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  1. Mission 3 i think Platoon 2IC zeus @NeilZar Well done! loved it Platoon : @Derpy Did great! i loved being youre 2IC. At one moment we where just driving on the road nothing special. BUT THEN!! out of nowhere a Wild BTR showed up! The car came to a quick stop!! All was silent for a moment.... Then panic broke lose Platoon started searching for a rocket they got earlier that mission. But did not succeed very fast! But nothing happend the Wild and mighty BTR just kept driving! It thought it was not worthy of those peasants but when it passed... @Derpy finalloy found the rocket!! He fired at the Roaring BTR that then Exploded in to milions of pieces! The man inside that BTR didnt even had the chance to get out! it all happend so fast... A mighty laugh was heard all over that canyon it was Platoon the men where laughing and celebration the defeat of the Wild BTR! But there was not a lot of time for a party Platoon had to do his job and carried on like nothing ever happend!
  2. 1st Mission zeus: @Urist McGLORY Outstanding! no words. Always action never bored. Amazing Platoon @Forked He did very good. cant say much more. Squad: I was Charlie 2IC along with @Life010 @Tomo @Mihax209 @Tom Williams @Lyecer . My SL was @nikolov216 He did very well. we knew what to do, where to go and how to do it. At the end @Life010 and me got in the helicopter. we where the only 2 from charlie who got in. For some reason we got drop of at Delta and Ekko. We walked right in a death zone! A heli chashed on top off all the squads. And then we finally got another pickup. But it got blown up whiping out all the man of the remaning squads! Still loved it!
  3. Thats true. I dont blame the Zeus not at all. But it was almost impossible for Alpha to do his job and i undertand why.
  4. Mission 2: Alpha SL Zeus @Verich i dont know how you did it with the other squads but for alpha it was way to much resistans. PLT: @cyanide I got the objective to make a giant disteraction but we didnt expect the resistance. You did well but Alpha had a bad time because of the heavy resistance. I was SL and i want to apologize to my squad @Yason We didnt expect so much resistance and i got really puched by PLT. He wanted us to get the distraction before we where even there so i really didnt have a choice. I tried to split up the group to get it done faster. And we almost had no restricons on the equipment ass heart from PLT. so again i;m sorry for the mission but i dont think i could of changed much. I think the best way was to attack from a diffent side. Mission 3: Plt Zeus @Argon You did a great job i dont have anything to say that needs changing great job! I was platoon with @anden3 as medic and @greybeardralph as my FAC. I think it went well. Half way troug the mission @greybeardralph had to fix some issues with the zeus and assets. So i really had my hands full on all the squad the air asset and Prophet. I really liked playing PLT that misison and hope to do it again soon.
  5. Mission 2 Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody @quebec Platoon: @NeilZar You tried you really did! But there was to much gun fire to survive all of that. Before that good job on the commands. SL: @Rezonath i was 2IC. Rezonath did good until the point he died. he could be a bit more spacific sometimes but it went really well. After he died i took command of the retried because that's what is was. I think i did a good job of keeping everybody alive. @Yason you did great on the medic healing everybody left and right. I told you that in the mission good job man. 3rd mission zeus: forgot who did it sorry. But i from my point of few as Fac you did very good. Platoon: @Nugget30 Did a great job of keeping everything togheter and it all went very smooth concerdering the fact that a few squads got completly whiped. It was my first time Fac if i can i whould like some feedback on that. I think it went well. 2 choppers went down but 1 of those just flew into an helicopter so i dont think that was my fauld xD.
  6. The hunted mission Zeus @Hekhal He did amazing on the short range! And had all the squad following the rules very well. We didnt have a squad lead because we where the hunted. i was Yellow team with @Vendetta we applied the buddy system to attrackt less attation. At the end of the mission we got to the airfield, That where it got really scary. I was going to get in the control tower but i could hear people's voices so i rang away, i walked straight in to somebody. He didnt see me. That was terrefying. So Vendetta and me made a plan to go all the way around the airbase to sneak in from a better angel. After waiting for a lot of flares i finnaly reached the airstrip. From there on i think i crawled about 10 minutes, at the middel of my crawling 2 guys with flashlight walked up to me look me straight in the face and walked on. I have never been affraid more. Finally i reached the control tower i got the long range and called it in. At that point a enemy came up the stairs, i blasted him and knew i was in big trouble. i died underway to the heli but Vendetta made it so it was a mission succes. Overal the most fun and terrefying mission i ever played. Some fun moments where when @Wulfe almost got found, she was to affraid to say anything. So the only thing what whe where seeing was the groupchat. What said: I'M DEAD!!, I'M GOING TO SCREAM, I'M SO FUCKING SCARED. PLEASE LET IT END NOW!, I'M HEAVING A PANIC ATTACK!!!!. etc.. It was to say the least hilarious. But to be fair i was not much more myself. i was that scared that i was whispering in real life. So once again Thanks @Hekhal so much for this mission and thanks @Wulfe for the funny moments and offcourse thanks @Vendetta for the mission accomplished.
  7. penguin

    I;m Galactic Have you ever seen a penguin flying through space? No?? Well here you go. Btw i;m dutch too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