are bought with rep that you have obtained. BTR's Rep Cost = 200 M113A3 Rep Cost = 200 YABHON - RA (CAS) Rep Cost = 1500 (Drone asset required) YABHON - RA Rep Cost = 1500 (Drone asset required) MI-8 Rep Cost Rep Cost = 600 Hunter Rep Cost Rep Cost = 2000 Armored Hunter Rep Cost = 3000 Black market vehicles can't be bought and then sold for other vehicles. REPUTATION LEVEL LOADOUTS 0 - 500 Weapons 5.56mm Guns only + M136 Heat (only) NO DMR Weapon Attachments None Scopes 2X Scopes Squad Lead + 2IC only Iron sights rest of squad Uniform Bandit Clothes Vest Tactical Vest (Black) Head Gear Caps 500 - 2000 Weapons 5.56mm Guns only + M136 Heat (only) NO DMR Weapon Attachments None Scopes 2X Scopes Squad Lead + 2IC only Iron sights rest of squad Uniform Guerilla Coverall's (UVF/BLACK) Or Combat Uniform (PMC Variants) Vest Tactical Vest (Black) Head Gear [PO] 6B27M Black 2000 - 4000 Weapons 5.56mm - 6.5mm Guns only + M136 Heat (only) Prophet bolt action rifles only no .50 cal rifles (No AP rounds) One DMR limited to one squad only (Not Platoon) Weapon Attachments ALL Scopes 4X Scopes Squad Lead + 2IC only 2X Scopes rest of squad 4X Scope DMR 12X Scopes Prophet Uniform Guerilla Coverall's (UVF/BLACK) Or Combat Uniform (PMC Variants) Vest [PO] GA Carrier Black Head Gear [PO] 6B27M Black 8000 - 16000 Weapons 5.56mm - 6.5mm Guns only + M136 Heat (only) Prophet bolt action rifles only no .50 cal rifles (No AP rounds) One DMR limited to one squad only (Not Platoon) Weapon Attachments ALL Scopes 4X Scopes Squad Lead + 2IC only 2X Scopes rest of squad 4X Scope DMR 12X Scopes Prophet Uniform Guerilla Coverall's (UVF/BLACK) Or Combat Uniform (PMC Variants) Vest [PO] GA Carrier Black Head Gear Enchanced Combat Helmet Black 32000 - 64000 Weapons 5.56mm - 6.5mm - 7.62mm Guns only + M136 Heat (only) Prophet bolt action rifles only no .50 cal rifles (No AP rounds) DMR limited to one per squad Weapon Attachments ALL Scopes 4X All squads 25X Scopes Prophet 4X Scopes DMR Uniform Guerilla Coverall's (UVF/BLACK) Or Combat Uniform (PMC Variants) Vest Carrier Special Rig Black Head Gear Enchanced Combat Helmet Black (This is still work in progress equipment + weapons could change) Orange List (Medium Missions) Evacuate Town’s Enemy Force: UNKNOWN Briefing Region is about to fall. Fight your way into the yet to be captured town’s, you are to pick up as many civs as possible before the region is fully overcome, buck it to the extraction point you must extract over 10 civs. Operation: Sirius Enemy Force : Syndicate Briefing A civil war has broke out in the city of zargabad by a forces seeking to overthrow the government. Government forces have attempted to squash the uprising by continuously mortaring and bombing the city, the government doesn't seem to care about the innocent lives that they are taking, the only thing the governments worried about is stopping the uprising before it gets out of control. Unfortunately due to the suddenness of this situation the British embassy located near the centre of the city was unable to be evacuated in time, the British ambassador and his staff are still inside. The government are unwilling to stop the mortar fire to allow the safe extraction of the ambassador and his staff, you have been contracted by the British government to enter the city and extract the ambassador and his staff by any means necessary. Red List (Hard Missions Medivac) Operation: Falcon Enemy Force: Russians Briefing You have been hired by the US army, one of their bases has been attacked and captured by russian forces they are also currently in the process of taking over the town of Ryuka and setting up a communication transmitter on hayden peak, there is also intel they have moved west to Yolandi airfield. The US have no forces left in region they have dispatched reinforcement but fear the russians will have established a strong foothold on the region before the reinforcements arrive. The US Government have decided to hire you to retake their military base, clear the town of Ryuka and destroy the communication transmitter on hayden peak. Your extraction point will be at the north west airfield (Optional objective) Clear Yolandi airfield for quick extraction. Search and Rescue Enemy Force: UNKNOWN Briefing The cobra unit has gone missing while on a routine intel retrieval operation, you are tasked to locate the missing unit and find out what has happened. If the intel