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  1. why not username: ghostsquid
  2. until

    can i go fox 1 sl please
  3. until

    can i go fox 1
  4. you did a very good job as 2ic. you helped out alot with the squad when i was knoked out. if i every squad lead again try be my 2ic becuase you did a grate job.
  5. can check for me if you have the ip and stuff like that entered corretly. if that dosent work i will see if i can helpo you fix it
  6. i do l;ike gun of icrus but i havent played iot in years
  7. can you inlcued a beach landing mission with boats, parror troopers ectra
  8. i would try reinstalling the mod that shoud fix it. it what i had to do to fix it for me
  9. i recently got an ssd for arma and it helps allot. i would highly recommend it if your going to take cas roles because it just helps with the ma loading in quicker. also with all the mods we use it makes load time a lot faster.
  10. 2nd mission: alpha 2IC it was good we we never were waiting before we could go to the next objective and were always doing something. the final fight (defending the base/outpost thing) was great fun. we need more missions like this.
  11. if that doesn't work. send me a msg or quote this and i will see if i can help you out in the teamspeak. you can describe to be whats happening better then.
  12. you could try deleting and re-installing the sound files that is how i solved the problem for me.
  13. first mission. sat in truck. we drove around a bit. not much happened in delta was still good fun
  14. mission 2: i enjoyed it a lot. delta being rescued by other squads is something i haven seen before so was quiet enjoyable.
  15. agreed. there should be a beret