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  1. - SPACING - People crossing in front of you while you're engaging and ending up being lit up by you because THEY DIDN'T CALL OUT THAT THEY WERE CROSSING. - Not clearing back blast. - When you called clear back blast and someone still walked in it, got hurt then proceeds to bitch about it. - Being told by the medic you're going to be okay only for a suicide heli to crash right next to you. - ArmA being ArmA. - Katla no. - Joining your second mission ever as platoon medic then ending up becoming platoon lead because @Digby Tatham-Warter made the mission and oh god there's corpses everywhere. - People not saying the bearings of contacts when you ask three times. - Throwing smokes behind the vehicles while in a convoy. - People running right by unconscious comrades and leaving them to die. - People SEEING their comrade getting shot, fall behind hard cover, and still leaving them to die when there's no engagement going on anymore. - People getting injured and not putting tourniquets on their injured limbs until a medic can get to them, then bleeding out because of it. - Bananas. - Being told to stop saying REEEEEEEEEEEEE - Offering to carry ammo for more people because you're at 15kg and no one replies, then runs out of ammo during mission. - @mrrbatty Can think of more when necessary.
  2. until

  3. LESSON ONE, REEEEEEEEEE. Also blood for the blood gods.
  4. Wouldn't mind it. But I won't be able to play for a few days due to downloads, and I wouldn't call myself an expert with how everything works (especially mods).
  5. You mean you're using rounds that aren't included in our mods?
  6. First mission, Foxtrot DMS. Zeus: Woody & Verich. Well done lads. This was a very enjoyable mission to me. We had plenty of stuff to do and had a more than exciting encounter with a hostile tank. For some miraculous reason we all survived. Even though our vic was absolutely shagged. SL: Wattsits. Overall I think you did a decent job being SL. However, if you flip a car while we still need to reach our dismount point to give overwatch you might want to ping Zeus to ask for them to fix it. It didn't look like our absence mattered a whole lot, but in some missions providing overwatch is critical. I also do not know why you DC'd in the middle of the mission but I suppose that was simply bad luck. 2iC: Vesper Akiri. Also a decent job. Though when SL DC'd don't be afraid to take command. We rely on you when something happens to the SL :p. Next time it might be an idea to get moving faster after the SL seems to disappear. Makes it less tempting for Zeus to rain hell upon us.
  7. I think it's said somewhere already, but you don't have to be mentioned in this post as a big brother/sister to help someone out. If you see an fng struggling help them out and if they end up in a mission offer them to tag along and help with their gear. Shouldn't be too difficult to do it without having to be told to
  8. Hmp. Fine. I'll go kidnap an FNG myself.
  9. First one to vote HAHA. Taking mission times and training times and timezones in account, I thought 4,2 hours prior, and 7,9 hours after was a decent time. Doesn't seem too ridiculous and leaves plenty of time to prepare for mission and gives FNG'S an opportunity to join the second or later missions. I think some logic is missing somewhere but oh well. Must be the fumes from detergents.
  10. Picked the airborne/parachute stuff. Why? Because ziplining. Also it seems quite interesting to me to drop into a not necessarily safe zone where we need to regroup and start from. I'm not quite sure however. Never made a scenario myself so I'm curious about what input other people will give.
  11. Yes. Might take a while since the admin and I are both busy and in different time zones. When I know enough I'll make an event on the calendar for it.
  12. Wait. It's capable of rhetorical questions?
  13. Mission #1 First time Bravo 2iC Anden stayed alive, didn't need to do much. Feared a Titan 1-1 revenge shell half of the mission. Assaulted by stairs. Typical Arma day.
  14. Seeing 18 people already have cast a positive vote I think it's safe to say I'll go through with this. Sadly, I think we can get max 15 people in simply because it's a multiplayer server and we can't occupy it completely with slots. Plus a group of 15 is insane on its own. I'll talk things through with one of the admins there so details about when and on which map are still to come. Thanks for showing your interest! @Lenny I'll pass the exact details on to you once I know more so I can make an event for it on the calendar. That way you know what's up and such.