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  1. These are the servers used for the mission, they are there for reference only tho. We decided not to store the passwords with arma3sync at the time because... reasons. So in short: Yes the ip's are correct, No you cannot use a3s to connect directly to those servers.
  2. It is no different from the windows version. Upload the mods to the server and tell the server to load the mods. For linux you would probably use scp/sftp to upload the mods and possibly even edit the config files. The FK servers use a startup file that includes the common startup parameters, this includes the mods. This can be loaded using the -par option. There is a list of parameters here. Be aware that some mods might not work correctly on Linux tho. Some mods loads external hooks that are often only available in dll format. Alive for example does not have a stable war room plugin for linux.
  3. First of all the client actually runs better at higher graphics settings. This is because it will offload more to the graphics card that way. Other then that the game is mostly CPU limited. This would be useless as the engine is mostly single threaded. No matter how many cores or CPU's you throw at this game, it will still be limited by CPU speed on a single core.
  4. I honestly wish I didn't have to leave the way I did. Maybe one day I can go into details about why I decided to step down, but for now I would rather not. I will be around, even if it is just to help Ralph with moving stuff over. What happens after that I don't know yet.
  5. ^^^ That is why it is out of sync. The sync is done server side, it has an extra mod that connects to the central database.
  6. Your Name: Mavy Player Name: Woody Reason: Poked me with some bullshit while I was in the generals lounge. Additional Info: Woody should know better then poking CM's and Admin for this kind of crap. Gave 15 min ban as a warning.
  7. We are working on templates that support Alive, they will also include some other new optimizations. @anden3probably has more details.
  8. WHC is not broken, WHC does nothing more but automate the transfer using standard arma commands. The problem is with ArmA, it would occur no matter how we transfer units to the HC. We are aware the issue has been getting worse, and we are trying to solve it. Sadly the only way to solve it is by actually using the headless client. Don't bother looking into WHC, it is not the cause. There are reports of people using scripted missions with these same symptoms, it is more then likely an arma issue.
  9. 03/04/2017: Updated donation goal to reflect new cost calculations.
  10. Its been nearly 3 months since this last update and a lot has changed since then. So here is a new breakdown. What do we have: First lets start with a breakdown of what we/I own, lets start with the easy stuff. There are currently 6 machines that are dedicated to FK activities, these are: A3sync/Repo #1 - €10,-/month (the first of the 2 repo servers) A3sync/Repo #2 - €10,-/month (the second repo server) ARMA #1 - €55,-/month (This one runs the headless clients) ARMA #2 - €55,-/month (The main arma server) ARMA #3 - €55,-/month (The test/second arma server) Gamebox #1 - €85,-/month Currently hosts teamspeak, minecraft, wargame, farming sim, blackwave. This box has 64GB of ram and a 6 core cpu, in combination with virtualization it is highly flexible so I can swap games quickly depending on demand. These are easy because these machines are dedicated to FK. The rest of our machines are hosted in combination with some of my other virtual machines, these are: Web server #1 - €10,-/month (The main website) Web server #2 - €5,-/month (Test site and gitlab runner, used for compiling missions/templates) Mail server - €5,-/month These 3 servers are hosted on 2 dedicated machines I use for testing and some private stuff. Since they are shared I wanted a good way to share the costs between myself and the FK community. Breakdown of the costs: The 2 servers that I use to host from both have 8 cores, 32GB ram and several TB of storage. Each host costs €70,- making a total of 16 cores and 64GB ram for €140,-/month. I have decided to base the costs on the ram usage, ram is not shared between the different virtual machines so any ram used by FK machines is unavailable for my machines. Dividing these makes a cost of €2,19/month per GB, I have rounded this up to €2,50/month (I too enjoy a beer for effort). With these costs now clear we can set a new goal on the donations page. New upkeep goal: With all these numbers the new monthly server cost will be set to €300,-/month. The new goal will be €350,-/month, this will allow us to build some extra cash to buy among others a teamspeak license.
  11. Yeah, the war room is still very broken. Partly because the site itself is terrible and partly because our templates need to be update for its use. I am in touch with the creators about their SSL issue and the AAR system seems to be working well currently. I expect the rest of the stats to be fixed with some template tweaks on our end.
  12. 03/04/2017: Disabled negative feedback button.
  13. hekhal
  14. YOUR NAME : Mavy PLAYER NAME : Katla_Haddock BAN ; Posted direct copy text from Mein Kampf knowing that people got banned for it. As admin I cannot tolerate CM's to behave in such a manner. For that reason I have decided to impose a 1 week ban.
  15. Sadly this is a complex issue. There is multiple reasons performance is so bad. Some we can "sort of" tune and some are out of our hands. The parts we cant solve are related to the server engine, even with 64-bit performance of the engine is sub par. Even with the move to a more powerful server we would still run into another issue, the net code. There was a 250 player test on the arma sub reddit this weekend. It was a 125v125 PvP that used some mods like TFAR but was mostly vanilla. Even that showed poor performance as the servers net code couldn't deal with the amount of data being handled. Then there is the matter of tuning. I started this process before 64bit was released, it is a slow process of changing settings every day to see what performs best. This is however made harder by the lack of a proper way to monitor server perfomance. The other thing we did was reactivate the headless clients. This greatly helped with the performance, specifically the zeus performance. So we are making steps with regards to performance, however it is slow going. As for the client side fps, these issues can be linked to both the net code and the client side engine. Due to our unique player base we will always see some performance impact from pings and desync.