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  1. Echo was a bit late to the final assault. Oh, why you ask? Lenny's a fucking shit driver, that's why.
  2. trust me bb
  3. No, I replaced the screenshot now.
  4. You're losing your edge. Anyway, welcome! Always awesome to see all kinds of army guys coming into our stupid, horrible, idiotic community.
  5. Your Name: Batty Player Name: ColonelJack Reason: Posting unsuitable items on forum. Additional Info: 2 week ban. This is the 3rd incident of posting political items, documents etc of bad taste which many find offensive. Maybe some people find it funny, but many do not, and this paints the community in a very bad picture as a whole. Frankly it's astonishing people think it's acceptable to post similar inflammatory material twice, let alone 3 times, even if it is from a different political agenda. This ban is now 2 weeks, and the next will be a month.
  6. @LongLiveQuebec I will remind you we mentioned in a meeting report a few weeks ago that we can start organising special missions, even (if we think it's okay and not happening too much) during prime time hours. You can submit a calander post for it, we can, etc. In this post you can restrict the mission to 20 players, or 'Regulars only' or whatever, to give people these type of smaller missions people enjoy. We're not condoning this daily, but once a week as a main prime time mission and another once or twice as the 2nd or 3rd missions should be fine. We don't mind restricting the few missions for some more fun, FPS, competence etc.
  7. Updated title to keep format with other daily posts.
  8. Your Name: Batty Player Name: Cpt. Bucko / Atomic Bucko Reason: Blatant misuse of Zeus Additional Info: 1 week ban. Spawned tanks in spawn, teleported AI to avoid them being killed, mortared spawn, mortared units immediately in a mission after respawn. Additional post: here.
  9. Congratulations, you have completed your FK initiation test. You triggered Anden.
  10. capitolmoney170
  11. Meeting report is up, you can view it here.
  12. Server is down for at least the weekend. Repo is down at least for 48 hours. Apologies.
  13. Lying to a CM will result in a ban, Sarissa.
  14. Likely we'll release a small repo update fixing the few issues we've had during testing. 64-bit TFAR is one of them.
  15. wait.. you guys wear underwear?