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  1. until

    I have been listening to my nam playlist all day today to get myself hyped, roll on Saturday!
  2. @Spartacus has already made a post as he does everyday at 11am.
  3. The great airfield disaster of 2017, if only @atomicbucko122 had given me some more morphine before we hit that jet I'm sure I would of survived.
  4. Surprisingly me and @ThatWalder survived the artillery strike on the town even after a building fell on me, we linked up with delta headed for the next objective then the server died.
  5. @BigT I apologies about the mounted recoilless rifle I was not aware how devastating it would be, I have learnt my lesson and if I ever use it again I will only give it a couple of shots. I also believe the mission would of worked a lot better with more players as it was a lot of ground to cover to find your objectives, maybe next time only one stranded squad would be best. Also @Weegie and your squad (sorry forget who was in it) sorry for sending that many EI your way for some reason I thought you had more guys 😬. Also @Weegie you make a lovely prisoner but I figured sitting you in a shed for the rest of the mission would of been slightly too harsh and as we already made one guy go crazy @atomicbucko122 I decided to reunite you with your friends.
  6. Autorifleman Lead perhaps?
  7. I tryed that but every time I cross the finish line my game freezes for a split second and I end up crashing into the walls, I think I will just accept that I'm awful at karts.
  8. Well in that case I did everything wrong!
  9. I tryed this yesterday, I thought I did well to get just under 00:19:000 in training, clearly I was mistaken!
  10. Hello and welcome to the mad house!
  11. Now this would be fun!, Could maybe have a winners thread so we could keep track. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  12. Added pressing H while looking at another player to bring up there medical menu, thank you.
  13. Mission 1 Role: Alpha autorifleman Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody Enjoyed this mission apart from the random server crash as I didn't save my load out because I'm an idiot. I'm not sure if it was due to the crash or other squads clearing objectives before we rolled up but we didn't encounter much resistance, I did enjoy the parachuting suicide bomber that turned in to a massive bomb at the end. SL: @Derpy Very clear and concise orders and I believe we only lost 2 guys. Asking for grenades at the end to blow up the ammo dump was funny ended up destroying the house but not the ammo dump, I also enjoyed the music as we rolled into battle.
  14. I am using this mod at the moment it has a good variety of compositions to use, as far as I'm aware they work.
  15. Added thank you.