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  1. Zeus: @Tomo Platoon: @Rezonath Squad Foxtrot: SL Me, Medic @DollTon Mission was interesting from the zeusing, having two platoons with different objectives working in concert is a really neat idea, enjoyed that a lot. Dalton was a fucking hero after the squad got wiped by the IFV, took it out then made it to the embassy and brought cineafx from the brink of death. So full kudos to him, rest of the squad listened to orders and were generally not causing me to want to hang myself so thats always a plus.
  2. Zeus: @Rorkiy Platoon: Rezonath Squad: @Servok We were MAT in both missions, in the first mission servok got FF'd and died and I couldn't grab his gustav because of arma, didnt really have much of an impact on the mission afterwards, just a note to Fox-1 to check their fire. In the second mission me and servok brought down a few targets with the carl gustav, was nice and easy to work with him. Gave clear instructions on what he wanted and apart from one small backblast injury we worked well as a team. @Rorkiy two good missions, only thing I could say is with an abrams and dedicated MAT throwing a couple armored targets in the second mission would have been nice.
  3. Zeus: Woody Platoon: Don't know didn't interact with them at all (I think Rezonath) Squad: SL @Mittens , 2iC @Tobe Missions went largely to plan, Mittens kept the squad all informed of what we needed to know, @Rokitiger was being adverserial at spawn but tobe and mittens kept their cool and cleared everything up. As per usual Mittens toed the line between commanding and joking around, but in the right amounts, the only thing I could say to do differently is to not have SL and 2iC at the front of a column or wedge as you ended up dieing quite early. In terms of platoon I think we overcommitted resources to the town we were clearing as there weren't many enemies but that's hard to tell before the engagement happens.
  4. Zeus: Katla Platoon: Docta Squad: SL @Mittens 2iC @Tobe Mission was fairly quiet for us, we cleared a compound that Raptor had hit so we didn't have much to take out. Mittens and Tobe kept good order in the squad, and we moved from objective to the town to assist alpha and bravo, we started clearing buildings and then the mission was scrapped. Not really too much to say, the AI bugs kind of screwed up the mission, but regardless it was a good time.
  5. Perhaps the AI was fucked up in some way, sometimes headless likes to make the AI shoot through light cover, but the AI skill was turned way way down due to the fact the mission was largely FNG's, and the guys who stayed seemed to have no problem dealing with the enemy.
  6. Server 1 Main Mission 1 Zeus: @cineafx @Rogue @Weegie Platoon: @Rezonath Delta Squad: SL @ZentharTheMagician 2iC @Oirien Medic @BonSie AAR @hawk1411 AAR ass. @Carwyn R.LAT @HolyBunny R.LAT @mekboy_4000 Rifleman @benji So we left with the second wave of helis and safely made it to our LZ from there we moved to our overwatch point, finding it useless we moved further up to overwatch obj 3. @ZentharTheMagician took blue team to assault the obj while I took red team to provide fire support. whilst assaulting @ZentharTheMagician and one other took Cat-2 wounds so I called in casevac. Red team pushed up to help secure the area and after casevac arrived to get our men out I commanded the rest of the squad whilst we moved into the town of oreokastro. We cleared the town with Alpha, Bravo and Charlie and then we set up a base of fire to the southeast. We were pushed on by a pair of Ghosthawks, and at least 1 a-10, one MBT and several LAV's. after holding those off for a prolonged period, we heard the call to get to our evac point whereupon we had to carry several of our squad to the birds to evac. Upon arriving at the field hospital we found that there were no doctors and had to wait to get our men the help they needed. We held at the field hospital until mission was complete. @ZentharTheMagician always a great squadlead even if he's always about to have an aneurysm. Clear, concise orders and good chain of command. @BonSie kept everyone patched up until they could be evaced, and that's all you can ask of a field medic. @hawk1411 you got lost and didn't call it out but apart from that you did fine. @Carwyn functioned properly as assistant autorifleman giving adjustments etc. @HolyBunny Followed orders and generally did a good job. @mekboy_4000 Once again did just fine, followed orders and was generally competent. @Benji forgot to bring NVG so top meme's for you. @cineafx and the other zeuses seemed like a fair and well rounded mission, though perhaps being warned the enemy was going to have as much air support as they did might have been nice. @Rezonath I didn't have much contact with platoon but the mission plan seemed well thought out and kept all the elements busy and engaged.
