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  1. The risk of accidently pressing G and killing your squad still remains
  2. Alone in my squads there have been 2 friendly fire incidents involving grenades in the past 3 missions I played. I don't know why this isn't enforced yet, but please for the love of andre, may he be blessed, bind your "throw" action to 2x G (as in pressing the G button twice in a row).
  3. tell me that isn't an accurate description though @mrrbatty thanks for moving it, didn't know where to put it
  4. Since this is generally feedback for medics who can't maintain their cool when situations get heated I'll just post this here, hope this is the right place. I am writing this not to push for this system to be implicated immediatly, but as a further help for medics to classify injuries and decide who to prioritise. Especially new medics or CSAR doctors can profit from this real-world system, as it makes most big decisions for you and helps medics maintain structure and a clear overview of the situation. Now I know this system may seem unintuitive or complicated at first but the NACA-score is one of the easiest and most intuitive systems out there. It is not perfected for military use, but it can give you a good overview about any situation and help maintain a clear head when there are multiple patients. There would be other scoring systems like the Abbreviated Injury Scale, but that is way too complicated. I will now explain the NACA-score in its original form and then try to adapt it for ARMA usage. The score works similarly to the CAP system we've been using sporadically during MEDVAC missions: A roman numeral from 1-7 is used to classify the patient's injury, with 0 being "uninjured" and 7 being "very deadened". NACA 1 - Minor injury/disturbance: e.g. an abrasion; no medical intervention required NACA 2 - Moderate: e.g. moderate cuts, exsiccosis; no emergency medical procedures neccessarry NACA 3 - Moderate to severe: e.g. femur fracture; medical treatment required NACA 4 - Severe: e.g. vertebral injury; lack of medical treatment could cause death NACA 5 - Acute danger/extreme: e.g. severe heart attack/multiple arterial bleeds; condition can lead to imminent cardiac arrest NACA 6 - Respiratory/cardiac arrest: this score is usually given AFTER a positive resuscitation NACA 7 - Death: this is not "theoretical death" as in the patient is being resiscitated right now, NACA 7 means death and no coming back If you memorize some of these conditions, understanding and using my ARMA-NACA score will be fairly easy i reckon. Here we go: NACA 1 - Minor: e.g. abrasion; soldier can use his own bandages; no need to consult a medic NACA 2 - Moderate: e.g. cuts which could reopen; medic might be required if the wounded soldier does not have the proper bandages NACA 3 - Moderate to severe: e.g. broken leg; obviously a medic is required, but there is no immediate life threatening condition NACA 4 - Severe: e.g. severe cuts on more than one body part, patient is responsive; medical treatment required, as the wounded soldier might not have enough bandages on him to stabilise his condition NACA 5 - Extreme: e.g. multiple avulsions, patient is UNRESPONSIVE; medical treatment required urgently NACA 6 - Acute extreme: e.g. ALL body parts are affected, patient is UNRESPONSIVE (the medical menu basically looks like @mrrbatty after he's been in the sun for too long); medical treatment required IMMEDIATELY, untreated condition would result in death within the next minute NACA 7 - Death: ALWAYS check for a pulse, sometimes the ragdoll-effect is clearly noticable, sometimes downed people are just having a cheeky lil nap I am using this system already, even if I don't say it out loud, in my mind i am sorting people through this system to gain a clear overview of the situation and stay calm. Hope this was helpful to you, let me know if you have suggestions for changes.
  5. @mrrbatty @sarissa @bumling I would rate that mission a solid mortar/10. Also sorry I got shot in the head the second I got out of our first vehicle, I tend to be the first casualty whenever I'm SL.
  6. voting for human sized pillows with @mrrbatty's face on it