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  1. The headless clients started to timeout / dc and that is a good indication that something isn't right so we ended the mission before the server dies. The mission would have gone of for at least another half an hour. Multiple QRF where planned and some more small stuff.
  2. Nowhere in your guide it shows how to correct for wind / air density. Should we just ignore it?
  3. campaign


    Okay great.
  4. campaign


    Helicopter Pilot slot please. Can we / are we supposed to say which type of pilot slot?
  5. until

    No. Why would it?
  6. SU230: DMS:
  7. Technically the RCO scope is 6x and the DMS is 12x. In that case only the ACO sights (1x) would be allowed for basic rifleman as it is the only scope below 4x magnification.
  8. Mission 1: Delta Medic Sitting 30 min in the back of a Bradley. Dismounting and moving through a town at ~10 fps for a few minutes. Getting back into the Bradley and sitting in the back for 30 minutes again. The last town clearing part was great fun though! Zeus: The concept is great but it need some fine tuning.
  9. From the ACE 3 Medical System wiki page: So there is a way to extend the revive time and the medics in the squads now have something todo until Medevac with a PAK arrives.
  10. First Mission: Clearing buildings as usual when all the sudden there was a building with a few more EI than expected. Video I even managed to patch up Andy while memory leaking.