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  1. campaign


    pilot please
  2. Now none of you can have an excuse that they don't own the apex dlc. The Offer ends 22th of June. http://store.steampowered.com/app/395180/Arma_3_Apex/
  3. until

    Co-pilot / pilot please. (Which ever is still available) Which CAS / transport bird is Falcon going to get?
  4. until

    I highly doubt I'll get a slot but if everybody else in the queue in front of me is a no-shower I'd like to do it.
  5. It was great fun for me to roll in some heavy Armor QRF and just see squad after squad getting wiped.
  6. Yes. Yea it would have been quite an easy mission if there wasn't the armor QRF.
  7. Yes this mission was a god damn mess for the helicopters. People crashing / getting shot down left and right for stupid reasons. At the end of the mission we have 2 birds left. The only bird that didn't crash / get shot down at least once (not counting DC / internet problems) was the Flight Lead.
  8. campaign


    Pilot please
  9. Ahhhh ... yes ... the prophet team taking a .50 BMG Anti-materiel rifle for long range engagements. I had this problem a few times as well ... it's quite annoying ... in that case the spotter gives the range and you look at your own range table. After the first few shot you should not need the range table anyway. Your spotter will look for the impacts and tell you to adjust. And if nothing works try the ATragMX.
  10. Wind is on with a constant 0.7 m/s from south. Temperature and other air related factors are off. All of this and how to adjust for the wind is explained in the prophet guide.
  11. Yea we tried many things. But I still don't understand how you didn't die in that fireball. @Chuck Yeager yea we couldn't tp you out either. And even if, you shouldn't survive that crash.
  12. First mission: Raptor pilot Zeus: Great fun from our perspective but maybe throw a bit more armor during the QRF or even surprise the squads on the way back to base with a smaller second QRF. And maybe even a second / third ZSU would have been a nice addition. Because after the single ZSU was down and we stayed out of reach of the EI we had no big threads to worry about. I love these type of campaign missions! Platoon (RTO because we had no FAC): Everything good. Nothing to complain about.
  13. Not exactly correct. You can in theory spawn / move the carrier even without it being on the template. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/203930-spawn-aircraft-carrier-uss-freedom-jets-dlc/
  14. People complaining about air not attacking X objective in the debrief. Even though we have never know about / got ordered to attacksaid objective. "Air didn't do anything this mission to help us" ... If we don't know about something how are we suppose do help? Normal squadmembers (not lead / FAC) hopping on Air SW radio to complain or try to call in CAS strikes. People calling in contacts and then needing 10 seconds to get the 3 digits bearing correct .... just call in cardinal points and use precise degrees later. "contacts west .... bearing 285"
  15. Maybe give a single marksman per squad or a full squad that is doing overwatch the ability to use 4x scopes during these ironsight / 1x scopes only missions.