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      The second server is currently not available for missions, we will be using it the next 2 weeks for testing of mods.


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  1. Actualy amazing, again I would back the whole AI moving around in the kill houses, also the AT Range can the tanks have the ability to move around that area but not shoot? That would be awesome to help train on a moving target! I would also sugest maby have a word with our amazing veteran @anden3 he may want to help?
  2. space engingeers

    I played this many moons ago! Be interesting to see what they done
  3. Oh god thats cool!
  4. Crump - The heroic hero who dies at the end.
  5. Look amazing! A good pre order I think!!
  6. HELL YEAH!!
  7. Yeah it is, Just really hoping this is going to be good! Getting this on PC
  8. Sort of they are cutting in and out with quick interviews
  9. Here. It. Is #hypetrain
  10. My bad first real RTO time and have learnt and will adapt
  11. My bad first real RTO time and have learnt and will adapt
  12. Its all about PUBG now
  13. Have it on PC but don't think I ever played it