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  1. moved to the right subforum
  2. campaign


    apache gunner pls
  3. Hey guys, Some of you may know that before we created FK, the fellow ARMA clan NoPryl used to host a server for the ZF guys and most of the CM team used to/still play with them. However, they've recently lost a huge amount of players, dropping from the usual 40-50 players on a Tuesday mission to only 20-25. Therefore, to show our appreciation for all they've done, we've decided to give them a shoutout and introduce them to you guys. If you want to learn more about them check out this thread:
  4. Your Name: Radio Player Name: OneManPanda Reason: Intentional friendly fire. Additional Info: 1 day ban. Even if someone annoys you its no excuse to kill him, next time poke a CM to deal with it.
  6. Your Name: Radio Player Name: BadassMonkeh Reason: Was very drunk so I banned him for his own protection. Additional Info: Banned from TS for 8h so he can sober up.
  7. As there is no offical arma tonight we could go invade a server
  8. There has already been an announcement about that, Im gonna let you off with a warning this time. Please refrain from double posting for rep.
  9. why do we have a screenshot/video thread then? :thinking:
  10. gonna let you off with a warning this time, next time post that in the Video highlights thread.
  11. can help if you need it
  12. these are all the mods you need.
  13. The server is now limited to REGULAR+, because we have too many new FNGs and the server is limited to 24 slots.
  14. New Modpack: FTB Beyond you can get it here or from the Curse/FTB launcher