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  1. Thread locked, Already a thread for this posted 9 Hours ago.
  2. Crump03
  3. Just to so people knows aswell, it wasny a mortar was a BMP sitting on the hill north for the whole mission.
  4. The problem with that is all the zeus's prefer the RHS/Projectopfor units, So using vanilla assets alot of the time arent a solution, We'd also never have a challenger fighting a challenger either.
  5. For that i can't tell, its the zeus AT Mine's since those would be the only i could place on a mission.
  6. Thread locked. Repost.
  7. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION NOT CM TEAM: Now as a zeus, i'm not going to cater to a invincible tank nor will i be teaching other zeus's how you can kill it. Now the testing i did, It took 40 BLOODY AT MINES... 40. I fucked about with SMAW's, TOW's, RPG7's, And RPG-32's, The only thing that would do enough damage in one shot was the TOW, So for me the Chally would never get used in my missions since i only use the RHS units again, got bored of future units. If you'd watched drago's video He shot it in all the weak points, i tested it also and shot the tank in all the weak points i know, again it didn't do much. Personally on my zeus mission's, I'll never be using the chally2 until i can kill it with AT Mine's. If i ever have a chally2 on a mission there will be SU25-KH29 Russian jet planes since those things can kill the tank.
  8. PowerColourPlaysGames
  9. Your Name: Admin Team Player Name: Hydraa_ Reason: Distributing porn in the TS. Length : 21 days Additional Info: People really should use common sense. You don't distribute porn in the TS, or the website, or anything FK. 3 week ban due to the nature of the ban and that Hydra was banned LESS THAN 48 hours ago.
  10. Why you summon me here
  11. I wanted to kill the guys on the hill with the rockets, Delta being in the area was a bonus point. Everyone on that mission had a good run too, 20/30minutes of action means i kill people in anyway possible when i zeus.
  12. Try and use pastebin for the logs that are REALLYREALLY long, i've edited your comment to be a pastebin link. KATLA AWAY!
  13. until

    I approved this Slochy, but noones told me if i wasnt meant too, so inform me if this ones not happening
  14. Your Name: Katla Richard Hardcock Haddock Player Name: Daniel Thump Reason: Trolling Additional Info: Yelled n****r alot, so got banned. Also Perma ban