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  1. everyone above added, besides @DarkisWolfen who cant read the rules
  2. 1. All above added besides @Duke Knutstrand cause he started to bother Andre to add him on the WL, be patient my friend 2. Before you make a post make sure you know your EXACT username, cause im not gonna add multiple usernames just because you are to lazy to look up your name 3. ONLY POST YOUR USERNAMES IN HERE AND NOTHING ELSE
  3. all above added
  4. all added to the WL
  5. MODPACK CHANGED TO FTB Infinity Evolved 2.7.0 also pls look at this strawpoll: 15:30 11.7.2017: Server is still locked as we are gening the map to prevent major lag. But pls take a look at the strawpoll!!
  6. We want to bring some new life onto the FTB server and want you guys to make suggestions about new mod packs you would want to play. Preferred are packs you can download via the curse launcher/ FTB launcher, to make it easier for everyone. P.S. Katla really wants the old FTB evolved back
  7. they never said they want to do pvp with us so dont make them the enemy..
  8. until

    FTL under lenny with SM in my team
  9. until

    if there's an apache i dibs gunner with woody as pilot
  10. @Ewido can you refrain form doing that, its annoying AF. Only mention people you actually have feedback for.
  11. got black desert but never really played it, because i had no time when it got released. Also put in 6 months of work in Archeage to breed a bear mount and stopped playing it 1 week after i got the bear..
  12. moved to the right subforum
  13. campaign


    apache gunner pls
  14. Hey guys, Some of you may know that before we created FK, the fellow ARMA clan NoPryl used to host a server for the ZF guys and most of the CM team used to/still play with them. However, they've recently lost a huge amount of players, dropping from the usual 40-50 players on a Tuesday mission to only 20-25. Therefore, to show our appreciation for all they've done, we've decided to give them a shoutout and introduce them to you guys. If you want to learn more about them check out this thread:
  15. Your Name: Radio Player Name: OneManPanda Reason: Intentional friendly fire. Additional Info: 1 day ban. Even if someone annoys you its no excuse to kill him, next time poke a CM to deal with it.