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  1. So as from the news piece posted by @Sarissa an hour ago: Currently stating this: Guides are up, however when I follow the link, or simply go into the "Guides" section, I'm met with this: Is it just something messed up on my side, or where proper guides not supposed to be uploaded yet? Since from the former post it sounded like they should have been posted and accessible. Thanks
  2. @Sarissa This needs to be played on repeat on any and all UNSUNG missions.
  3. Yeah, ArmA isn't the best game for racing (understatement of the century). But since NeilZar posted his times here, my competitive side got the best of me.
  4. For the record, I was using a PS3 controller...
  5. Hah, also make sure you're doing a lap straight after you finish one. If you're doing a standing start there's no chance to get a fast time.
  6. Yeah the physics for the karts is quite wacky. If you're not 100% on the throttle all the time and sliding like a maniac you're doing something wrong.
  7. I highly doubt that's relevant For the record, so does @Suprec
  8. Got karts DLC yesterday. @NeilZar did you really think your records would have stayed unbeaten for long?
  9. Ugh, all this time I tried putting in the name I had in my arma profile "Mihax209", apparently I needed my steam ID...
  10. until

    Don't know if I can help, but I'll be around that time so I could give a hand if needed.
  11. Also, speaking Russian to a zeus-controlled captive with him only being able to say "da","cyka" and "vodka" is quite hilarious.
  12. until

    Those sound like awesome minigame ideas. Really hope I can make it. Also, hope this one will be able to be set up quicker, because last time it mostly got bogged down with the A-10 FFA set up (was still fun throughout though!).
  13. until

    Retroactively, I realized my throttle was set up wrong. Putting my throttle above 50% meant the in-game throttle kept increasing, while putting it below 50% meant the in-game one kept reducing. So I was effectively flying using a binary throttle of "FULL POWER" and "NO POWER". Maybe that helped. That is also why it took me ages to taxi to the runway when I got clearance. I was like "inch forwards a tiny bit", throttle went "OKAY FULL POWER IT IS". I really jinxed myself for this one by now haven't I? Really freakin hope I can make it. Also, @Woody do you have a computer to be playing Arma 3 on now? Edit: Hang on, A-10 fight?! They're practically bricks with some wings and a gatling gun. Dis gon be gud.
  14. until

    Yes yes oh sweet daddy yes. Trying to move things around tomorrow so I could make this.
  15. Had really good fun from the first 2 missions. First one gave me PTSD, second one surprised me with how well a mission of 60+ people can work on such a tiny map. I was also glad there was enough time for a third smaller mission, had great fun as prophet. And also, fuck you @V1rU5 and @Hekhal (forgot which one of you spawned the bearded ghost person that scared the shit out of me).