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    "nice thing about admin is I can slot up myself when i call out a slot" - anden 2k17
  2. I don't think so, that might be covered by getting the FAC or a fixed wing tag (for the greyhawk for example). Drone usage is so dynamic it can be used by any squad or asset for recon or targeting. Drone usage is a platoon's decision so you are always free to ask during slotting up if you can use one. Zeus decides which type though (if you want an armed one that is, raven/darter are up for grabs after Platoon's approval).
  3. Looking forward! Question; who won't we use the already existing Battle Royale templates? Or tweak those to our modset?
  4. Other squads can't even see your team colour, matey.
  5. Ah see, I never thought of splitting up the LATs, thanks for the input. Now that I think about it, I don't know how the habit grew on a lot of people to immediately join blue team as rifleman/LAT and red team as (A)AR. Where does the medic go?
  6. @Digby Tatham-Warter & @Callistano; what would be the correct squad structure anyway? Personal opinion or based on real world practices I mean, as everyone is free to have a different opinion on this. Fireteam 1 and 2? Buddy system? Could you list the standard FK squad positions where they could/should go under?
  7. I've tried to get my squad to roll in the exact same outfit and weapon (variants were allowed; eg M4 variants) and all I got was a lot of crying.
  8. Try doing this: 1 modset folder (FK repo) 1 extra addon folder (where you drag in your preferred extra addons, and only those) select both folders, then launch the game
  9. Will we be able to use the Jets DLC on the FK server anyway after its release? Tanoa is 9 months after release still not broadly accepter on the server, but I don't know how it goes with new in game items. Are non-dlc people just restricted from using them or can't they actually even see the models? uav bomber internal weapons bay Missile cam
  10. I'm confused, you want to load the ACE 3 extension mod on the FK server? It's not in our repo, just the base mod, if that's what you mean.
  11. I believe they were jeep mounted MILANs, similar to the one we found next to the soon-to-be-commandeered-jackal. Mission 1 Zeus: The amount of aimbot launchers of the enemy might've indeed been a bit much, but it's fun to finally have to fight a better equipped enemy. Being opfor also removed the squad markers on the map which made it even more challenging and fun to keep track on the map. PLT/SL: Charlie SL was kinda slow on reaching out to PLT, we sat in a ditch for too long getting sniped by enemies in a town we didn't even have to cross.
  12. Hi

    So which side are you on, allies or axis? Heil Freedom! We have a lot of Americans and Germans already on here, so you'll fit right in.
  13. Ah! Well i'm lazy so I added the password parameter to the Launcher Options (text field; additional parameters) -password=xxx
  14. It's perfectly fine to use A3S to launch your game, i've never had issues with it. FK #1 is the correct one to connect to. Any other mention of a FK server is probably still the old ip left in the repository.