  7. Zeus: @Natnanny @Fred Platoon: @Oirien So this was the assasinate el presidente mission. So, we set up a fairly simple plan of get to the town south of the airstrip, clear it with the 3rd squad providing overwatch, and then move into the airstrip and secure the airstrip then murder the president. So as far as zeusing it was well done, no overwhelming enemy presence and the enemy had reasonable assets. Our plan went fairly well, it took us a bit longer to get into the airstrip after clearing the town than I would have liked but our guys had taken some heavier wounds so it took a bit for them to get back to strength. Alpha and Bravo did well with their assaults, actually moving up to their AO's and holding them well. Charlie set up a good overwatch and then the mission largely went by the book and we successfully murdered the president.
  8. Sorry to correct you but I was Platoon lead on that mission not zeus.
  9. the tanks were t-34-85's aka russian early/mid WW2 Tanks
  10. Server 1 Main Mission 1 Zeus: @Rorkiy Platoon: @Rezonath Squad: SqLD @Callistano, 2iC @Sanddude Bravo squad moved forward clearing buildings and eliminating light resistance on or way to our objective the Hotel. We set up an effective firebase covering the road however due to heavier resistance for other squads we ended up getting flanked rather heavily and after our autorifleman team being taken down @Callistano called for a tactical retreat. Delta squad was able to re-secure the hotel while we regrouped. after regrouping we pushed into the town, encountering heavier resistance but were once again forced to fall back due to enemy light armor vehicles and a lack of any LAT weaponry. After falling back we made our way to the eastern edge of the town securing the road into the town until the final hostage could be evaced, then headed home. Props to @Callistano for having a lot of awareness of the situation and not just holding our ground and getting us mowed down Server 1 Mission 2 Zeus: @Tomo @Silberjojo Platoon: Squad: SqLD @SGz_Eliminated 2iC @Not Connor Medic @Spooks Alpha squad successfully made our LZ, we made our way into the compound slowly whilst taking out enemy targets from our overlook position, once we made it to the compound myself and eliminated secured the HVT, however on the way to the pickup site, eliminated took several hits and was KIA. I finished the job of securing the HVT in our pickup bird. We then took a defensive posture around the LZ to allow Charlie and Delta squads to safely pack up into their birds, however when the birds returned for Alpha and Bravo there was a critical error in the lead bird causing it to explode (it landed on an enemy technical) killing me instantly. from there I didn't see much of the mission until the final FoB where I was pinned down by myself by an enemy MBT in an overlook position over the enemy FoB. Server 1 Off Hours 1 Zeus: @Silver Snow Platoon: @Oirien RTO: @Spooks During this mission crossroads informed us of several enemy generator objectives that needed to be blown up with detonator charges, and an enemy FoB that all lay in a valley, we were also informed that the enemy had mortar support and had set minefields in the hills surrounding the valley, at this point I had 3 squads of infantry and a knight asset. As the men approached the first objective Bravo squad got confused as to their orders and @Spooks was sent to command that unit and get them into their designated AO, upon successfully achieving that the first two generator sites fell easily. After the enemy mortar barrage had ceased the squads remounted and made our way to the second objective. Progress was slow on this push as Charlie and Bravo got heavily pinned down next to their vehicles, eventually friendly artillery was able to provide a smokescreen for them to safely get closer to their AO, the squads were evntually able to clear the town and plant the explosives on the next two generators. However when reformed for the third objective Charlie squad went rogue and charged the enemy objective by themselves. Shortly after I received contact from crossroads saying that the surviving squadmembers had been captured by russian forces and were being held underneath one of the generator sites, I tasked Alpha with retrieving Charlie and Bravo with neutralising the second objective, however