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  1. 1. Mission, Delta Medic Great squad, I like you guys Missions like this are the reason I don't enjoy/play Arma anymore
  2. Copy that, won't answer any more questions anybody has if they don't end up in my mailbox, thank you for telling me how to post on this forum. Would love to correct you there but I fear that would be too off-topic
  3. YES, yes it does! One off hour mission I was medicing someone with adv. wounds on that stepped on a mine. Deep red/blue everything. I was just about to finish stitching him up to close the wounds when my squadlead decided that we have to get into cover now, simply grabbed and dragged him. Long story short: ALL of his wounds reopened and he bled out within seconds.
  4. If you need my help or assistance for that, let me know! I'm happy to help out for the medical part when I have time
  5. If you are not there to take a slot when it's called you have no right to force-take that slot later on. If it's in between missions you're still on TS and can either poke someone or type it in the Chat, someone will see it. Tags only show that you can handle an asset and are able to take that slot when it's called out it is not a ticket to taking whatever slot you want whenever you want it. And if that results in having less competent people in slots - so be it. They will learn how to play in a mission, you will learn to slot up faster, the admin will learn to restart the server and give the community time to restart their games.
  6. When you're not there in a mission on time and someone has a slot that you intended to take - sucks to be you no matter if you have the tag or not. If you can't be there for the start of a mission Tags don't mean anything. First come first serve. When I started playing here there wasn't a tag system. Regulars slotted up first, FNGS took what was left, in a time when we didn't have a seperated FNG waiting room to control the amount of FNGs in a mission but 150 people in one room fighting over 72 slots. Simple: If you took a slot and then suddenly disconnect, people will see that you lost connection and reserve the slot. If your game crashes poke one of the CMs/Vets/anyone with Talkpower in the Channel, your slot will be reserved. Id you can't make it in time, there's always a second mission. A Tag just shows your qualifications, it's however not a "I can log in whenever I like and force people out of their slots because Tags duh"-free pass. If Tags are slotted up first and you are too slow to take it in the minute it's open for tagholders or you simply don't pay attention and miss your turn - too bad as well, no one else is to blame for that. If you don't take a slot as the Tagholder when it's called, in my eyes you have no right to demand that slot later on in the slotting up process.
  7. Also go over how to call out for a medic correctly please... Like.. actually using the radio for it. And not saying "I am hit"
  8. I trust @Hekhal and @Shoxe with leading/organizing/portraying a clan in a way that isn't harmful for the image of FK If not -may your gods help you. Good from my side, I'll ask the CMs for final approval
  9. If you're not PLT or a squadlead during briefing, you don't draw around on the map EVER. Nobody should need to tell you to stop this since it's common knowledge to not fuck around with the map
  10. Zeus: @NeilZar Position: Prophet Spotter A few things I already told you: If you don't give prophet THE ONLY weapon in the game that currently works with the Atrax, why force Vectors upon us? We potentionally could have still shot at things, keeping in mind we only had a 12x scope, if we actually would have had a SSWT-Kit to stabilize the gun. Or a spotting scope for the Spotter to not be completely, absolutely useless in this mission. If you put Prophet on the 2nd worst map for prophet on the Server, at least give us gear that allows a visibility of more than 500ish meters. This mission, at least for prophet, was a complete waste of time. Even worse since you have the Prophet-tags and should actually know better what's possible for the asset in your mission. @andyt90 as always, being prophet with you is a great pleasure, I still think Neil only did this because we ruined one of his missions in the past
  11. Morning/evening/good whatever time you're reading this everybody! Let's get right to it: Meeting report Other than this overview, last weeks meeting report has actually been on time. You can view it here if you haven't already because you're an upstanding member of the community and are excited for the off-chance of new rules being announced (spoilers?). What's happening this week? Not much, again. Because of the overambitious spawn of EI, the mission by @NeilZar from earlier this week has been rescheduled to friday. Keep in mind that this is a scripted mission with a few pre-assigned slots, so if you had one in the original mission, you'll have it on friday. If you can't make it - fine. But please let Neil know beforehand so we don't spend unnecessary time with waiting for people who are not going to appear. Check out the Calender Event for more info. Also, a few might have seen it already on the Forum, @Slouchy Orc is currently lost somewhere in the canadian wilderness, doing biological stuff and hopefully avoids getting eaten by Grizzlys. Read up on it here. While he is gone, @Chuck Yeager will take over the Training Missions, now renamed to "Chucks Convenient Classes". The first one of these is happening on monday, if you are an FNG or haven't been playing with us in a while, I'd suggest you try them out. Every further info is on the Calender Event. Now - the sad part. @Woody will be gone from friday on - hopefully not forever. Something along the lines of driving tanks IRL and "teaching them how to fly". Go nag him about it yourself. At this point we haven't come up with a plan on how we're going to survive without his memes and horrific flying accidents, but we'll make it. Somehow. A bit more lighthearted First of all - check out this thread. What is your unique, based on real events FK-fear? Furthermore: @anden3 asked me to raise awareness for this. Apparently there's a Rocket League Tournament coming along. So if one of your unique skills is crashing into cars and fucking things up while pretending to hit a giant football, this could be the perfect event for you. Until next week! PS: Be nice to your medics, patching you guys op is fucking hard work. Especially when the system is broken.
  12. The "@Leftymonster is driving" panic. Or how to turn Arma into a GTA meets Stockcar-Simulator
  13. TLF


    YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA REQUEST! Any medic please!
  14. Greetings community! Some of you might remember the weekly meeting reports/overviews that the CM-Team did a while ago. Well, this is a try on bringing those back. But better! With more content, more info, more trivia and - I can't believe I'm actually saying that - more memes. This is thought to serve as a weekly report, including a link to the meeting report, a short overview of upcoming events and specials in the week ahead and maybe, depending on the material I have, a small best-of of this weeks "mishaps", memes and incidents. So let's start this, shall we? Meeting Report: As always, the meeting report has already been uploaded, you can find it here. REPO UPDATE! You've read that correctly, we're updating the Repo on MONDAY THE 17TH! Therefore even those of you who get their internet delivered via smoke signals on a particularly windy day will be able to play Arma at the weekend. Please keep in mind that a lot of people will try to update at the same time, aka the download-speed will be literal hell. So don't panic, the community isn't dying, those of you who have been around longer than 2 weeks will already know how this works. Upcoming Events: Not much is planned for the upcoming week - yet. On friday @TEG is organizing a TTT-game. So if you have GMod and a free friday afternoon, you might want to give it a go! And the award for the most hilarious Zeus fuckup goes to.... @Tomo For a really innovative use of fellow players So far for this week, if you have any suggestions what you'd like to see in here (e.g. Mission Report of the week/pictures/mission screenshots, whatever really) let me know, send it to me and I'll see what I can use. And no @Woody don't even try. I'll never feature you here. That will be the biggest of all memes.