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  1. Had this problem previously, don't know about BWMOD but my problem dissappeared when I re-enabled Radio and VON in my audio settings oddly enough.
  2. Do not worry, my friend. Anden can write a script for that.
  3. A good visualization of this thread
  4. Severely confusing profile picture.
  5. Hey mate, welcome to FK! Please ignore the flaming helicopter to the left. haha sinderi
  6. If he does that it will launch the 32bit version of Arma 3.
  7. Don't know what mission number it was, it started at around 3 am GMT+1 Was Mcphee 1-1 Littlebird Pilot. Mission was for Alpha trough Charlie to capture Justin Bieber at a Castle in Isla Abramia. Squad: Was McPhee 1-1 with McPhee 1-2 (Natnanny, don't know your name on the forums, apologies). Platoon: FAC had nice, clear comms, also just generally seemed on top of things, good shit. @ravstar52 Zeus: A bit after the lads on the ground captured the castle, McPhee 1-2 happened upon enemy helicopters and boats approaching from the South, we engaged and 30 seconds later were out of fuel since the Zeus had taken all of it out of our birds. Was severely displeased with the whole ordeal, more so since shortly after Natnanny got shot out of the air by an Anti-Air Missile (which we were made assured would not be precent during the mission). I almost got shot down by it aswell, but I think one of the Zeuses deleted the unit. Afterwards I got ordered to RTB and sat in the airfield for the rest of the mission, doing literally nothing. (Zeuses were @Ruekatu, @Suddendeath and I don't recall if there was a third one).
  8. So many Norwegians, I am almost getting giddy. Welcome, mate!
  9. until

    I am so fucking going.
  10. As I belive Sarissa told me, use arma3launcher.exe not arma3_64.exe. It will then launch the game automatically in 64 bit with your mods in the launcher parameters.
  11. Welcome, welcome!
  12. In order to avoid confusion, let's actively avoid one another ingame.
  14. A quick 10-30 minute training is nothing to fuss about in my opinion, even if you know everything in the training already.
  15. Fucking hell I thought you were having a stroke while writing that. Nevertheless welcome to the Fuckfest, enjoy your stay.