has not been retrieved by the missing unit you are tasked in taking over their initial mission and bring it to the LZ. Operation: Foothold (Mission Complete) Enemy Force: Russians Briefing You have been tasked with the initial assault in enemy territory to establish a foothold by british forces. You are to clear the main road into the region, once the main road is clear. You must take control of the enemy FOB, and secure and clear the surrounding towns. There is also reports of a russian outpost to the east of the FOB location this is an optional objective but if the outpost is not dealt with there might be possible QRF from this location. When all objectives are complete the british forces will enter the region and take control of the FOB. Operation: Bright Star Enemy Force : Insurgents Briefing British forces have contracted you to transport supplies to their most isolated FOB, named FOB Minden in the north of takistan. Most of the British forces are to the east of the region and are unable to spare the manpower and resources to resupply the base themselves so they have hired you. There is still heavy insurgent activity in the towns and roads between the airfield and FOB Minden making the operation extremely unpredictable. The resupply convoy will consist of 1X fuel truck, 1X ammo truck, as well as 1X ration truck. AA is a possibility. IED have been frequently spotted on the roads. Suicide bombings have happened in the past. Black List (Almost Impossible) Operation Superior Mind Enemy forces: Russian Briefing The U.S government have hired you to retrieve intel on strategic buildings and enemy positions, they require this intel so they can quickly destroy all targets in one foul swoop before their ground troops enter the region. The intel is currently stored in one of russia's most secure buildings which the U.S currently refer to as Titanpoint , you will be air dropped into the region where you must directly assault Titanpoint, gain entry to the building and retrieve the intel and then make it to the extract point, before the russians have chance to reposition their troops. You will have approximately 1 hour and 15 mins until russian high command are alerted and begin changing their troop positions. Stop Military Coup Enemy Force: UNKNOWN Intro General Samuel Cooper is a very well respected general and is very well known military tactician who has never lost a military campaign in his career, he has three Lieutenants who are almost just as skilled as him in tactics, these three highly skills Lieutenants are only loyal to him. Operation: Saviour Enemy Force: Russians Briefing Mr Gutseriev who is the head of a rich and prominent russian family has hired you to find his missing daughter Amelia Gutseriev, who has been kidnapped by General Georgy Zhukov who is making a grab for power. General Zhukov already has a majority of the russian army behind him and is using Gutseriev’s daughter as leverage to get Gutseriev to back his coup, this will give General Zhukov all he needs for his coup to be successful as the russian people hold a lot of respect for Gutseriev and will support him in whichever side he decides to choose. Without the support of Gutseriev, General Zhukov would not stand a chance against the current government which will cause his coup to end before it begins. Gutseriev is unable to tell anyone that he would normally rely on about what has happened to his daughter as General Zhukov has spies everywhere and fears for his daughter's safety if he does. He has decided to hire you as third party to track down his daughter and retrieve her before he is forced to sign a document declaring his allegiance to General Zhukov. Gusteriev has managed to find out that General Zhukov is moving an important package which will arrive by plane to isla duala which is currently controlled by General Zhukov. In the past General Zhukov has used duala airport for human trafficking and smuggling weapons onto the island, Gusteriev believes that the important package is his daughter. This would be a good place to start your search. Completed Missions Operation: Neptune Spear (Mission Complete) Enemy forces: Nationalist militia Briefing The C.I.A has hired you to destabilize the corrupt government by assassinating the president you will have to infiltrate the region undetected and assassinate the president without being detected then you must extract from the