Bravo got bogged down and PltHQ (which had just taken down the enemy mortar site and static AA) moved in and @Spooks went in and blew the final generator. Alpha succeeded in their mission to rescue charlie and after blowing up the final generator we recieved a mission complete. All in all a good mission, Bravo got a little lost at the start and I don't know exactly what possessed Charlie to suicide charge like they did, but apart from that the mission went smoothly as could be expected. Server 1 Off Hours 2 Zeus: @Slouchy Orc Platoon: @Oirien FAC @Josh Rees RTO @Hurrrr 2iC 2LT.Sabre Medic @Spooks We were tasked with securing some hostages and securing a weapons cache with an optional objective to destroy an enemy drug factory, we had a friendly knight asset as well as a CAS Littlebird, and towards the end of the mission a fast mover CAS Jet. KNGT en route to our disembark point spotted hostiles armed with AK's and RPG's and neutralised them, the convoy took small arms fire throughout the push to the town. Upon arriving Alpha and Charlie pushed forward to secure the southern edge of the town as Bravoo Secured the hostages. After that we started to push towards the enemy, the call went out that an enemy t-34 was approaching, Charlie was able to destroy the target. all squads continued to push forward whilst coming under heavy enemy fire, as we secured the weapons cache, we recieved intel from crossroads that enemy armour was incoming, and shortly after a m-24 Hind and multiple enemy BTR's were spotted, all elements moved to secure the compound and destroy the enemy armour and air assets, after destroying the enemy ground forces we blew up the weapons cache and recieved a mission complete. Shoutout to @Hurrrr and @Josh Rees both doing their roles for the first time and did admirably, thanks to @Spooks and 2LT.Sabre for coaching them throughout the mission.
  11. Server 2 - FNG VR training Zeus: @ThatSlickOniichan Platoon: Myself We went through a series of VR excercises with a prophet, knight and raptor team. Server 1 - 2nd Mission Zeus: @Doctadoone @Jacob_Waltz Platoon: Squad: Delta SqLD @Spooks , Medic @proxyship, 2iC @Oirien We drove in convoy to our designated base of fire with minimal casualties, we set up a defensive line and started to lay down fire into the enemy held compounds. Unforunately from there I was KIA, on reinforcing I met up with Delta again, and we along with foxtrot took a small enemy compound, where enemy paratroopers attempted to land on us where they were executed shamelessly. Almost immediately after we took heavy fire from our friendly KNGT squad as they attempted to blow up an already destroyed enemy armor, losing about 70% of our force, the remaining elements of Foxtrot and Delta made our way to set up a firebase for the final push into the enemy HQ, we established our firebase and laid down fire for the remainder of the mission. Server 1 - 3rd Mission Zeus: @Wattsits Platoon: @Doctadoone Squad: Bravo SqdLD @Spooks, Medic @thePier, 2iC @Oirien We started the mission with the order to ford an easily fordable river, however command had forgotten to take into account the rainy season was upon us and we had to swim across with Alpha covering our rears. After we secured our first objective, a small compound just north of the river and were moving onto the second objective an enemy BTR rode in on us, I was able to disable the vehicle with my AT launcher before it could inflict any casualties. we continued to secure our second objective, the castle without much more enemy contact. However as we were moving onto our 3rd Objective the southern bridge we had to avoid two more BTR's and an enemy main battle tank due to lack of anti tank weaponry. We reached the bridge to find that it had been blown up, from there we waded across another river to reach our final objective the HVT, upon securing the target we find out that he was a spy, and that the island was about to get bombed. Server 1 - Offhours 1 Zeus: @Rezonath Platoon: @Oirien Squad: RTO @Spooks In this mission we weere given the assets of two Blackhawk helicopters and one Abrams MBT, with squads Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Our mission was to secure a Bridge and a HVT, and investigate two other towns for enemy presence. I set Charlie and KNGT to take the bridge while Alpha and Bravo went