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  1. I believe we captured 2 T-72 at one point, although I don't know if we lost one during the mission. One did get damaged.
  2. bug

    There is conflict going between ACE3 and ARMAs new FCS. They bug each other out. New ACE update should fix it.
  3. It can happen that you actually not go to limb you want, clickboxes can be weird, particularly with the head.
  4. until

    Do regulars get priority? If yes I would like to go.
  5. Weird, I had the opposite. When I did both a Packing and an Elastic it reopened within 3 minutes. While during Sarrisas advanced wounds mission I only used quickclot on myself and it never reopened (10 minutes at least until the ambulance came towards us.)
  6. I don't think bandages stack like that, each should act separate. If they don't stack I recommend packing for the bigger wounds and elastic only when someone is royally fucked.
  7. With an efficiency of more then one it will be able to close the wound fully, while one with an efficiency of 2 it will be able to close 2 of them at once. Each number represent how many wounds of the same type a single bandage can close.
  8. With advanced wounds/wound reopening starting to become a thing. I decided to make a new chart compiled from the chart from the ACE wiki as well as additional info from the source code found here. In short: Field dressing: Medium efficiency, Medium reopening chance, Medium reopening delay Packing bandage: Medium efficiency, High reopening chance, High reopening delay Elastic Bandage: High efficiency, High reopening chance, Low reopening delay Quickclot: Low efficiency, Low reopening chance, High reopening delay
  9. Mission 15:00 GMT Takistan: How not to do convoys edition Charlie LAT This mission was the perfect example on how not to do convoy missions. The mission didn't start particularly brilliant with our SL @anden3 disconnecting and never coming back just before the start for something called "dinner". Please anticipate that in advance. The drivers also need a lessons in driving. They kept tailgating or trying to overtake one another, resulting in the collision of the 2 transport trucks with the end result of them blowing up. After that for some reason both Bravo and Knight decided to move ahead of the convoy, leaving the valuable cargo vulnerable while the remaining squads tried fix the situation with zeus. What I also don't understand is why platoon (dunno who) put the Abrams up front for whatever reason. That is the worst position to put a tank in a convoy. The front vehicle dictates the pace of the convoy and decides where it goes and what it does. This is especially a problem because it is not on the same LR as the rest of the convoy, bogging down the convoy because they don't know what is happening up front. Meaning squads don't know when to dismount because something needs clearing and when they do, they have to worry on not getting a face full of over-pressure when trying to pas Knight. The other major problem is that a tank is not the same type of vehicle as the rest of the convoy. When Knight decided to roll up in the death trap called Anar without clearing it and the convoy decided to follow, we lost one of the transport trucks in it's entirety, multiple squad vehicles and squad members. I was surprised Knight even survived that because there were 20+ RPGs on the eastern ridge that somehow missed the tank. After that the usually fuck everyone and everything mentality happened and everyone booked towards the last objective.
  10. Mission 2: This was not a mission, this was a @Hekhal IED fun time mission for hekhal. Don't do that as a second mission, I expect a mission like I usually do, not a mission where I have to navigate some bullshit IED minefield for 5 km straight.
  11. It was nice, but it was very slow paced compared to the PVP campaign on Altis. For me at least.
  12. I think an easy way to counter the Challenger is the use of air assets, I'm fairly sure the Hind, Havoc and Frogfoot can be a significant treat to it but I haven't tested that yet.
  13. I have heard of stories of the Abrams TUSK 2 shrugging 20 RPGs. You can't call it broken after one single mission. Today's armor is designed to deal with RPG's. We need put them against some MBT so see how they react.
  14. campaign


    Vehicle crew, gunner preferably.
  15. Zeuses have started to use the standard ARMA 3 assets mainly because of the buggy RHS units. However, we mostly still use RHS weapons against them. But because the are modelled to fight other RHS assets, they aren't as effective dealing against the vanilla weapons. During last nights mission it took over 7 LATs and a couple of Abrams shells to take out a T100 while the Abrams got destroyed in one shot to the front. I did a quick bit of testing as well, all vanilla tanks are virtually indestructible from the front unless you hit and destroy their gun or don't hit the heavy armour while they will murder you in one shot regardless. Also a few weeks ago the Pandur I was in took about a dozen missiles yet managed to survive.