region. There has been many attempts on the president's life over the years causing him to become extremely paranoid, due to his paranoia he has amassed most of the region's military to protect him leaving most of the region unprotected, which caused rebel militias to take control of a lot of the towns and cities. Operation: Liberate Enemy Force: Militia Briefing A militia force has started taking civilians hostage and forcing them to fight for their cause, you have been hired by the region's government to rescue all civilians and move them safely out of the area. The government has also tasked you to capture the militia captain and hand him over to stand trial for war crimes. Destroy Rogue Computer AI Skynet (Mission Complete) EF: CSAT Briefing We have intercepted CSAT Intelligents about a AI program, Code name Skynet, that CSAT have been working on, the intelligence reports that they have lost control of their weapon, and the program has gone rogue, the AI have taken control of all the soldiers and their assets in the area, by hacking their communications, you are tasked to assault the compound and destroy the Program and all trace of the research data. Attack ISIS Recruitment Facility, (Mission Complete) Rescue Hostages before they are radicalised Operation: Transylvania (Mission Complete) EF: Russians Briefing The Americans have received intel on the location of a Russian high value target, codenamed: DRACULA. Who is currently visiting an installation in the area, you have been contracted to destroy 2 radar stations as well as 2 AA positions close by the installation to allow the American airforce to do an initial CAS run of the complex. After the CAS run has been completed you are to enter the HQ to confirm whether the target had been eliminated. Supply Lines (Mission Complete) EF: Syndicate Briefing You have been tasked with disrupting supply lines to aid the US forces campaign to liberate lingor against a rebel uprising. Capture AI Program (Mission Complete) Enemy Force: CSAT Briefing We have Intercepted intelligence that a true AI program has possibly been created, which contains true self awareness, you are tasked with finding the location of this program if it does exist and bring it back to your base for resources, which can be used to help us in future missions. Destroy Rival PMC airfield (Mission Complete) Enemy Force: PMC Briefing A rival pmc group is taking all your contracts destroy their airfield and capture there assets. The Meeting (Mission Complete) EF: UNKNOWN Briefing You have been contracted by Walter white a notorious drug lord as his security team, Walter has payed top Rep to hire you as he feels a private security team would not be adequate enough due to the growing threats he faces. You are to transport him from his mansion to a "meeting" and back again. He has received several death threats from rebel factions in the area due to his new business venture. Attack Rebel IED Factories (kill all hostiles) Destroy Base and Factory (Mission Complete sort of) EF: UNKNOWN Briefing Locate rebel cell HQ, find the intel on IED factories general locations. The towns will have civilian populations. CASing the town is not an option. Rescue Reporters From The Front Line (Or is it) (Mission Complete) 3 reporters have gone missing from the front line while filming. When reporters have been located squads need to make a decision, find the evidence they have collected on war crimes committed by the US government that hired you. Or kill the reporters dispose of the bodies and locate and destroy the evidence. If they decide to save, US forces will attempt to kill reporters. Extract Flight Recorder from Downed Experimental Plane (Mission Complete) Defend FOB attacked by Rival PMC Group (Mission Complete) Attack tank factory and hold (Mission Complete) The Return of Skynet (T2 Judgment Day) (Mission Complete) Intro After our strike teams attempt at destroying the AI program, CODENAME: Skynet, we believed that destruction was successful. Intel has just confirmed that Skynet had back up power supplies that we failed to destroy. Therefore word has come down from Big Boss that Skynet has created multiple copies of itself and the location of these copies is unknown. Big Boss is unsure how many copies were made and how many locations they have scattered to.
  15. I would like to take this time to say sorry too knight for my epic 600m one shot rpg.