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  1. So I'm a rather big fan of Star Citizen as some of you might be aware. I noticed that FK actually has a Organisation for Freelancing and Exploration which I'm still trying to get accepted into as an affiliate. However exploration isn't my forte. I like to make money. My friends and I have a rather small cargo organisation that could use some expanding. We have a Freelancer Max and a Cutlass Black for cargo, and 1 other fighter which is pretty pathetic when it comes to people which have even $5 up their sleeve. This is why I've come here. If you want to make money when Star Citizen actually releases, why not join us. We'll let anyone in from a Mustang to a Merchantman, or a Cutlass to a Constellation. Interested? PM me on the forums or poke me on TS. Also here's the links to both my organisation and the FK org if you haven't seen it already. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/RTAT - Trading and Transport https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FKNOWS - Freelancing and Exploration
  2. I'm down, but how about we spice things up by making random teams?
  3. Zeus: @Doctadoone - Mission was fine. A bit too many Ai in the final objective however nothing too bad.Platoon: @Zoteri_Andrew. This was by far, the worst platoon I have ever seen be attempted. To start, the camo at the start was G3 M81 and SPC, which NEVER works together. This wasn't the real concern however. The real problem was the absolute lack of communication, the terrible battle plan, and the fact that it took over 30 MINUTES for you to get your medic to Bravo's medic. I understand that your medic is a key role and you were attacking an objective, however completely ignoring bravo, then moving onto the NEXT OBJECTIVE without stopping by, bearing in mind you were in a UH-60, is completely unacceptable. I was eventually zeus healed, which I wasn't pleased about. PLEASE, for the love of your squad, learn to play the role you take. You should not take platoon lead OR squad lead until you can communicate effectively and actually make a plan that isnt just "Go Here" markers. I'll even link both guides for you. Squad: Bravo Medic Overall squad was fine. Organisation could have been better, and the fact we rushed the first objective was outright stupid.
  4. ChameleonCreeper - Username
  5. Yeah I'll give Space Engineers another bash. White list me please.
  6. How many weeks has it been since the tag system has come out? We still have no guides, no training scheduled or evaluations. When can we actually see these being implemented?
  7. campaign


  8. My man!
  9. OPERATION:RE-EDUCATION - SUCCESS DEBRIEF PRIMARY Objective 1 was to capture the ISIS Training Camp which was a success PRIMARY Objective 2 was to destroy all ISIS vehicles in the area, which was a success PRIMARY Objective 3 was to Eliminate all ISIS Personal in and around Feruz Abad which was 95% done, as there was still enemies on the hill to the north. This shouldn't be an issue. SECONDARY Objective 2 was to Locate any intel in Feruz Abad, which was not completed Equipment Merlin HC3 32 - Operational Apache AH1 - Under Maintenance Wildcat AH1 8 - Operational Abrams 1 - Operational Abrams 2 - Operational Coyote 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 - Operational Convoy A Convoy was not run due to no path being clear at all. BAF north of us is currently still in ok supply at this time.
  10. I thought about the assault long and hard before choosing a mortar asset. Anyone in the TS room would have heard me pondering over what assets to take. It took both squads almost 2 minutes to kill 5 people. And they used M2's on it when we were trying to be stealthy. I thought it would be a simple task all things considered. Apparently not. It was not marked as hostile and we met no contacts. Don't really see the reason to mention that. I told mortar to set up there as they needed time to set up. I needed mortars ASAP. They has a protection detail as well. Bravo, your squad, apparently missed 2 LAT on said BTR. You can't complain about there being a BTR when you missed it twice within 100m. We waited for over 5 minutes for Mortar to set up. We stayed hidden whilst a QRF was headed our way, knew where we were, so mortars could land first. We were slaughtered by a T-72 and several BTR's. But you wouldn't know that would you. For the ENTIRE TIME we were waiting, I asked multiple time where Bravo was. You cannot say the BTR was a problem, because how the fuck could mortar set up during BTR fire. You were in the same spot the entire time. LISTEN to your Platoon lead. We needed all the forces we could get. We went in at 50% strength thanks to you not showing up. OH, and did I mention the fact that you went the wrong way, after repeatedly telling you to ignore your line and go down Alpha's because we were pushed for time? I was dead at the time, that was Oswald's call. Not mine. We knew the president was dead due to the power of spectator cam. It was blind luck mortar hit the right building (or skill you ask them). However I told the guys to get to the president's body AFAP. There was no way in hell we could push back that QRF considering one squad was not even within 500m of the AO. I never called for the extract chopper. Judgeman said it was there and it was going to leave. We had to run individually. And about half of us got there. So, I know saying Platoon was the only reason we won was a joke. Mortar and Notconnor, for getting to the body of the president, were the real heroes of the day. However if anything's a joke, it's your squad leading.
