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  1. trinocgames
  2. ARMA3Sync is needed to play with us. We have specific versions of mods that aren't always the most up to date version as well as certain mods with custom files, so you need A3Sync to download our mods.
  3. Your Name: Lord Batty Player Name: IHateJews Reason: Trolling. Perma.
  4. The latest meeting report is up, you can check it out here.
  5. THINK TANK SUGGESTIONS This section of the forums is to be used to make suggestions for things that would have a significant change to the playstyle on the server. For example; things like "Can we have official Zeus campaigns?", "Can there be a guide for good weapon suggestions for new guys" do NOT belong here. Things that DO belong here are things like, Having Advanced Wounds permanently on/off, Should we force a limit on ammunition you can carry, etc. CALENDAR EVENTS Calendar times are all shown in your LOCAL SYSTEM TIME. RULES No changes to the rules, but as always stay up to date.
  6. Your Name: mrrbatty Player Name: Woody Reason: Obscenely drunk Additional Info: 6 hours to sober up. I suggest you also clean your floor.
  7. Your Name: CM Team Player Name: Lenny Reason: Multiple infractions with negative and inflammatory attitude in the community, with multiple warnings and a 'final warning' which was passed. Additional Info: Any more negative attitude will result in a harder punishment.
  8. I despise you. Also moved to right section.
  9. anticommie50
  11. First mission. 10/10 would get absolutely obliterated by mortars again.
  12. the__minion
  13. The Async file? What extension is the file?
  14. Your Name: batty Player Name: Derpy Reason: During PvP, told squad member to actively stream snipe and report enemy movements to him. Additional Info: 3 day ban, stream sniping is not tolerated.