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  1. anticommie50
  3. First mission. 10/10 would get absolutely obliterated by mortars again.
  4. the__minion
  5. The Async file? What extension is the file?
  6. Your Name: batty Player Name: Derpy Reason: During PvP, told squad member to actively stream snipe and report enemy movements to him. Additional Info: 3 day ban, stream sniping is not tolerated.
  7. Mark down how you liked it!
  8. I mean, it's just my opinion, with more work it could work out right, but I found it was previously a lot of effort for not much difference.
  9. We've trailed two platoons in the past and it was hard to control. I'm all about splitting squads between 2 objectives etc, but not platoon. Plus we aren't going to be expanding the player numbers any further currently and the current system works quite well, so my opinion we don't need to.
  10. Sam41gaming
  11. Likely you'll put something like 'Server 2; Mission 2 with ___ as Zeus' like we have now. If it becomes an actual issue, I'm sure we can sort out a second thread or something.
  12. Just to let you guys know, in the next few days the second ARMA server (identical to the first in terms of mods/templates/rules) will be up for FNG's to play on during main missions, or any time of the day!
  13. Lenny's CM Status Removed: Lenny has been removed from the CM team until further notice. He may return in the future. New Community Managers: After some deliberation in the CM team, we have chosen to add 4 new Community Managers. Nominations for these additions will be passed through our new Think Tank before being officially accepted. Community Think Tank: To give the CMs a better view of the community and pass around ideas we think will benefit the majority, we have created a community think tank group. This group is made of both old and new members of the community that have provided us with a range of constructive feedback in the past. This group will discuss many subjects in their own forum section, and outcomes will be posted to the rest of the community as they are needed. Server Properties: FK #1's name and MOTD will be updated this week. Rules Page: Added the rules to the top of the forum for extra visibility. Asset Art: Picked the new visual tags for the forum from the lovely @LongLiveQuebec's proof of concepts - more soon! Design Contest: The design contest is now over. The CM team is now beginning work on deciding the manufacture/shop process. Game Servers: The latest ARMA server will be up in the next few days, to be used as 'overflow' missions during peak time and as a general 2nd server - It can be used same as FK #1, just join and get going! Same rules apply. Details on our game servers can be found here. Rules: No changes this week, but as always, stay up to date!
  14. Multiplayer FPS is usually a lot lower than SP. Best idea is to play a few games and judge it yourself.