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  1. IIRC you're not supposed to fire the Carl Gustav more than 4 times in a day because of the recoil. Would suck if your soldiers would go into battle only having fired their AT once in their life.
  2. Sign me up fam
  3. Squad: @Christian @Cosmo @Argon @King Mikey @MrVantage @Tomlolo @C-O-B-R-A "Btw there is an IED in the road. There is an IED in the road. Christian there is an IED in the road. CHRISTIAN THERE IS AN IED ON THE ROAD" "Argon don't go there. Don't try to defuse the IED. You're the medic Argon get back. DON'T DO IT ARGON. Alright, fine, do it."
  4. Isla Abramia, because I basically live there.
  5. I like to think that if Zeus gives a restriction or a condition like in Scenario 2, then Platoon shouldt alter it like that as it may be essential to how the Zeus wants the mission to play out.
  6. Mission 1: Zeus @Urist McGLORY Fine mission but I didn't like the fog that much. Fog, long distance and Tanoa dont mix well. Squad: @Lenny @Lukas @Darth_Mario @BonSie @BlackJack @Tomlolo and don't remember the medic you left so quickly During the briefing while we were waiting for the heli to pick us up we were made to stand in a nice neat line and salute Lenny. Don't know if it was for the memes but I didn't enjoy that bit at all. Also 2 minutes into the mission Lenny got shot and killed and left instantly, which I don't think you should do as SL. Aside from Lenny Darth died as well, also our medic crashed and didnt come back. Aside from that not the best mission or the worst. @Woody got shot down and tried to one man army the airfield so that was fun.
  7. We'd have to combine some Scandinavian languages, like Norwegian and Swedish. Don't know what to do about the Danes, since they are incomprehensible to themselves.
  8. Just jumping in to say that the Norwegian weapons are off, and that we have most of the weapons we actually use. Here they are: NOR SMG: MP5/MP7 Rifles: HK416/G3 LMG: MG3/FN Minimi Pistol: Glock 17 Sniper Rifle: HK417 AT: M72 Havent included weapons we don't have and used the closest variants of the weapons we do have.
  9. It could start out slow like with the trash bin idea, there aren't alot of trash cans around the maps , so if we start hiding explosives in bins by the road, drivers will develop a healthy phobia of out of place objects by the road and we can get more creative with IEDs.
  10. That's very true, was referring to the first vic
  11. Would like to also quickly add that as shown in Vesper's VOD, neither the Humvee or the .50 cal were faced towards Lenny
  12. Had this problem previously, don't know about BWMOD but my problem dissappeared when I re-enabled Radio and VON in my audio settings oddly enough.
  13. Do not worry, my friend. Anden can write a script for that.
  14. Fucking hell, it dropped 5 hours ago? I've been playing it almost non stop.
  15. A good visualization of this thread