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  1. All my issues with the second mission can be found here. (Awaiting approval otherwise I'll post it somewhere else) Boy this community can't do mechanized platoons at all. Fuck it Planning Armored vehicles don't like tight spaces, avoid urban and wooded areas as much as possible and don't take the obvious route. Drivers briefing and communications Drivers need to be briefed on the procedures when encountering certain scenarios and need on a common long range to ease communication. Possibly the appointment of a convoy director would be an idea. Never sit still If ambushed don't sit still like a fucking potato, either burst trough it or reverse to fuck out. Keep the road clear Never sit still on the road. Get of the road in order to make way for the heavy armor. Another idea is to move the convoy in a staggered line. Spacing Use large amounts of spacing during a convoy (atleast 50 meters), this prevents that a large amount of the convoy can get caught in a ambush and it leaves room to retreat safely as well as preventing nasty ARMA incidents. Countermeasures Your armored vehicles likely has smoke charges. Use it commanders so to get out of a sticky situations. Cities Please don't rush cities like retards, that's a recipe for getting a RPG in the ass. When entering a town, please let one of the squads dismount and clear the immediate area around the main road. Grouping Another way of doing a convoy is dividing it in separate sections/groups. This way the first group can clear a certain hostile section and when the all clear is giving the second group takes point so the first group can remount their vehicles and immediately join the rear of the convoy.
  2. TLF


    Not in a shit squad
  3. TLF


    What are the assets we will be using?
  4. Sign me up
  5. until

    I will be watching Formula 1 so I might not be an time depending on what's hapenning.
  6. I thought the Maverick works via IR tracking presuming it's the D variant, I've not been able to lock on cold vehicles (unless sensors changed stuff)
  7. campaign


    Might take a "armor" gunner, not entirely sure yet.
  8. until

    I'll take a broadsword gunner
  9. until

    I can take a MAT if possible.
  10. until

    Sword Crew/Gunner
  11. A simple way to check if someone is dead is just to check if you can carry him. If you can carry him he is alive, in ARMA you can't carry a dead guy. Same with bodybags.
  12. I believe we captured 2 T-72 at one point, although I don't know if we lost one during the mission. One did get damaged.
  13. bug

    There is conflict going between ACE3 and ARMAs new FCS. They bug each other out. New ACE update should fix it.
  14. It can happen that you actually not go to limb you want, clickboxes can be weird, particularly with the head.
  15. until

    Do regulars get priority? If yes I would like to go.