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  1. Moved to correct section... i think
  2. REGARDING ZEUS CAMPAIGNS All zeus missions including campaigns wanted to be played on main missions must still refer to this posts rules, Meaning all slots are asked for on the day. I will not be looking nor approving any zeus campaigns on the calendar, you ask on the day. The main reason for this being, People are posting campaigns on the calendar to reserve a zeus slot days to even a week in advance, at that point you make a scripted mission not zeus.
  3. Your Name: Richard_HaddockPlayer Name: _PsychoCloWn_Reason: Trolling. Perma.
  4. Thread Locked
  5. A note note note: Zeus slots are claimed on the day.
  6. 10/10 with rice
  7. Your Name: Richard_Haddock Player Name: Nate Reason: Blasted a soundboard down mic
  8. I hope you realize we're basically the same as Nopryl, It would be a even fight anyway...
  9. It was a idea i think i brought up once, but i don't believe nopryl play PVP.
  10. Your Name: Richard_Haddock Player Name: BreadMaker Reason: Trolling Additional Info: Ban is permanent.
  11. Katla... are you actually 15?

    1. Katla_Haddock
    2. Jonathan Dagan

      Jonathan Dagan

      damn you sound older... take it as a compliment:D

  12. To possibly claim a zeus slot for main missions you message Me, if i'm not available either Message a other zeus trainer or a CM. A note : We will pick which person gets it so don't get upset if you're not picked. A note note: All zeus's will be finalized at 5PM British time.
  13. campaign

    Keep the Memes out of the thread.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    C O M I C _ S A N S _ I S _ B E S T _ F O N

  15. No more arguing in this thread.