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  1. Im pretty sure grenades were fine to take and im almost positive you cannot spawn a live grenade on the ground ready to explode as for how something exploded i do not know can you be 100% sure someone didnt throw a grenade accidently at the enemy and died with it in hand? Not trying to fight you or anything btw just trying to clear things up that if a zeus wants you dead theres plenty of ways to do spawning a cooking grenade on you im pretty sure is impossible
  2. For one i am pretty sure you cannot spawn live grenades on people as zeus but ive never tried
  3. 1st Mission Spent 20 mins driving in a btr which was then hit by an RPG dismounted to be friendly fired by Foxtrot. So just a few points I have been thinking about before why are we put against people with camos that look basically the same as ours from any sort of distance? Especially in forest maps just basically asks for shit to go wrong. This twas perfectly shown by this mission as we lost anyhing up to 20 people in the first 10-15mins after contact with no respawns hell most of Echo was killed by FF. I'm all for harder missions but we were basically given no tools to help out people who dont play arma that often and expected to pull it off like a full military unit we are not milsim. Alot of people play at FK to have some structured fun if you want milsim make it a scripted mission that way we know what to expect. 2nd point and this very well may be just me but when squads are going to have assets attached to themselves i.e, like the btrs for this mission can that be called before slotting up so we can have semi competent people in the rifleman slots or something. The reason we started having tags again is because people unqualified were using assets when they didnt know how to so just springing this on squads causes a problem. Overall in the smallest part of the mission i was apart of i felt this would have been better off as a scripted mission with a bit more time spent on it not so much as a dynamic zeus mission.
  4. I can confirm nothing was spawned in the town near squads ever we barely had to put anymore guys inside the town even when you guys got in there most of it came from the QRF that you tried to stop by blowing the bridge only for there to be a dirt road literally 40ft up river i dont know whether the thing you saw was desync or what but yeah definitely dont make a habit of spawning shit in view of players ever. Also will add in the video you can see them do the dismount 'hover' thing so i reckon the server thought the mrap was in one place while client side showed it somewhere else. I cannot explain why that shit happened. So apologies for that
  5. Thats where you get zeus to tp echo to your far away location and swap roles if its their fault Make them do the walk of shame
  6. As far as im aware and this is what I tell my squads to do once we are in the actual AO and in combat if the zeus spawns AT soldiers then he is giving you more LAT if you kill the guy before he uses it. Things like LAT are precious to have for any situation that might arise. Therefore once the mission is going respawns bringing in their LAT they had at start and picking LAT up off dead allies/EI to me is perfectly fine as long as its used for its purpose and not just fired randomly.
  7. While that is probably a fair assessment to some people we should not reward people for being unable to aim they should be punished by being the pleb who missed their rocket from 20m away and killed their whole squad. LET THEM FEEL THE SHAME
  8. having a squad as ai actually having to fight would be probably hard to do as headless would try to take them over and end up getting them killed hence why it would be easier with players i believe a more experienced zeus would probably have a better idea of that than me also the casevac would still work for the other squads i was more saying for the 4 man team defending for their lives the concept is awesome i love these type of mission ideas just might need a few trial and error runs before they are ironed out into the perfect set up is all would be willing to give these missions a try as a zeus a few times see if they could work maybe on a smaller scale in the off hour missions and then scale it up
  9. This is kinda similar to the mission i zeused the other day with woody as the glorious russian general who was being protected by an PMC squad and had to be rescued but i would have no problem making this on a larger scale if thats what people wanted i always enjoy the mixture of defense/offense missions just need the squad thats defending to be on point the whole time. Especially with it being the Casevac medical system as if they take a hit in the first 2 minutes of the mission they are going to be bandaging possible for the next half an hour if they are lucky enough to not bleed out. So that might have to be looked into if its viable as you can be as careful as you like but one rogue piece of shrapnel hits you in the arm and that 1/4 of that defense squad is probably dead or basically dead by the time rescue arrives.
  10. So you mean the a10 blowing up everything in sight wasnt too much of an asset when it really had no place being there apart from letting the pilots fuck around?
  11. As i have already pointed out in my AAR by that point we were a long long way away from our truck we would never have made it back to the FOB in a reasonable time and me and all of my sqd had done nothing for a mission that seemed pointless in the first place so yes while chain of command exists for a reason im human and i was just done with what had gone on I have already apologized and i don't tend to ignore orders ever so should give you an idea of how fed up i was
  12. Mission 1 - Delta SL Zeus: @cineafx @Judgeman @BlueNexus Honestly in my eyes the mission had no flow didn't make much sense at all just didn't really know what the actual mission was half the time. Also what is with having an a10 just freely flying around blowing shit up next to friendly units? And then telling us that they are acting freely like that would actually be a thing with an a10 basically told to fire at will with no contact with friendly forces on the ground. Just seemed like you wanted to give an a10 but not really know what to do with it took away alot of the things for squads to do. Oh also just a tip with a pastebin make sure you actually write down the full name of the uniform you want people taking that caused people to get confused and had side chat going haywire. PLT: @Nugget30 Too many holdups although partly not down to you as being given so many objectives after we are in the AO isnt exactly easy for anyone to figure out so not too much on you apologies for almost ignoring your order to pull out but by that point of driving around for an hour shooting at maybe a squads worth of enemies I was at the point of not giving a shit. Squad Not going to tag you all as you know who you are and im sure some of you will probably second my thoughts as all of us seemed pretty fed up not long into the mission but you all stuck to your tasks that i gave you so no complaints
  13. I'm pretty sure I said something similar when this whole topic came up with certain named people getting regular before someone else who threw a massive hissy fit (not saying this post is the same thing just pointing out something similar has been done before) but the way I look at it is if you see person A gets regular before person B who has been here longer maybe ask them or look into what they do that you don't. How do they make themselves noticed more? Do they go into lounges with other Regs, CMs, Vets and be talkative? Do they just shitpost on the forums? (personally this one never made sense to me but to each their own) At the end of the day for any FNG that reads this stop thinking oh so and so got regular hes only been here 2 weeks I have been here months. Look at what they have done to get noticed or get the prestige needed if you are not willing to do the same thing or make the same effort then in my opinion you shouldn't be complaining in the first place. The system isn't perfect sadly it probably never will be because it's impossible to track the amount of people who come and go no matter how many CMs or Vets we have. I get it you want to get into main missions you want to be able to take some of the slots that you probably wouldn't get as an FNG, I sympathize with you I really do I would happily take FNGs in important roles in my squad or even some asset slots if i have seen them use them in off hour missions before. I will ALWAYS vouch for anyone I see do a good job if they want to claim a slot. This community is open to anyone but we also don't just hand out participation trophies for just being here. Look at what you're doing already if that doesn't seem to be enough try something else or if you're not willing to do that then I don't know what to tell you. Disclaimer: This ISN'T meant as an attack on any fng or anyone on this thread just trying to lay it out as basically as I can without the political correctness BS.
  14. campaign


    Would be down to gun one of the LAV's if nobody with tags wants it
  15. until

    If i can get back intime i will take Delta SL if noone else wants to claim it I should be back in time but will pm you on steam @Sarissa if im struggling