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  1. @cineafx just as a heads up for future missions, airborne assaults usually don't go in blind, as in they never should be sent in blind, otherwise shit goes down fast. Also telling you're fighting a cartel usually means that they're not capable of shutting down the airspace, or if they were, there surely would be intel on that. Big ass turrets are not easy to hide.
  2. I've got a evening shift on Monday so not really working, I get off work 11pm, I was wondering why won't we play some of these matches whenever the teams can meet each other, and maybe schedule the semis and finals
  3. Hoo boy I wonder how you all would manage winter warfare.
  4. Ree advertising ree, anyhow I'm fairly certain the Fk thing is pretty much going to be doing everything considering our size and remembering how we discussed about it a few months back.
  5. Hehee. I'd add "something is broken" kind of panic some of us zeuses might experience.
  6. Your nades as far I could tell killed max 2 people, I shot and counted a lot more dead russians.
  7. I'd be up for a few nights of silliness running around with fk people, but probably not much more than that.
  8. Then the russian is a dum dum for not understanding you're friendly. they need to learn the friendly dance.
  9. Y'all need to learn the friendly dance. seriously, learn it.
  10. Platoon lead asked in briefing "do we have respawns?", I answered "yes, one (1)".
  11. @Chefla Right, let me make a few things clear: 1. fog and foliage don't stop bullets. (works both ways, I watched a few squads waste half a town from ~600 meters) 2. the fact you didn't have any idea where you're getting shot from doesn't matter to the enemy as far as I'm aware. (sounds like a coordination problem to me) 3. Breaking line of sight through foliage still doesn't stop bullets, and doesn't mean the enemy is going to just forget you exist (I mean, if someone tries to hide behind some bushes I'd just fill that general area with bullets/explosives) 4. If not having a marker means shitton of friendly fire, we have bigger problems than the markers. (sounds like a coordination problem to me) 5. might just be bad luck, sometimes you simply get wasted, it is arma after all. 6. The enemy forces were concentrated around 4 strategically important locations; the airfield, the larger town to the west, and both of the radio towers, amount of enemies gradually increasing towards the airfield. there also was smaller infantry elements patrolling around the island, since the WHOLE island was occupied, like I said in the briefing.
  12. Just curious, what's the ETA on the server? @Radio @Mavy
  13. hearts of iron 4

    I wont be able to participate tomorrow since real life stuff came up but you guise have fun, I'll see if I can hop into the next session or something.
  14. hearts of iron 4

    a friendly reminder to @Lukas, @Slouchy Orc, @GingerRocker, @Don, @Spartan_MiniMe, @Shoxe, @Vesper Akiri that there's a google document a few posts back in this thread that contains a spreadsheet/timetable for the next five days, if you're interested playing, please take a few minutes to fill yourself in there so we can figure out what date works out the best for us, if the next 5 days won't work for the majority of us here, I'll make one for next week or something and we'll try again.