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  1. TheGamblersDice
  2. In the F-18, which is not part of RHS, you get the D variant which seems, due to creator's magic, to be laser/wired/IR guided altough it should only be IR. The F-15 and F-16 mods have the right AGM variants working. In 4 years we will get them
  3. I see what you mean. Also what is still broken on the F/A-18 E/F I though the maker made a patch that fixed the stuff jets dlc broke /changed. Well I guess I can keep dreaming about one day having Firewill's F-16 (even though the 2 seater variant is useless) cause that thing can carry a LOT of payload. Or the F15 (which makes the WSO a viable slot that can laser and fire ordnance if I recall correctly).
  4. Last time I checked, the F/A-181 was presented by BI as a multirole aircraft (which makes it capable of CAP aswell as CAS). Having messed with it it is more than capable of providing air support for units on the ground. Besides, you can change its Loadout in game, not just in Eden editor, to fill all our CAS needs.
  5. When you try to plant a fuse fuze charge on a wood barricade right on the objective
  6. Hey everyone! I have played Payday 2 before, having about 500 hours on it (the grind), but then I lost interest on it due to a lack of people to play with and have fun (pubs sometimes are not good). Saw that Payday 2 is basically free for the first 5 million people that download it as of now and would think that maybe some of you would be interested. If you get it and want to have some fun on it add me and I'll reinstall the game to spend some time on it again. And Wolf stay off the dance floor.
  7. If you scroll down a bit on that thread there seems to be confirmation that landing and the ropes for the tailhook work. No mention of the catapult system though. EDIT: this was also in the thread <3 Further testing proves that catapults don't seem to work (what a shame) but landing works fine.
  8. @Argon Then you are not a great driver just average with some fancy air times
  9. When we used to do checkpoint missions more regurarly, specially during the off time ops, I would get really triggered when I or any other SL tells their squad to only fire when fired uppon and to aim for tires only, in civilian vehicles, only to see either a random m136 being shot at a Ural with a civ or the drivers getting sniped from the vehicles as if we are talibans ambushing a convoy.
  10. Oh my slav squad @PVT. J. Mohammed (the pilot) @Rezonath @Schmorfson and some others I can't remember if they were on the 1st and on the 2nd mission didn't actually go for that objective since we went on a suicide mission to get the helicopter in order to deal with the MI-24 just to be super dissapointed that it was a unarmed MI-8 xD. For us it was quite action packed but the said AI related stuff like the shooting through walls was what made us get really pissed. But again that is not your fault. I'm kind of talking on the behalf of the other squads which I saw the progress was really slow on the map.
  11. Even though the squad I take part in (aka The Slav Squad) on your missions is pretty retarded I actually find them fun and the last one we did yesterday was good except for two things: time and the broken ai (altough that is a WH client / server problem). In terms of time I feel that, since the missions are done in the afternoon and therefore only existing about 3 squads (mine included) the objectives were two far apart from each other which would leave Plt to either decide that everyone would go to the same objective together or they would need to make each squad go alone to a different objective. Besides that we had a good 15+ minute drive until we reached not even the first point but the first enemy contact. This lead to a mission that was 2 hours long and from my analysis purely based on keeping tabs on the rest of the squads on the map it was due to slow advance of said squads or a lot of dead time with no action. In regards to Ai, I don't know if its a specific faction or if it were the headless clients themselves but, the AI were both shooting through buildings/walls aswell as shooting at uncoscious players (altough this is more of an problem for the admins/script kiddies like @greybeardralph @anden3 and rest of the people involved in making scripts/ doing maintenance on the servers. TL;DR : Fun but time consuming mission. Make objectives less far apart from eachother and maybe have a start points/LZ be closer to the action/objectives.
  12. @Trahsi @Sora01 Today I might not be online for the usual time I am but if you happen to see me in TS just poke me and Ill help any of you a bit.
  13. Yeah that is what I was talking about
  14. If the whole carrier works as one object when added to the Zeus interface we could easily make a custom composition with the attachTo module to a SDV sub (I have done some true Power Ranger /Transformer shit with it so it shouldnt be too different if its like im saying). If it doesnt work in Zeus it should be possible in the editor.
  15. Ill be more than glad to help you if you need ofc. Also want to let you know that if you think about doing something for jets in the vr map do know that its quite buggy if the jet flies too far away from the center spawn point.