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  1. @Nova Self made youtube videos have been usually been allowed to have own threads.
  2. I am on ps4 and will take care of the console version.
  3. I did for a bit could give it a go again
  4. Steam: Shoxe uplay: Shoxewastaken
  5. @Linnet since it will include a official clan feature we probably need approval from you and the CM team.
  6. The "Arma™" panic when the vehicle in front of you starts breakdancing. The "Oh god let this be a nightmare" when you are getting chased up a hill by a T - 90 thats cooking off at the same time.
  7. @Chefla get out of here i was second
  8. Lets keep this thread about Arma 4 and not about women and children in Arma.
  9. Yes please
  10. As someone who spent way to much time in destiny i would be very much down for this.
  11. Would love to give this a try again
  12. Would it be possible for you to save the broadcasts in the case that someone cant make it? @Hekhal
  13. @Lenny Du bist ein große Gemüse mit Lederhosen. (Thats what two years of german in school is worth). But on a serious note as it has been noted we are a community where people shoot first, shoot again and might ask questions after that. There is little to be done on this side except for personal improvement and stricter trigger control and supervision by say the SL.
  14. When will the stream be taking place? @Hekhal
  15. Finnish "Shoxe" Guy - Finland apparently doesnt exist so Sweden (sorry @Chefla) Kind of medium lenght light brown hair on top kinda going backwards and shorter on the sides. Face form a bit more on the square spectrum with semi jawbones. No facial hair except maybe a slight stubble and green eyes. Quite tall and quite muscular/ toned build. Gear: Anything that resembles a skiing helmet with goggles. If that doesnt exist then just something you think fits. Class: Ranger - rather defender type but whatever fits your layout is good.