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  1. 1ST MISSION Zeus: Mission was Meh. much hiking and moving around , not much shooting and action for charlie as we were overwatch. (not complaining) Platoon: Platoon was @Digby Tatham-Warter . he did a good job inspite of no Coms discipline over long range. Squad: As 2IC for Charlie. I have nothing bad to say for my team. IC was @Forked leading Me , @Gditz as medic , @Weegie as the irish guy in the team @Dak @Kalagen and @Ponny
  2. until
    Just go on this post , read there .
  3. Need to get back to it . Hadnt been that active lately! will try to come in !!
  4. 1ST MISSION Zeus: @Katla_Haddock Platoon: @Netheral Squad: I was Echo IC along with Maroon, @Life010 @Mrkosak @andyt90 @Lyecer @mightyP @Tomlolo @Jaliee @Drett. Everybody did pretty well ! My 2IC Maroon had Radio issues coz he was new to it . he did not bring short range too. Did not realise he was a FNG. First objective: Cleared the Comms outpost . while moving to the Delta OW point . Got 2 Kia's. I Died clearing one of the comms buildings. Maroon Took command. Got respawned. Extracted some hostages. good stuff from my team !
  5. 1ST MISSION Zeus: @Urist McGLORY That Mission was amazing . More of that Urist ! Platoon: @Forked. Outstanding as always. Squad: I was Charlie IC along with @Galactic @Life010 @Tomo @Mihax209 @Tom Williams @Lyecer @PowerColour. nothing bad to say . Did everything fine! Oh man that mission was dope ! Lots of action. lots of chaos. at the end our first extract Heli got blown up in the air . The pilots somehow survived and they accompanied us! the second heli made 3 runs to collect us , everytime we couldnt mount fast enough and we were left. We were constantly under fire which was great coz.. action n stuff. Amazing mission, More of those mission in the future ! 2ND MISSION (Katla's Special day) Zeus: @UniDigit Platoon: @NeilZar Squad: Charlie IC along with @Weegie @Life010 @GingerRocker @Fraiche @warlordsh @Trahsi @LastRanger37. We got to the first objective with a lunchbox Infantry Transport Vehicle. It was all quiet right ? The moment i stopped, i told my guys to dismount (i was the driver), so they did . the moment they did , i got blown up by a RPG. ERm... mission failed .. katla's wife died coz two boats collided she chose death over katla 3RD MISSION Zeus: @NeilZar Platoon: @Rezonath Solid skills as Platoon. Squad: Charlie IC along with @Jacob_Waltz @Craidus @Vizel @Weegie @Kalagen @Trahsi @LastRanger37 Got to the first objective, lost our MRAP from a BMP, then i died from FRIENDLY CAS (delta got completely wiped out from the same CAS as well) . Respawned and went on a liberation objective. everything went well. a btr sneaked behind us without us knowing at the end.. The panic mode was strong everybody started running in different directions still we compleded the mission .
  6. We tried everything , from De-equiping all to trying to get outfits from dead bodies , even asked zeus if he could do something , nothing helped . only after he respawned it got fixed , nontheless , it was fun ! 😂
  7. 3RD MISSION Zeus: @Edelweiss . He should do more Zeus in the future, he does it well , the mission was fun ! Platoon: Did all good . no problem concerning Platoon Squad: I was Alpha IC. Me , @Life010 @Don Haka @warlordsh @falxon9 @BaniKitsune @Trahsi @LastRanger37 @wyvern were being accompanied by a BTR crewed by @seishimaybeC and @PinkMunn. Had great communication with the crew. My Squad did everything well. mostly we were OW and we laid lots of freedom. At some point a sniper opened on us , killed our medic and injured 3 of us. Mission was fun ! Defo do more of these ! EDIT: 2 of my men , @Life010 and @Trahsi got their outfits glitched , they were naked the whole mission. at some point one guy from the other squad was screaming ''callsign naked''.
  8. 1ST MISSION Zeus: Mission was Meh. much hiking , not much shooting and action. Platoon: Platoon was Kreeper. he did a good job ! Squad: As squad lead for Charlie. I have nothing bad to say for my team except that...erm.. @iamwoodman is a special snowflake. 2ND MISSION Zeus: Liked the mission a lot . lots of action . challenge and fun for Charlie. Platoon: Did pretty well. but he didnt dispatch air support when we urgently needed it. T_T Squad: As squad lead for Charlie. I'm proud of my men @Weegie @Life010 @warlordsh @Bobblehead @Tynakuh @Vietnah @Vizel @ravstar52 and another guy. When we didnt get CAS i just ordered us all to run out in an open field to get to proper cover in a village . which was 500M+ out from us . We were taking heavy fire but we all survived somehow. It was like we were untouchable by bullets .(most of us were wounded a lot .. ) @anden3 was under CPR from someone from echo for half the mission.. but we managed to get on time and saved him . He was pissed still tho hah it was a fun mission that one ! 3RD MISSION Mediocre. nothing to say
  9. FIRST MISSION (Tanoa) Zeus: That mission was amazing . Jungle Chaos, enemies barely visible which makes is more interesting and challenging , predator noises . MORE OF THAT in the future . Platoon: Forked was Platoon lead. He did everything clean , fast and smooth. At the end we split the convoy up when he died, nobody took platoon and we got confused. Squad leader: I was Charlie IC and cant talk for myself but.. When i died in my own driver seat , my 2IC which name i do not remember did a fine job!
  10. We just HAVE to make an UNSUNG official mission will everyone playing... it would be very fun .
  11. FIRST MISSION Zeus: Mission was fine . Charlie Didn't have lots to do . IC : I was the IC so i cant say anything for my lead. Story: Everything was pretty fine regarding defending Knight 1-2 and assisting Delta securing the C130 Good thing: No KIA's Bad thing: Charlie had to split coz platoon issued two orders for us at the same time 1: Stay and defend Knight 1-2 2: Assist Delta - I had to split the team and some found it quite annoying. Third Mission Zeus: @Hekhal D-day Mission. Fun but painful to play. IC : I was the IC so i cant say anything for my lead. Story : We had to relive D-day by assaulting a beach by boats . Good thing : Charlie's First wave survived the longest in the right/east side of the beach. Bad thing: Lots of KIA. Realistic enemy mortar simulation by the Zeus made it so hard to actually advance more than 10 meters "Charlie All the way" - nikolov216 (Charlie IC)