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  1. You and your ASP-1 Kir
  2. Would it also be possible to make first mission on 2 servers and second mission combined again? Or would that be too hard to coordinate? Because missions are different lengths but at the same time we had second missions with sometimes less than 20 people during the testing week.
  3. campaign


    I will have to drop from the Flight lead spot. Personal stuff came in the way and I would be up to 30 minutes late for the Mission. Already poked Neil on the ts.
  4. until
    This is a zeus mission. No reserving of slots. Objectives: Eliminate a hiding Warlord Find and destroy a large weapon shipment Extract OR kill a HVT Extract Hostages Fail Conditions: More than half of the platoon wipes at the same time Too many hostages are killed You are taking longer than 75 minutes after first contact Additional Information: Squad transportation can be done via Offroad or RHIB Mission start is at 6:45 Light fog but the weather forecast says it will be gone soon Assets: Police Sniper team (2 people) Police observation Helicopter (2 people) Squad layout: 1 Squad lead 1 2IC 1 Medic Up to one Breacher (The guy with the shotgun) The rest are "normal" officers Click this link for your gear!
  5. How would the process of getting a zeus calendar event go? Who is zeusing is decided 2 hours before main mission. But calendar events have to be up 3 days prior. As well as you are not allowed to reserve zeus slots via the calendar. I asked Katla and he isn't sure either at this point.
  6. campaign


    Flight lead please
  7. It's mainly how much you want from the engine. If we have 70 people + ~100 Zeus AI we might be demanding a bit too much from the engine. Where would you draw a line of what should be manageable by the engine and what should not. You should take a look at the following video:
  8. I had quite a lot of fun flying around and seeing woody get shot down but please try to spawn at least basic stuff in on objectives even when no infantry is close. For example the save woody marker was kinda useless later on, as we only found that one SU-25 that popped up on the way too short runway. :P We (air) got told the same thing but the other way around.
  9. Well ... then again. cineafx
  10. Good point. it was most likely a bit too much AA for this type of enemy. But "might" only tells whether it is present not how much is present. But to be fair 1 of the guns was bugged because headless and didn't shoot at all. So 2 ZU turret got 3 of the helo kills. But in hindsight even if there was only 1+1 (1 ZU + 1 Igla) AA turrets it would not have helped as much. Landing directly on the runway would have let you open and vulnerable from all sides. Especially from the that AA, the one BTR and 2 Landrover with mounted M2's that where patrolling the area around the airfield.
  11. That is in fact true that a random drug cartel most likely is not capable of shutting down the entire airspace. And they where only able to achieve that on / over the airfield. The ZU's where placed in ways that can't reach far out of the airfield but can complete annihilate everything directly over the airfield. And that is exactly what happened. Even without the ZU's, landing on an open space wirh no cover, surrounded by jungle would be the perfect option for some DSchK's or M2's mounted on off-roads to just light up the landed Mi-8's. Another thing is, that it also got mentioned in the briefing who you where fighting (African militias) and that they infact might have AA capability. In addition to that you had jets that where able (and probably did) get said intel multiple minutes before the arrival of the Helos.
  12. It's not really needed to be marked. You should always be careful and expect AA / AAA. Except maybe when specifically told by Zeus / mission briefing that there will be no AA / AAA.
  13. I get what you are trying to say but why would I removed stuff from my mission just because it would fit your plan better. I for example didn't know what / where you where attacking. The Airfield had 3x ZU'S and one Igla turret on it. That was the only AA on the entire island. It would make sense that the airfield has the AA. If you do stupid mistakes you will get punished. I'm not going to give magical reinforcements if roughly 70% of the platoon gets wiped. If only one helicopter had been lost you would have gotten reinforcements after you managed to get the rest of the troops safely on the ground. I'm not going to put the blame on anybody directly but from a flight instructors view I would "blame" multiple small mistakes that led to this disaster. First of all the pilots ... You can see the reasoning in the video I posted earlier. Platoon lead for trying to overwrite the pilots decision, which he only managed todo because the pilots where not confident enough to say "no" even though they technically stand above the PLTHQ in this case. (See video from earlier) And even a bit towards FAC. He is in control over the aircrafts. If he thinks that something will not work he is an additional person who can decide such a thing. But now it happened and we can only hope that the people who took part in this mission learned a bit from it. And I even got an idea for a follow-up mission because two squads managed to land safely. Rescue, additional support or something.
  14. Before much discussion starts on who's fault it is you might want to watch this video: If the CM's don't want this in this thread or this counts as a shitpost please remove it.
  15. Not necessarily. If a guys with an RPG is aiming at your friendly vic, asking for permission to shoot will take way too long and will most likely get your armor asset killed. It always depends on the situation. I'm probably a bit late to this discussion.