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  1. Okay, fair point. But what about different series of 5.56 weapons? Like M4/G36/AUG series.
  2. But why? If someone out of ammo with his speshul gun - it's his problem and he already punished himself.
  3. @Lenny. What are you talking about? Carrier Special Rig in MTP matches quite good with MTP/Multicam uniforms from BAM/RHS. (Can say that about other camo patterns, though.) Everything according to rules (even old ones, as far as i remember them).
  4. Carrier Special Rig is only rig with armor level V. Some people just want to live one more day, you know? Also, the only good vest with good explosive protection - vanila one(in two camo variants; both ugly as hell). Also also, sometime ago we had weapon restrictions. It did not work well for most of the players. MX's don't have any noticable advantages or disadvangages before RHS/BAF/NIA guns(as far as i know), so using them it's just matter of taste, and taste is individual shit.
  5. I'm almost sure it'll be possible with some zeus magic of "Attach" and "disabling physics for object". Example on submarines:
  6. Just to check how ridiculous this level is.
  7. I did 18 shots. After third shot (shot 1 and 2 deal no damage; yes, i know it's ERA plating; but 9M113 rockets are thandem and have >1000mm penetration AFTER ERA): Hit place clearly visible. After 18'th shot in same spot: I'll proceed testing, but i have doubts what's easier - kill all crew members or actually explode tank. Also, it's safe to say now: in combat situation if this thing against you - your best choice to just run, even if you have rocketlauncher or ton of demolition blocks. You can do nothing to it at all; at least with currently available(and allowed) gear for infantry.
  8. Well, i did some testing. I shot 9 rockets(100% hit) from static "Kornet-M" with rocket 9M133 (152 mm tandem HEAT with 1000-1200 mm RHA penetration after ERA) in the rear armor of Challenger. After first shot: No damage. After all 9 shots: Engine red, hull yellow. I have no comments. I will proceed testing and try find ammo rack or something, that will cause it to actually explode.
  9. @Digby Tatham-Warter This is true, i still need to learn. But, in my opinion, in general driving is easier, than flying; at least because you have to deal with fewer axes of motion. Sadly I can't evaluate objectively - program has not started yet and I don't have enough data. Well, we'll see soon™.
  10. Being able to actually hear and communicate on short range radio also big aspect.
  11. Mission 1 - Alpha Vehicle Crew. Zeus: I think @Katla_Haddock was zeusing. Well, it was good. Fun mission. Platoon: No idea, who was in command. Squad: @Derpy was in charge. Commanding was okay, but positioning of vehicle was not good, but i can't really complain on it since we not practice this type of missions too often, especially with russian vehicles. But i can complain on @UniDigit. He kept playing "motivational music" even in combat situation; even after we asked him multiple times to stop. In general, I'm okay, when somebody plays music on march, but definitely not when you are on enemy territory and under fire. UPD: Mission 2 - Echo AR. Zeus: @Hekhal Mission took so long, so i have a power nap while i was dead. Other than that - it was really cool mission. Platoon: @Nugget30 we complete objective, so he is okay, i guess. Squad: @Shoxe was in charge. It was okay, no complaints. Coolstory - i have confirmed kill of BTR-70 with 5.56LMG. That's it. It's a shame, that i don't have other kills tho...
  12. Now you literally don't need to launch Arma to give orders to mortar. May be only for elevation corrections...
  13. I suggested this mod it in "Want new mods" thread, so I feel kinda responsible for this. When i suggest it i wrote something about solving transportation issues, and I mean exactly that - sometimes shit happens and it's literally one man have no place in vehicle; or in case someone have to move around a lot, but giving him a full MRZR or Humvee is too much. If my suggestion made you feel offended - i owe you an apology. Sorry. 😞 But I can only guess, why CMs decide to add Hoverboards, better to ask them directly.
  14. Is it possible to show direction in milliradians?