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  2. until

    @Rorkiy, this is showing up as a 24 hour long event for me, could you double check the start/end time of this training session? edit: well rip people working office hours, scratching attendance
  3. You're missing multiple mods: TFR, RHSUSAF and headless mods are already 3 that are giving you issues. Everyone else is using the exact same mod pack, so chances are the issues lies with your A3S. Double check if you have everything updated of the repo. After you get the list of mods in the repository, make sure to "SELECT ALL" and only then click the download button Go to your addons, on the top right select 'modsets' and select the FK arma repo. Double check MANUALLY that you have all the mods that actually are in the repository Make sure to select that modset, then connect to the server
  4. age of empires

    oh my god. I didn't know AOE IV was a thing, or even in development. AOE III was actually good for what it was. And seeing this announcement trailer, the visuals go all the way up to the minutemen and native americans from AOE III, so the era of 1900 onwards seems plausible (and fun). until then: 14 14 14 14 14 start the game alreadyyy
  5. I think having only 3 voting options is too narrow. What's the use of the feedback threads we had this week? The current three options are basically the same thing that was proposed when the testing started, so i'm not seeing much feedback from those threads being put into these options.
  6. Mission 1, server 2: Zeus: Katla Platoon: Docta SL: @Kalagen/ 2ic whose name I forgot. Although small in initial set up (yet briefing took quite long), seizing one town, we got hit hard by a lot of enemy fire which gave the mission a good challenge. The push with Alpha and Delta went slow though, either people were getting shot too much or the squads weren't where they should be. We kept getting surpressed on that hill for way too long and we kept getting hit one by one, our medic was pretty much a constant bandage dispenser. Squad communications were solid during the first part, but it got very vague and undecisive from our SL as soon as we got pinned down on that hill. Either have us retreat or rush for the town to get hard cover. When we got to the town, 2ic had to take over. I had confirmed enemy hostiles behind us, yet he told us to ignore it and push north. Those hostiles kept shooting us in the back, and seconds after I cleared that barn, we had platoon going into that exact barn with a lot of wounded people. It could've ended with either a part of our squad dead or even platoon dead, because our 2ic didn't assess the situation and apparently didn't radio it in to platoon that they were going into an enemy occupied building too. And 2ic, don't fucking tell me to give you my AT. Give me a good contact report and i'll do my job. edit: @InclementDeathI now recall it was you. Heads up next time.
  7. until

    People attended: Ara, Acejokerhomie, James Alistair, Pedrasa
  8. until

    we found a local host possibility! The session will continue as planned
  9. until

    With the new mission size testing phase, FK no longer has a server available for training at the scheduled time. (we're looking for a solution)
  10. campaign


    can't even
  11. campaign


    Co-Pilot please (no tag) edit: can't make it anymore
  12. Well we can hardly change the mission time, which has been the same for over a year, just for you? Second and third op is of lesser quality than the first? If you read the opening post carefully, you'll see that the reg priority would alternate between the servers. There is no thing as "fng only missions on the second server", and fng's can still try to join second or third op, which has been the case since the beginning.
  13. So what will it bring? Insurgency style stuff, more civilian centered content?
  14. I'd love a mixture of 70 people missions AND 30 people ops, one not excluding the other. Although I do feel that 70 man ops every single day is getting a little less enjoyable. Option 1 also means that server 2 will also be 'official' and will allow a Zeus to proper missions instead of server 2 just being a backup one? How do you decide on which day which server gets the regulars+ priority? I vote slightly in favor of option 1, if the second server will indeed be 'official' (aka people not fucking about), because then we have more flexibility in terms of mission ideads (70 people missions and 30 people missions)
  15. until

    This training session is FULL. If you as FNG still want to join one of these classes, let me know by commenting below. If there's a bigger need than usual, i'll run extra classes this month.