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  1. I mean I always tend to check out what people are doing as I know how hectic being a SL can be. Its never my intention to take over or anything but when I see people having to deal with LR SR and checking the whole squad I sometimes just kick into SL mode and start directing the other members so SL can give clear comms to Platoon etc granted @Life010 was our 2ic but he perished very early in the mission so I kinda took over as 2ic for a fair part of the mission. Obviously towards the end it just kind of turned into a every man for himself clusterfuck so command structure tends to fail at that point. @Snapjaw did very well with the chaos that was ensuing at times to direct us exactly how he wanted us so 10/10 from me.
  2. It's all good youre not the only one to have the issue dude @Lyecer
  3. Reading through this carefully I agree with some of your points but first off I will point out that we had no confirmation that there was a QRF moving at any point when i suggested we moved up to the next hill we were there incase there was one and I thought that new position gave us a clear sightline of things coming straight over the hill. As for the radio comms after we engaged that one squad of EI at the crossroads everything went really quiet for a fair amount of time so i tend to lay back a bit on the comms as it can be really boring if you have your SL constantly telling me to shut up when we are just having some light banter next time if you feel like its too much then feel free to come up to me and say so as I might have got caught up in the banter myself so for that I apologize. As for engaging the 2 MBTs just going to give you some constructive criticism if you are ready to aim your launcher you want to make sure you are heard on the radio loud and clear as whether it was in the chaos of telling every single squad member to get their heads down as 2 MBTs were lighting us up with their coax's or having guys constantly trying to play peekaboo with the things I didn't hear you say one word about being ready to fire or asking for ranges yes the squad wasn't helping by yelling out 3 ranges and at that point i was contacting plt to send the challenger 2 we had nearby to assist as i believe even hitting a t-90 with a smaw in the front plate doesn't always guarantee a dead tank once again I will take the blame for not keeping the squad quiet and getting you setup to do your job. One last thing I will say though mentally tuning out your squad is really not something i would advise doing because in all of the chaos if the guy that is next to you actually gives you the clear directions after you've tuned everyone out that doesn't help you or us like I said I will take the blame for maybe being a little TOO relaxed at some points during the mission so for that I apologize but please if you're in my squad again never ever feel too afraid to open your mouth on the radio and simply tell people to keep it down or ask for a bearing and distance loudly.
  4. Mission 2 Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter @Forked @Kingorrik Platoon: @Fidelias Alpha Lead: Myself Long story short almost instantly got engaged by enemies on our doorstep moving down the MSR lost our warrior so that put us on the back foot instantly could have commanded it better but thats for another time. @Digby Tatham-Warter I don't know if this is intentional or not but you seem to suddenly give infantry squads vehicles at the briefing instead of before slotting which obviously leaves squad leads very tied with people who dont feel confident with using said vehicles you might want to say that at slotting up that infantry squads will get that as i had both rifleman LAT not confident in driving or gunning the warrior and had to put my AAR in the driver and one of them in the gunner which kind of lowered my squads effectiveness. If you do this on purpose you might want to think about that a bit as it kinda hampers squads as im sure there are plenty of people who would volunteer to drive and gun those things who feel competent to do so. Also surely when you have your briefing would our scouts/recon teams not be able to see enemy positions set up 2.5 clicks from our main base considering we know the towns have been overrun? Just seemed a bit strange that the enemy had moved up dug in and were set up that close to our base without notification at all. Mission was hard which is what i expect from you but I feel like there is parts that could have either been toned down a touch or just some simple info that im pretty sure we would have had access to leading into the mission. Maybe im wrong just my 2 cents
  5. Mission 1 PLT Lead Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody @mulletshock Let the squads take my basic plan and make it their own as they would have better eyes than me at the front there was not too many options as to how to progress through the woods. I apologize to Alpha, Charlie, and Echo who got pretty bogged down in the forest, but i didnt feel sending all 6 squads up one path when we had to take the eastern objective too. Hope nobody hates me for that, as for Delta, Bravo, and Foxtrot it sounded like you guys had plenty to deal with hope everyone enjoyed it as it certainly was a challenge keeping everyone in tow when i heard a couple times squad leads had lost track of some of their men. All in all the squads comms were clear and concise apart from a few times where they couldnt reply while under fire which is understandable happy with how everyone approached this mission
  6. 2nd Mission Zeus: @NeilZar Squad: Delta Lead 2IC @Mittens Entire squad survived the whole mission somehow while fighting off countless BTRS BMPS and an MBT with mostly launchers so extremely well done to you guys. You all listened to my orders which were not always clear due to the clusterfuck that was thrown at us and used your heads well mission was stressful but in a good way having to keep a count on my launcher ammo and making sure the squad was still moving while under fire is a fun experience
  7. so uhh eagle you may have got the wrong andy as your sqd lead not that im mad or anything (next time get it right or you end up on a mountain....)
  8. 2nd Mission Zeus: @DHbatman @cineafx Plt: @AlbinoBob Sqd: Delta Lead 2ic @Sarissa Not much to say about this mission as we had next to nothing to do apart from walk around a lot shoot at maybe a squad or 2 before just walking some more. To platoon as much as i understand not splitting the platoon up, in this situation there was nothing for some of the squads to do at all. Personally I feel we should have been split up to attack the objectives to save a lot of people having next to nothing to do for the hour and a half we played. Just seems a bit of a waste sending basically 6 squads 2 tanks and 2 helis to each objective at the same time especially one as small as the first one.
  9. Mission 2 Zeus: Vericht Unidigit PLT: Myself As I said on ts before leaving i apologize to any squad that was left with nothing to do i don't feel i could have done much different to get you more action without just plowing through the town and getting half of you blown to shit, so once again apologies not really much more I could do sadly D:
  10. 1st mission Zeus RocketManDan1 Vericht and one other Delta Medic Squad did fine kinda had to take 2ic controlling the short range as we lost our 2ic to dcing before mission start ended up a bit far from the rest of the squad when an AI hit mine and batmans GAZ when we were doing 60 down the road so props to that guy got out and instantly got 2 tapped by another ai as i peeked the corner 2nd mission Zeus: Katla Woody Quebec Foxtrot Sqd Lead For the short time my entire squad was alive they listened to orders well set up how i wanted them and engaged people as best they could until from what i was told a single GMG round hit the truck in our outpost killing everyone apart from me and mimo my medic who i managed to stablise while under fire from at least 1 squad held out until helped arrived and then decided to say fuck this shit im out and legged it down the hill already paging my lawyer to sue the zeuses for PTSD. Im sorry to all of foxtrot for you dying so fast honestly dont know how you guys all died instantly and i didnt take a hit at all luck of the draw i guess the 1 gmg round nuked pretty much everything in sight D:
  11. until

    I would like to attend but i would only be able to stay until like maybe 3:30pm is it okay to still attend until then?