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  1. Gamescom 2017 coverage: As some of you have probably heard, a few of the FK members are planning to visit gamescom this year. As the world's largest event for computer and video games there will be something to see for everyone. The event hall will cover a whopping 201,000 square metres and that is a lot of ground to cover. This got me to think. To optimize our coverage for our community I want to know from you all what you would like to see. I have opened up the comments section for this article, use it to let us know what you want to see covered. Keep the requests clean and friendly and we will do our best to get you the information you want.
  2. 22/07/2017: Updated website to IPS Installed and enabled Awards system. Updated theme to 0.5, this includes: Minor bug fixes. Support for award system.
  3. The ts was down at the time you posted that. SO that explains the TS issues. The a3sync error you are getting leads me to believe you need to run arma3sync as admin. Try that and see if it solves the issue.
  4. Update on the cause of the "spontanious" reboot: Type: Fault report Categories: Basic infrastructure Start: July 20, 2017 1:03:00 AM CEST End: July 20, 2017 3:25:00 AM CEST Description: We are currently experiencing a fault of the power supply in parts of DC21. Our technicians are doing their best to determine the problem and to solve it. Please be patient and visit this website for additional updates. will be updated by the technicians working on the problem and will therefore be the most current source of information. Please note that there is no need to call, email, or otherwise post support tickets regarding this issue. These types of enquiries will only serve to delay the technicians who are working on finding a solution to the problem. Please excuse any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. Affected: Customers in DC21 As you can see there was a power failure in the DC hosting 2 of our machines. The Gamebox and the Server running the headless clients where both effected.
  5. As you are probably all aware the game box decided to reboot itself for reasons unknown. I have restarted all the servers it was hosting and everything is back online again. Strangly enough when the hardware came back up it decided not to start the vm's running the actual game servers. As we are moving hardware tomorrow I am not going to spend to much time investigating what happened with the hardware. I have however created a support call with the makers of our managment panel to see if they can find the reason for the vm's not starting on boot.
  6. until
    During this time window our servers will go down for maintenance. Starting from 10:30 the following servers will move to a new machine & will be down while the move happens: Teamspeak Minecraft Space Engineers Blackwake Farming Sim Through out the entire window the following servers will be updated and rebooted: Website & Test site Repo entry point (loadbalancer) Mail servers If things go smoothly the downtime for all of the systems is less then 20 minutes.
  7. I have managed to secure a deal with our server provider for a cheaper game box. Strangly enough this box has the exact same specs as the current box with the addition of 2 extra ssd's. It will save us around 20,- euros a month. To implement this box I am going to move over all our game servers (arma not included). As this requires datacenter actions I will be doing this friday during the day. An exact time will be communicated asap. This move will require our game servers and TS to go down. As this is a day time action and I have the day off I will use the extra time to prepare the rest of our servers for a new influx of fresh blood that might result from the new arma bullshitery being made by our resident princess. This means that during the day some of our other services might stop working for short periods of time while I install updates. Exact time plans and details will be communicated at some point during this week.
  8. The server is up. The access is controlled via a steam group. The group can be found here: Contact the CM team to get invited to that group if they have not done already. The server can be found by adding to your favorites.
  9. The server is read for use. There are still some background tasks running. However their impact should be minimal.
  10. The Minecraft server is now open for use. The pregen and map renders have finished.
  11. 16/07/2017: Finalized discord integration. Events and announcements now get pushed to the proper text channels. Bans get synchronized from the website to discord. Member groups get synchronized to discord.
  12. 15/07/2017: Added discord integration to the website.
  13. As Rorkiy stated there is no eta yet. I am still tweaking some things to prevent the lag that was present previously. I have now fixed the pregen process and the world fill is a around 35% after about 8 hours. Once that is done I will run some final tests and tweaks.
  14. When I started writing this article I had originally intended it to be about the upcoming gamescom. However as always with FK I got side tracked while researching the event and its possible/planned announcements. While browsing youtube for some of last years releases and demos my eye fell on a video about memes. Not the “memes” you all know from the likes of Woody, but actual memes. The ones you just have to look at to know what they are about, the ones that don’t require text to explain the meaning. Because no matter how much text you slap on it, a picture of a pile of shit will still be a picture of a pile of shit! [Woody!] Hearing some of the tunes in this video reminded me of the days when I first joined an online gaming community. Which in turn got me thinking about how I became a server admin. So now instead of writing a story about gamescom I decided I would tell you the story of how I became the server admin I am today. The video that messed with my plans How it started Back in 2004 I was already following a study in server management, but that was mostly focused on windows. My linux experience had not gotten past the experimenting phase. I spent my free hours playing computer games one of which was Counterstrike. It was while I was playing CS that I stumbled upon a group of people who called themselves Coltkillaz. It was one of those groups that had this great atmosphere around them, a group that made you feel welcome from day 1. A group I ended up gaming with for well over 5 years. Within this group was a guy named Davros, a tech savvy guy who at some point in 2005/2006 started managing their servers. For whatever reason around the end of 2006 he offered me a dedicated server to play around with, it was a server that he no longer had any use for. It was this server that gave me the linux virus and it was this server that hosted my very first website. Logo of the community that started it all. The linux bug With this new love for linux and the end of my studies nearing I applied for a trainee ship at a large telecom company. At the start of 2007 I was accepted and started my journey in an environment of which 90% consisted of unix systems. I quickly realised how much fun it was to script your daily tasks. To find ways to make your life as an administrator easier. After my trainee ship I was offered a contract and ended up staying with them for 7 years. The downside of those 7 years was that I mostly worked with company proprietary tools. A lot of the software we used was made by the company and therefore it was a very specific knowledge. Knowledge that I would not use anymore after leaving the company. My linux knowledge stayed fairly vanilla until mid 2015. After having been with a new company for about a year I got offered a job at a well known unix consultancy agency. That's when I got introduced to the world of tools people use in the linux world. I got a chance to certify myself and train myself. In just over 2 years I went from having some knowledge about linux to being an expert in linux. An accurate description of how I see linux Playing around Of course using this knowledge on a daily basis for work is one thing, however it is outside of work that you get to play with new tools and learn new things. And the best way to do that is by having a goal like keeping game servers up and running. That brings me back to Coltkillaz. By the end of 2013 Coltkillaz was winding down, real life had taken over and for the most of us that meant no more time for gaming. The odd game I did play was with friends I met over the years of gaming and attending lan parties (more on that in another story). At the start of 2014 I started 71st vanguards with a few friends. The game of choosing at the time was battlefield and for just over a year we had one of the busiest BF3 servers in europe. A website was made and a teamspeak was hosted. All of this was tied together by some tooling I had discovered years before. The 71st servers gave me a playground to test and try new things. Always looking to make things easier on me and others. Sadly this time it was my turn to have real life take over and by 2016 I was hardly playing games or managing servers. The lack of playing with technology left me without a way to relax, and by the end of 2016 the urge to have a playground urged me to send a PM to greybeardralph asking him if he needed help with the server. And we all know what happened next.... Problem? (See woody, thats how you use a meme!)
  15. Updated the minecraft server to FTB Infinity Evolved version 2.7.0-1.7.10.