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  1. until

    Heli pilot if possible.
  2. Your execution for drinking tea "sweet and icy" is pending. All we need to do now is have a British member accept the offer.
  3. That i'm not sure about.
  4. @NeilZarworked for me atleast after importing it from steam.
  5. If i recall correctly you download this and use it alongside our mods. It should fix all the compositions without having to add new ones.
  6. @Gditz i'd like to mention i got knocked out 12 times before dying.
  7. Well welcome to Finland when you come and slouchy seems to have finished his exams so he should be back to the regular training times. One should just have been added to the calender.
  8. Another Finn joining the party.
  9. @NeilZar Ah thank you
  10. @NeilZar When can we expect this to be implemented?
  11. Do you start TS in admin mode?
  12. Thanks everyone the arma3Battleye.exe works
  13. @Don I will continue making hard to spell callsigns to fuck with zeus until i die.
  14. I have been having a problem where Battleye simply won't start when i launch the game. I have the "launch battleye" option in Async selected. It is getting slightly annoying having to start the game twice if I want to join the server. ps. It worked before but after latest repo update it stopped working.
  15. Mission 2 probably Zeus: Digby Platoon: Not sure SL: Cyanide as flight lead. Sat in a helicopter with @cyanide, @Wattsits and @NODZZ. We Circled the convoy, shot filthy hardbass gopniks and flew around with Aplha talking nonsense 10/10 would do again.