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  1. *crashes helicopter due to internet dropping out* Welcome man
  2. Welcome man! Enjoy your time here
  3. Welcome to the funnest place on earth...
  4. Welcome to the ComuniTEA!
  5. Zeus: @Hekhal Platoon: NONE! (YEAH NONE!) Squad: Me leading (not very well but with help from @ZentharTheMagician) A Great bunch of guys involving @Cosmo @Jake @Slouchy Orc and others, sorry I cant remember, was a bit of a mad mission. Was an awesome First part of what I assume are multiple parts! looking forward to the next mission (Part 2) As really enjoyed this one was different from the norm!
  6. Naaaaaahmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Sounds good to me!
  8. Welcome man and yeah this.
  9. Welcome to the community!
  10. Yeah they are, I usually take that slot if Medics taken, and call my self the ammo bitch
  11. Was looking for this last week, thanks
  12. Great Squad, Brilliant teamwork and was a pleasure to play with.
  13. I am totally In for this!