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  1. Might just be because of the server crashing. So I'd recommend trying it again today and making sure you set the correct directory. It's all explained in the guide. If problems persist you can always get on TS, sit in the mod help channel, and wait for someone to hop on to help you.
  2. guess what? MOTHERFUCKING SANDWICHES Sinderi I think.
  3. until

    Afaik, be regular, ask one of the trainers to evaluate you during mission.
  4. Lemme just...
  5. until

    I volunteer as victim o/
  6. My hair used to be like that actually.
  7. Oh my goodness YES.
  8. Hey ho hello. As some of you might've noticed during the past couple of weeks I've been playing a game called Riders of Icarus. (Not to be confused with Guns of Icarus) It's a free MMORPG on steam with lots of grinding and lots of mounts you can get. If you're not into the grindy type of game, this probably isn't something you'll like. We're playing on Europe - Akaldus, and by now have a guild (Eleison) set up. Shoot me a message on TS if you're interested in playing along with us and want to be added. Some trailer stuff: My current characters are: Sindrei - lvl 30 Berserker Vora - lvl 10 Ranger Eldad - lvl 3 Wizard
  9. until

    No clue if I'll make it (hence why I'm not signed up), but if there's a spot left around start time I'll gladly fill it.
  10. until

    Fox 1 Autorifleman. Name's already there, commenting just to make sure <3
  11. until

    Prepare for lots of running.
  12. 100+ bandages to compensate for stupid.
  13. until

    Oh you know I'm in for this.
  14. @Callistano 'walking' into your line of fire.
  15. - SPACING - People crossing in front of you while you're engaging and ending up being lit up by you because THEY DIDN'T CALL OUT THAT THEY WERE CROSSING. - Not clearing back blast. - When you called clear back blast and someone still walked in it, got hurt then proceeds to bitch about it. - Being told by the medic you're going to be okay only for a suicide heli to crash right next to you. - ArmA being ArmA. - Katla no. - Joining your second mission ever as platoon medic then ending up becoming platoon lead because @Digby Tatham-Warter made the mission and oh god there's corpses everywhere. - People not saying the bearings of contacts when you ask three times. - Throwing smokes behind the vehicles while in a convoy. - People running right by unconscious comrades and leaving them to die. - People SEEING their comrade getting shot, fall behind hard cover, and still leaving them to die when there's no engagement going on anymore. - People getting injured and not putting tourniquets on their injured limbs until a medic can get to them, then bleeding out because of it. - Bananas. - Being told to stop saying REEEEEEEEEEEEE - Offering to carry ammo for more people because you're at 15kg and no one replies, then runs out of ammo during mission. - @mrrbatty Can think of more when necessary.