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  1. simple solution @Lenny - take platoon lead next time and prove everybody wrong. Being salty and complaining is always easy when it's not on you to make decisions
  2. until

    Any Medic slot please!
  3. 1st mission PLT Medic @aizen as Zeus/mission creator: Great fun, I really liked it, other than normal missions with a designated amount of doctors/medics I actually had stuff to do this time. Nothing exaggerated rom my PoV, very reasonable, enjoyable, adequate use of forces. Please more of that! Squad: @NeilZar @Rezonath and silverjojo who I can't tag for some reason: Great communication, good fun, everything else went on fine. Thank Rezonath for guiding me around NOW FOR ALL OF THE SQUADS GET YOUR FUCKING COMS STRAIGHT! I am seriously SICK of messages like "I am wounded". Or Squadleads not clearly determinating what kind or of which intensity your wounded are or how many you got. "Squad X needs medic" isn't that fucking helpful. Tell us HOW MANY wounded you have and LEARN TO FUCKING TRIAGE. Now for the squads: Fox 2: The last triage point you set up was really good and should be an example for every other squad in the future. All 3 wounded guys in one well protected area, apart from the squadleader who told me who was still bleeding and who was stable no one else in there so I could actually access and patch up people without telling people to go out of my fucking way - damn amazing job. Fox 1 and 4 -light patching up, nothing abnormal Now: Fox 3 you goddamn retardins. If you have somebody in your car that is unconscious but FUCKING STABLE and THE FUCKING PLATOON LEAD tells you to suck it up because there were other squads with more casualties at higher value you suck it the fuck up. Neither do you tell platoon to "go suck a cock" nor do you make any other snarky remakrs. You shut the fuck up and DON'T call for a medic over longrange every other minute to NOT HAVE A FUCKING CASUALTY when we finally get there after tending to people who needed it more desperately than you speshal snowflakes. And to the guy that drove away with a Quad and an unconscious guy in the backseat: If your entire squad AND ALL OF FOX PLATOON is screaming at you while you're doing sick moves with a Quad - slow THE FUCK down. Doesn't matter if you can understand what we're saying. If we are in a fucking milsim mission and you're trying to be the biggest memelord on the server - fine. But DON'T FUCKING DO THAT if you are driving around a wounded guy. The casualty on the Quad actually died before I could get to him. so there goes that. Thanks Driver for killing one of your own squadmates. "I didn't know he was on there" frankly isn't a reasonable explination for that. And now, for all of the squadleaders in the first mission: GET YOUR FUCKING COMS STRAIGHT! Number of casualties, "value" of casualties, Position. It's not rocket science and I genuinely have no idea why they don't teach you that in SL training. For the 2nd mission all I have to say is: If you say that ADVANCED WOUNDS IS ON make the fuck sure it is! Because otherwise the medics are telling their squad to bring the wrong bandages while loading the wrong loadout. If you don't know how to do that either ask a CM or don't say your mission will have advanced wounds in the first place. Just don't let us hang in there goddammit!
  4. until

    I'd like to be one of the medics, have the tags and the experience
  5. When you put on a Ghillie Suit that was totally fine a few weeks ago and now it's DLC-restricted without being marked as such because the damn jets broke everything
  6. When I started playing on this server, it wasn't only my first time playing Arma but actually my first time playing a real FPS, I had no experience with Milsim and didn't know anything about Mods etc. This community built my Arma skills up from the ground and I think I can say that I'm not one of the worst players anymore (not that we would care how good someone is as long as everybody has fun). Just don't be afraid to ask. Have a read through the guides-section maybe and otherise just go for it. Almost everybody here is really helpful and will take all the time they can to explain every single bit you need to know, not only while briefing but also in the mission itself (I for exampla always advise new people to double-tap Ctrl when running to save stamina). Just say that you're very new when the mission begins and people will have you covered
  7. until

    Do I see only one medic slot? I'd love to have that.
  9. I asked you if you fired at Delta. You said "Yes I fired at the Humvees." Point proven Everybody knows that you want to be more hardcore, don't want enemy vehicles in use and have a particular hate against delta in particular. I have heard from multiple sources that you were the one firing an RPG at us, you fucking owned up to it yourself. So FOR FUCKS SAKE stop acting like virtue personified and man up to your bullshit.
  10. People jumping out of the Medevac-/CSAR-Vehicle before they were asked to so that you end up having to PAK the same guy 3 times because "he is fine" when you can in fact see that both of his arms are broken People not getting that you have to be inside a vehicle for doctors to stitch you up and PAK you Zeus forgetting to activate advanced wounds so the bandages I told the squad to bring do fuckall Squads forgetting that wounds on advanced reopen, even faster when you move, so they jog of with heavy avulsions on every limb and me running behind them cursing because I can tell they are gonna bleed out in seconds
  11. Yes, and sometimes they do that with Hints. it happens like, what? Once every 3rd week when the moon stands in an exact 109° angle to Mars? Chill. It's not gamebreaking, it's not overly used, actually you're the first person I ever heard complaining about that. PAKs can get interrupted by many things (moving teammates, mortar incoming, grenades, you getting run over by a car...) and all of them are more annoying than a small hint that will appear literally for seconds. Also no idea why, but whenever hints were used in previous missions, it didn't open my map, just appeared in the top right corner of the screen. And in the end, I rather have the intel than immersion Edit: the new intel map screen seems to be so rare that I have actually never encountered it. So even less reason to complain about it
  12. In Forkeds IRA-mission we took a truck full of fuel, stacked all of our explosives, mines etc. in it, equipped it with @Woody and 2 other squadmembers ( @thesecretgames was one of them I think), probably a deadman-switch and sent them straight for the townhall. Got stopped by the enemy sadly but it was "a great meme"
  13. The only wounds that don't get shown in the medical menue are broken limbs and serious headshots. You can easily see those though, because the uniform or face will be very bloody.
  14. The official one with Katla, Mavy and Greybeard in it is totally good to go. As long as you give it a somewhat accurate description its 100% fine by me
  15. When the conversationo comes to stuff you actually don't like and seconds later the entire squad does the exact thing just to get on your nerves. Burping into the microphone