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      The second server is currently not available for missions, we will be using it the next 2 weeks for testing of mods.


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  1. First name: Finnish Last name: Guy Seems accurate
  2. Oh god
  3. Yeah bought it may back and didnt get a lot out of it might be intrested in trying it out again. Skill: dont know shit Timezone: GMT +2 Steam: shoxe
  4. As I stated" semi".
  5. Enhanced movement is only semi allowed.
  6. I do realize that you might just have put the disclaimer here out of habit but he does state that he will most likely be doing them long after prime missions.
  7. space engingeers

    I have the game im interested but i dont know how to play
  8. Will we be updated with our fates?
  9. Shoxe - Finnish Guy and miner.
  10. @Wafflefox It is likely that you will need a new rig but just remember the mini PTU limits fps serverside, for now.
  11. We need a map with trenches which would be doable during the next mini update. Mortars are no problem. The attack is also no problem. The defense is harder since the AI likes to taken cover when fired upon.
  12. People quoting the whole post when they respond to a part of it.
  13. We tried it, it was a clusterfuck, it was fun.
  14. @LvL I can't event Imagine their heartattacks when they see a chally rollling out of the forest.
  15. @LvL wait that actually happened?