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    Approve my position under @Brelf
  2. If you have any client-side mods they shouldn't cause any conflicts with the repo mods. As Neil said, make sure that the mods that are listed in the repo are loaded from the repo and not from the workshop.
  3. I could jump in for the building clearing part, cause if theres anything i love doing in arma, its building clearing, properly.
  4. My advice is to use the triggers for spawning units on a timer and as well the clean up script around the ao (just make sure its not massive because it will eat the frames). The reason why to make the mission in the editor instead of zeus spawned units is simply because you will have a lot less work to do during the mission, by the time you kill the current attackers, the previous ones are removed via the clean up script, which makes the fps more stable and the main reason is AI. AI spawned via triggers acts completely different, then the regulars, they will hunt down every single player in their radius, no matter how well they are hidden. In addition, you can save the spawn triggers as a custom composition and just whack them on to the next defense mission, after you are done with all of the back end technicalities and wooala you got yourself a defense mission ready in less then an hour.
  5. The main issue with that is just TFR, it stops, TS is trying to re-enable it, fails and arma is trying to reconnect with TFR to TS and they literally crash each other. Happens to me from time to time as well, but still did not find any solutions to it...
  6. My suggestion is making a preset in the Arma launcher and launch it through there.
  7. Stop it Slender and Mellonbomber are better, MAH DUED
  8. Tactical boner initializing...
  9. That is correct, just hit select all and hit download.
  10. Tactical sheep at evac? Zeus: Platoon: Squad Leaders:
  11. You know the drill... Zeus: Platoon: Squad Leaders:
  12. As it follows Zeus: Platoon: Squad Leaders:
  13. Making the mission that has a basic and advanced kill house, not zeus dependable, trigger activated firing ranges for contact reports, multiple courses with obstacles for executing bounding, peeling etc...
  14. Spazz stole my post. @Candy Yeah, just pick yourself up and get your ass back to that zeus slot and continue providing us with dope ops! (insert thumbs up emoji here)
  15. This is more German than Lennys April fools idea