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  1. never had that so far
  2. Because you are not quite right: the Smaw can be only up to 500 meters zeron and Maaws up to 900 meters but both can destroy targets over 1000-1600 meters. With the Maaws it is easier to destroy targets over 500 meters. After 900 meters you should rather use the Smaw because the Spotting Rounds are very helpful at that point. I have personally have spent many hours with the Maaws in Exile and I find it defensive better than the Smaw and it is easier to hit Targets with the Maaws Sight even when they are moving and you can better adjust the range . But thats just my persenal thought. Mfg Syndicate
  3. I got the problem aswell sometimes it works sometimes not
  4. until

    So Hyped for this
  5. 1.St Mission Riflemann Echo Zeus: @V1rU5 Was a good Mission Idea well done but personally not that mutch enemies Squad: @Callistano he guided us well like every time so nothing to say about it our Medic @BonSie did his Job good well and @Lenny took out some things out with his lovely Smaw over all good Mission so far till the Server died MFG Syndicate
  6. yeah I would love to play in little team like 2-4 People
  7. Would love it to do some pvp vs fk guys good idea @Lenny