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  1. A way around it is using this mod which is client side so it wont cause conflicts with the server or have you kicked out. A lot of people that Zeus here, myself included use this mod for the compositions. ZEC Zeus/Eden Compostions
  2. Nah i just got to use curse. When I played minecraft mods were pretty much drag and drop seems like it is not the case anymore. Thx either way @Chuck Yeager
  3. I haven't played minecraft since 2-3 years ago and I like to manually install mods instead of having an app like curse running/installing my mods. If its possible how do you manually get your mods to work on Minecraft?
  4. @Spazz Actually there is a 64bit .dll file for the current TFR version. Just scroll down and it should be there.
  5. Task force is working for me just fine. What it seems to be broke for everyone I was with in one of the lounges was Shacktack's Interface
  6. Well it basically means people want more mods or simply replace some with others but dont want to get a bigger repo size. @Brumhartt
  7. Fun mission for Delta in Opfor. Most of the 40 or 50 minutes we were just on OW duty and only engaged during the blitzkrieg Blufor tried to do at the last second. Don't blame it on the mission ofc since this is player vs player and not AI
  8. @Cyico Yeah thx
  9. Nope I cant use the download. Maybe put it in drop box or something. @Cyico
  10. His download doesnt seem to work
  11. @Life010 from Radio's post up there
  12. Shit playlist cause Fortunate Son isnt the first one. 0/10 would start at the end
  13. 3rd mission: Attached to charlie. Before the completion of the first objective lost both SL and 2iC so took command. After completing our objective my Arma shit itself and had to close it. Was told to not join because they were gonna try to setup maybe a forth mission or simply restart the server (If I got that wrong I'm sorry for not rejoining Charlie) Also 70 people spec ops doesnt seem to work that well specially due to the fact that I associate spec ops with stealth and the first 5 mins into the city we were already getting into an all out war against the enemy forces
  14. One added note: at least for me, if both Dynasound and JSRS have pbos for the same sound effect no matter how i setup thet priority of the mods Dynasound seems to override JSRS always. That being said IMO the A10 gau for example sounds like shit with Dynasound so if you prefer a specific weapon sound from JSRS (mainly gun sounds because dynasound has no ambient sound files so you dont need to worry about those) just delete the corresponding file from the Dynasound folder and you should be good to go. This might be common sense to some people but for others like me it took me a while to figure it out (mainly because i kept deleting the 30mm gatling pbo file thinking it was the A10's GAU until i searched for files named gau ).
  15. Did you download the mods to begin with? If so try to check the files in Arma3Sync and redownload any corrupted/erased files.