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  1. So is anyone gonna be showing up today? Or are we gonna have a repeat of yesterday?
  2. @Kalagen Well fuck, something came up so I probably won't be able to do it today. I'm free any other day of the week (unless something else will come up). Edit: Oh, didn't see that both Monday was also under "tentative day", it's all cool then, should be able to make it tomorrow.
  3. @kalagen (ffs tagging doesn't work on mobile for me), for future stuff where you need to organize a bunch of people in one date, try making anstrawpoll for it. You'd be able to quickly see if there's a day with enough people, or if not, go with the day where most people can (make it multiple choice to mark all days where you are able to participate).
  4. This is probably how we're gonna start to hate each other, I'm cool with it though
  5. I have the normal JSRS SOUNDMOD, should I install this instead of just install it in addition? I'm guessing the latter. I'm a dumb-dumb.
  6. Yup, also back when katla, I think, did the trench defense missions (oh memories), a bunch of people couldn't play because they didn't have apex. There's a bunch of good props from so, or so I heard.
  7. That sounds like a really good system overall, I just have one little nit-picky thing: I believe that in ArmA if you check a corpse's dead body corpse's pulse it tends to despawn, which could cause major issues if that body had something valuable on it, e.g. LR, Explosives, etc. It seems that the only decent way to check deadness is to look for whether or not his gun fell out of his hands (I believe that whenever you ragdoll the gun always falls off). Unless this has been fixed already, in which case discard everything I just said
  8. Never did one of those, might as well give it a try. Second Mission: Alpha Rifleman Zeus: @Neroxen @Realboy @Argon Liked what you did with the place, no place (that I saw) that was stupendously cramped with enemies, yet still enough to cause trouble and punish us for our mistakes. Which also does wonders for people that have FPS issues (like me). Liked it very much. Platoon: @ThatWalder Didn't have any direct interaction, but I stated a few times through that mission that I liked the plan on the map, the "leap frog" as others called it. It worked since each half of the platoon that wasn't clearing a specific town had a way to go around it without being exposed to fire and without attracting attention. It also allowed our squad (after everything went to shit on the first engagement) to carry on going while on a BMP scare; basically there was a BMP spotted around us which we hadn't seen, and we had conflicting calls on whether or not it was destroyed. So normally moving on would have caused us to be fucked from behind, however we knew we were advancing with the other squads on the way, so we could run there for support. Squad: Squad Lead: @Nugget30 As others have stated, that first engagement might have been a bit exaggerated (instant death put us on our asses, safe to say). BUT, when you returned and we engaged the second town, you did learn your lesson, as we stopped a safe distance away from the town in a forest. We did still take some fire, but it was more manageable. So good work on that, everyone makes mistakes but the good players change and adapt. I've also been under your command in a squad before, so I know that was a one off. 2ic: @Sanddude Good job on keeping the squad organized while ic was handling comms, assisting drivers with our lack of GPS, keeping morale up , basically keeping the troops organized and ready to fight, what a good 2ic should do. Also when our squad lead went down you took over command quick and did what was necessary, unfortunately that was short lived due to a commercial break starring a technical. In the second town we went to, you did the same things I mentioned, and led us to the last town where it was already mission end. Love having you in my squad as per usual. On an unrelated note, WHEN THE HELL WILL YOU GET REGULAR. Seriously, it's about time. @Bobblehead Very good job on taking over the squad when even more shit hit the fan, we went in very organized, dealt with the remaining enemy forces and didn't lose a single soldier! The rest of you lot @thePier @Torofad @HootiePumpkin @Rogue @Lyecer (and the mentioned above) had a blast having you in my squad, that was great fun.
  9. Would love if that flashlight would actually work, but as you saw whenever a vehicle had it's lights on or a flair was shot nearby, a few of the lights around us would stop working. It's ArmA's lighting limitation, where when enough light sources are on, it shuts down some of the others. I wish there was a way around it, it'd be awesome. Also, good work on your end, as soon as I had to replace lars as MAT when he was being patched up, you quickly grabbed my backpack and was ready to assist. I'm glad you made it to the end, sorry that when I had to take over the squad I sort of went "make your way back up", it was just lars next to me at that point, and we both had about 4 wounds reopening, so I knew that if we'd go back we'd lose what was then 2/3 of the squad. Also tank
  10. I used the RHS one (I tried those things before we got the new mod), will try it again with the TF47 mod. About seeing where it hits without tracer, it's possible, but only if you are very certain about where the shot will land, to a really narrow area. Could be just my graphics settings, but seeing that tiny spec of dust appear somewhere on the screen is incredibly difficult; and I'm pretty sure that it flat out stopped appearing after about 900m-1 click. Edit: Alright, so the TF47 spotting rifle tracer also goes off at that same range. However, the impact thing the spotting round leaves seems to be very terrain dependent. When I assisted someone in an op, and when I tested it out a few days ago it was almost impossible to see where it landed (I would even argue that spec of dust didn't appear), however on other terrain types it's clear as day to see that impact effect.
  11. Really? I've played about with it in editor, and assisted someone in placing a smaw shot in an op, both those times the tracer turned off after about 750m...
  12. Not really. In my experience, the spotting round's tracer goes out at about 750-850 meters. So unless you keep an eye for that tiny spec of dust when the non tracer spotting round hits (good luck with that), you're better off calculating through the scope (which is also a problem, cause you can't see lower in the scope than 950m range).
  13. Thinking back on that situation, I think you're right, a bunch of us acted poorly and it led to you being fed a bunch of irrelevant/inconsistent information, which led to mistakes. We should have been more ordered and properly handled the situation to let you have a chance at a proper shot. I think I may have slagged you off for missing those SMAW shots, and I'd like to apologize. Even if those misses weren't the outcome of a complete clusterfuck that would have caused most people to miss, I shouldn't have done that. I think the best way to avoid such things in the future is to just listen for a direct order from SL for engagement. That way it could eliminate the problem of having too many cooks in the kitchen and too many voices in your ear.
  14. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd
  15. So as from the news piece posted by @Sarissa an hour ago: Currently stating this: Guides are up, however when I follow the link, or simply go into the "Guides" section, I'm met with this: Is it just something messed up on my side, or where proper guides not supposed to be uploaded yet? Since from the former post it sounded like they should have been posted and accessible. Thanks