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  1. FIRST MISSION (Tanoa) Zeus: That mission was amazing . Jungle Chaos, enemies barely visible which makes is more interesting and challenging , predator noises . MORE OF THAT in the future . Platoon: Forked was Platoon lead. He did everything clean , fast and smooth. At the end we split the convoy up when he died, nobody took platoon and we got confused. Squad leader: I was Charlie IC and cant talk for myself but.. When i died in my own driver seat , my 2IC which name i do not remember did a fine job!
  2. We just HAVE to make an UNSUNG official mission will everyone playing... it would be very fun .
  3. FIRST MISSION Zeus: Mission was fine . Charlie Didn't have lots to do . IC : I was the IC so i cant say anything for my lead. Story: Everything was pretty fine regarding defending Knight 1-2 and assisting Delta securing the C130 Good thing: No KIA's Bad thing: Charlie had to split coz platoon issued two orders for us at the same time 1: Stay and defend Knight 1-2 2: Assist Delta - I had to split the team and some found it quite annoying. Third Mission Zeus: @Hekhal D-day Mission. Fun but painful to play. IC : I was the IC so i cant say anything for my lead. Story : We had to relive D-day by assaulting a beach by boats . Good thing : Charlie's First wave survived the longest in the right/east side of the beach. Bad thing: Lots of KIA. Realistic enemy mortar simulation by the Zeus made it so hard to actually advance more than 10 meters "Charlie All the way" - nikolov216 (Charlie IC)