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  1. Zeus: @Weegie A lot of shit was happening. Good amound of EI only problem they shot trough walls and bunkers killing me twice. But that not really your fault. overall good job i enjoyed it. Sl @Realboy Good SL i was dead allot so yeah didnt have really a lot to do with you. sorry @lokyar for killing you with the grenade. After a little while in the game and after the first respawn wafe. The whole squad got whiped and Bravo got whiped as well. So it turned in to a saving private @AlmightyZoltar he really needs to have a metal. Overall it was fun.
  2. 1ST FNG mission Zeus @Siri i have no clue how you did becuase i was a copilot with @atomicbucko122. We just flew around. I really enjoyed being with @atomicbucko122 But i think @Siricould of let me fly something because there where 3 other heli's but zeus controled. Overal i had a fun time with Bucko 2nd Main mission Bravo SL zeus @Forked Gotta say. i took long but wanst really your fault there where a good amount of enemy's. regardless of the big space between al the squad you kept us al busy well job on that one my friend. Platoon: @ThatWalder In my opinion the brief was to long. but that happnes no blaim. After that you kept clear control of the squads. It wasnt his fault that the special squad was being special and didnt do the objective fast enough. SL; me 2IC @atomicbucko122 Thanks for taking command when i died in the first seconds. So in the first Min of the mission half of the squad got whiped by a BRDM becuase we coudnt hit him with anything. Shit happens. And a body bag was being very agressive killing 2 guys that was intersting. After the respawn wave we waited on the hill again. My Autorifle team got borred and started spinning around on a tripod. Because of that i trew a stun grenade thinking it woundt hurt anyone only blind them. And dont get me wrong i was borred too and did it for fun and giggles. But i was wrong the stun hurt a lot of member. nobody died or got hit enought to be packed but still wasnt my intension. so sorry @Linnet @Bobblehead @GingerRocker @Blutze @12rai After that Linnet was mad at me sorry for that. But like really i warned everybody. And only linnet was mad but again sorry. So after that we started moving in to the city clearing building, There shit got real. we got alomst completly whiped enemy's everywhere but that was fun. I died in that offence. And thats about it.
  3. Yeah i agree with you with that but. what happend was 1-2 went down, so i asumed you know who's talking but thats a misstake on my part. 2nd i was RTB just like you said i had to do but then zeus came up to me and said switch long range you're the pilot of a hijacked chinook now with Bin laden in it for a big plot change. So i didnt have comms with you because i apperntly was a taliban fighter when i was moving to LZ Spear
  4. mission 3. Raptor ZUES: @Siri and @atomicbucko122 : people didnt like it but i loved it as pilot. Platoon @Forked didnt have much to do with him. because of fac @Silberjojo he did good as fac not much to do tbh. because we transported in and out sort of. i was Raptor with 1 other person who i dont think i can find on the forums. I really liked the mission because first we had to get the squads in. 1-2 chrached but he needed to do that. after that i RTB en stayed there for a while. then zeus came and gave us the mission to show the real Bin laden and shoot everybody as a plot twist. And i had to fly again. I like flying. and note to myself i think the landings went really well. For me it was a fun mission. with the zueses and i got to fly
  5. Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter : I think it was a to small area for the amount of squads we had. but the amount of anemy's was very good. Fun mission but next time give a bit more space in my opnion. Platoon: Forgot his name sorry, But platoon was very clear. There was a lot of chatter on longrange so im very impressed by his abillity Sl: Me 2Ic: I forgot aswell i'm amazing with names : but early on in the mission i died and he took over. Very good job to you i was like i never died. good job on leading the squad. Medic:@warlordsh You did a good job of asking if you could medic anyone at the end of the mission. xD. i wasnt there the most time so i cant really judge but i think it went well. Overall good mission its a shame that i died by the MBT early on in the mission
  6. There are plenty of ships that are made for this kind of things
  7. I was thinking about new mission ideas. Then it hit me. Where close to the new update with the aircraft carrier and there are plenty of mods with big ships you can enter. So what about mission where we need to clear ships. We can be a proper navy clearing the sea from pirates. We can have different squads with different ships and defferent tasks. for example you can have a squad boarding a ship from helicopter, other squads board from boats and you have a overwatch squad who keeps watch over the whole thing with long range weapons. And dont forget about the sea you need a squad to keep the pirates from reinforsing the ship. And with pirates there are hostiges. that asks for precision work and good planning. I would like to know how this works out and i think i would be a very fun.
  8. @Galactic/ Marrie-Sola / Human female / Mage thing / #unkown But i think i joined the guilt allready
  9. 1st mission Alpha 2IC Zeus: did a good job sorry forgot the name, but cant say much but overal Good job Platoon: @seishimaybeC. To be fair not the best platoon if seen, Alpha had kind of a boring mission staying as overwatch with 1x scopes and very bad view of the city. And we didnt get any orders besides that. SL: @Nugget30. Overall very Good job! Very clear and precies. Coudnt do much but thats not your fault. Squad: @[email protected], @Galactic, @Dirk Gently, @Kranosos, @Wolfgram, @waspnest77 @Princeofmellon. Really Good squad in my opinion. Listened to orders well and Good patience. We coudnt do much but what we did we did very well! Overal i enjoyed the mission. But thats mostly because of the squad.
  10. I have been around really long now but have never heard any body speak about Or play H1z1. Im intrested to know if some People are down to play the game? If you are Please let me know, im down to play some games when im back from vacation. ~ Galactic one of the most ancient FNG on this Community.
  11. Yeah i played it. But i quit it aswell. The fun is just gone
  12. Mission 3 i think Platoon 2IC zeus @NeilZar Well done! loved it Platoon : @Derpy Did great! i loved being youre 2IC. At one moment we where just driving on the road nothing special. BUT THEN!! out of nowhere a Wild BTR showed up! The car came to a quick stop!! All was silent for a moment.... Then panic broke lose Platoon started searching for a rocket they got earlier that mission. But did not succeed very fast! But nothing happend the Wild and mighty BTR just kept driving! It thought it was not worthy of those peasants but when it passed... @Derpy finalloy found the rocket!! He fired at the Roaring BTR that then Exploded in to milions of pieces! The man inside that BTR didnt even had the chance to get out! it all happend so fast... A mighty laugh was heard all over that canyon it was Platoon the men where laughing and celebration the defeat of the Wild BTR! But there was not a lot of time for a party Platoon had to do his job and carried on like nothing ever happend!
  13. 1st Mission zeus: @Urist McGLORY Outstanding! no words. Always action never bored. Amazing Platoon @Forked He did very good. cant say much more. Squad: I was Charlie 2IC along with @Life010 @Tomo @Mihax209 @Tom Williams @Lyecer . My SL was @nikolov216 He did very well. we knew what to do, where to go and how to do it. At the end @Life010 and me got in the helicopter. we where the only 2 from charlie who got in. For some reason we got drop of at Delta and Ekko. We walked right in a death zone! A heli chashed on top off all the squads. And then we finally got another pickup. But it got blown up whiping out all the man of the remaning squads! Still loved it!
  14. I'm downloading it right now
  15. I dont know about this game i might be the COD that repairs it all. but i highly doub it but well see