to the HVT's location to secure and evac. Unfortunately whilst firing suppression on the compound the HVT was KIA. Alpha and Bravo then moved north to set up firebases on the first town and awaited the arrival of KNGT and Charlie elements. Upon taking and clearing the town the enemy was reinforced sporadically by several BTR's and one MBT all of which were destroyed or disabled. Alpha was able to secure the enemy MBT and repair it to functional capacity. We neutralised the enemy Vehicle compound in the town and started to move onto the final objective. I had CHarlie move to the west of the town to set up a firebase while all other elements pushed in from the south, we had confirmed the existence of two enemy SPG's at this point and orders from crossroads was to neutralise them. KNGT and Alpha formed the main part of the push as Bravo was down several men, upon locating both SPG's they were eliminated. Sidenote, my first time really leading platoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I didn't really know wtf I was doing. Server 1 - Offhours 2 Zeus: @Happyiest Hippo Platoon: @Spooks Squad: Charlie SQDLD @Oirien This was operation Blonde Moustaches as its come to be known. Essentialy we got dropped in and Charlie proceeded to get hammered over and over again, our medic @Not Connor RQ'ing after the first 10 mins left charlie in a very bad spot for the remainder of the mission. Server 1 - Offhours 3 Zeus: @Slouchy Orc Platoon: Squad: KNGT [email protected], Driver @SxQuadro, Gunner @Oirien Bradley IFV led a combat patrol to investigate and capture an enemy held weapons depot, en route came under heavy small arms fire on multiple occasions, however our convoy was able to push through inflicting heavy enemy casualties, including one BTR, unfortunately as we approached our firebase location, our bradley took a RPG to the rear disabling it. We hitched a ride with PltHQ until a replacement armored asset could be brought in. from there we secured the southern flank of our objective and proceded to blap all hostiles that showed in the enemy held town. KNGT had no casualties and at least 40+ enemy combatants killed. This last one was a fun as fuck mission, I really enjoyed it.
  12. 2nd Mission, Server #1, Rifleman Zeus: Cineafx Platoon: Delta Squad: SL Nirwana, Medic @Lexic, Most of this mission I spent as Lexic's driver as at one of the first engagement points a BTR snuck in behind us and wiped the squad apart from me and Lexic, we witnessed many atrocities that will scar me to this day on that road. But upon being reinforced we made our way up to our objective, providing fire support for the teams securing the tracked AA guns, got back into our truck with elements of foxtrot and a straggler from echo, we headed back to base when our driver DC'd and as we were trying to get a driver into the bugged seat, two more BTR's rolled down the hill at us, wiping the whole truckload. 10/10 would get wrecked by BTR's again. 3rd Mission, Server #1, Delta 2iC Zeus: Unknown Platoon: Delta Squad: @Vipercode SL, @Hentalia Medic, We hit our LZ with Charlie, and wen to secured a valley with some rice fields in it, hitting some contacts in hte jungle our Autorifleman and assistant were KIA. upon reaching the treeline our squad was wiped by HMG fire, apart from myself and the medic. (I'm noticing a theme), killed 2 enemy contacts, and then an enemy technical with a 50cal. Got in contact with platoon and organised reinforcement for Delta and Charlie in the rice fields. about 45 seconds after our bird had retreated and the groups were organising, a truck with a 50cal came out of nowhere and wiped the squad. When we were respawned we dropped off charlie in their LZ, and then our heli took 50cal fire disabling the engine, our pilot, I think it was @potato managed to somehow get us down safely, however our squad was reduced to myself and a rifleman LAT, we took out the 50 cal jeep that had pinged our team, and as were making our way back to the beach to grab the LR radio another 50cal jeep drove up to us, killed the LAT rifleman before I could neutralise it. I made my way back to the heli, and grabbed the LR Radio, called in air evac and got teleported to Bravo squad. from there we supported the final push of the mission. Did about 3-4 more missions after this but they're all a bit jumbled in my mind.