  11. When you win a black mission on the first attempt. Found the reason why.
  12. UTC - 00:30:00 Grid - [067052] OPERATION: RE-EDUCATION Our translator has proven very useful, as he was able to translate tonights training program. The ISIS training base is planning a large scale OP just north of the town of Feruz Abad in an abandoned mine at 01:15;00. They plan to roll out at 01:00;00. They consist of several medium armoured unknown targets and a T-55. They will also consist of many infantry units, as well as 1 anti tank section. This 'attack' of theirs leaves their base quite undefended for its size, so you'll strike them there hard and fast. We don't know how fast they'll react to this, so make sure you have squads ready to pounce on the northern squads as soon as you attack the main training area. Our drone managed to get this shot of the base before it had to wave off due to a ZU-23-2. 1 - ZU-23-2 Manned 2 - Anti tank section getting briefed 3 - T-55 (under maintainance presumably) 4 - 2x BTR-60PB; 4x M113 (Variant Unknown) 5 - Mortar position + infantry squad training 6 - 4x Tech (Unknown if armed) + 1/2x Dhskm (Photo unclear) 7 - 2x SVD snipers A full map of your AO is marked here. It is very possible a QRF may come from the northern road out of Feruz Abad so be ready if it comes. Also be aware that we wish for you to search the town for any hiding officers or ISIS members. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES Capture Enemy training camp Destroy all ISIS vehicles Eliminate all ISIS personnel inside the training centre and Feruz Abad SECONDARY OBJECTIVES Locate any intel on ISIS inside Feruz Abad Good luck as always.
  13. OPERATION: DEATH FROM BELOW - SUCCESS DEBRIEF PRIMARY Objective 1 was to clear Darbang Pass of mines. This was done successfully in your book. We hope it has been done correctly. PRIMARY Objective 2 was to befriend the population of Kakaru and rid them of enemy presence. This was done extremely well as you killed around 20 militants whilst only killing one civilian in the crossfire. They are very grateful towards you and are willing to help you in the future. SECONDARY Objective 1 was to locate intel inside the town. No actual intel was found, however an IED factory was destroyed. SECONDARY 2 was to befriend the civilians of Kakaru, which you seem to have done. The ISIS militant you brought back to base was as hard as nails, and we weren't able to gather any intelligence from him and he was promptly taken away to a local 'prison'. We'll leave it at that. However the BTR-60PB did prove to be useful, as within it it contained documents that were roughly translated into training times for the Training Centre in Feruz Abad. We believe we're going to have you strike there next. The BTR itself is useless engineering wise,so we'll keep it for training purposes. Equipment Merlin HC3 32 - Operational Apache AH1 - Under Maintenance Wildcat AH1 8 - Operational Abrams 1 - Operational Abrams 2 - Operational Coyote 101, 102, 105, 106 - Operational Coyote 103, 104 - REPLACED - Ready for operation Convoy A Convoy was not run due to no path being clear at all. BAF north of us is currently still in good supply at this time. UPDATE The photos of the campsite match what appear to be an small ISIS sniping nest . Seems they were still in the midst of setting it up, so nice job in using high explosive on the site. I think they got the message. The photos of the MRAP are of no use to us. The photo of the IED Factory is of no use as the residence is now a hole in the ground.
  14. FNG's that say OUT OF SIDE when there's a technical issue in chat
  15. UTC - 09:00:00 GRID - [052036] OPERATION: DEATH FROM BELOW After your first strike against the Islamic State, you killed over 50 militants. This has pushed them back past Sakhe but they have not gone back without trying to fuck with you. One of our forward sentry's reported movement in the town of Kakaru and 2 vehicles leaving south towards Darbang Pass. We sent our drone up and took these images. As you can see, these people are no more, however this is a crucial piece of road we need to use. We need you to send a team down to Darbang Pass and defuse any mines on and around the road. We also want a section to head to the village of Kakaru and go door to door checking for anything suspicious. There will be civilians in these houses, so be polite but don't be hesitant to use force if required. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES Defuse ALL mines in Darbang Pass Search Kararu for ISIS militants SECONDARY OBJECTIVES Locate Intel Befriend civilians in Kakaru Good Luck EOD team