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  1. so A&B give all the orders and C,D,E&F all go die? sounds awesome i gotta be in C or D
  2. you forgot the javelin part
  3. Yeah keen for when ever
  4. @Woody when he starts breaking the sound barrier over everyone's head
  5. Don't worry about it too much, I think the platoon leader just forgot that iron sights are terrible at long range overwatch (exception, an MG/LMG with a good ammo bitch can be real useful) maybe a fix could be a kind of Scout Sniper situation, where one or two members are selected to carry a sniper rifle to engage long range, then drop it and continue as infantry.
  6. until

    What time is it starting? (TIMEZONES!) If there is another heli slot, sign me up! otherwise a squada leader of riflemen slot is fine for me P.S. if it starts at 23:30, that is 7:30 (for me)
  7. when you call scripted missions "scripping"
  8. im in depending on what time you start
  9. alright I've talk to some people about the actual topic and there seems to be a bit of a mix up from people that joined in the early days, all equipment and weapons were always M4 variants and the good old ranger green uniform (i miss that camo), but now that we've grown so much and have mission so often, the restrictions on weapons and uniforms are lowered. Cheers whifey P.S watching the comments on this thread has been funny as fuck
  10. I guess how serious we want to be I mean, MX's ain't used by the US and the plate carrier rig (been tested) doesn't really change the amount of shots taken(I mean it is arma, you should be dying in 1-2 hits) Also the first hit the player takes will knock them out, not kill them, so surviving longer isn't really a thing. But seeing a US solider wear all the correct uniform except a Plate carrier rig and using a MX just triggers the shit out of me. I don't really mind in smaller missions if nothing is specified, but the larger missions, I'd like to see the correct uniforms and weapons for the correct factions No VSM is GREAT!
  11. Double tap V to eject Can be useful Can fuck you sideways as well
  12. Just a small one today Whats the deal with people using vanilla Arma equipment? In my opinion, when we play as the Americans or any Blufor force, we should always, ALWAYS wear the correct gear and weaponry, and I thought this was the case, but until recently, I've seen the MX and Plate carrier rig start to pop up more and more, and to be honest I'm triggered It seems that there is either a misunderstanding of rules, or it just isn't specified well enough or at all. Please do correct me if I'm wrong (which I'm not!) Your friendly neighborhood convict Whifey
  13. it helps a lot if you press control + left or right arrow key (move the short to only one ear, no two) Press alt + left or right arrow key (same thing for long range) If people are yelling on your short range and someone is trying listen on long range just yell "Break Break "(on short range), this should shut everyone up on short range so you can hear your orders. this is what I do when I squad lead and it helps a shit ton P.S. yelling "Break Break" will shut anyone up on any radio so be careful, only use in REALLY important situations on long range
  14. SFM, for AFM you need a joystick. I use keyboard but with SFM the concepts are all the same. If there is a demand, i will either contact @Woody (not matter how many times he has crashed), @GarySqueak or anyone that uses AFM and talk about a training but at the moment, i'm just here to mainly help FNG or people want to fly in main missions but are having trouble with land/flight paths etc Note: this does not include jets, i good enough at them
  15. If anyone wants to learn how to fly, i'm offering my services. Just poke me, we'll hope into the server and ill take ya through what ever you want(except apache) Poke me when ever execpt if im in a game room with people Cheers Whifey