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  1. Why would you be unable to use arma3sync? It not only gives you all the mods needed in an organised way, it also makes sure you have the correct version of each one of them. If you would only use steam workshop mods, you will definitely encounter multiple version mismatches.
  2. If it strains your finger to hold W for a couple of minutes in a game as ARMA, you're better off playing bingo. But i'm sure this has its benefits for some people.
  3. microphone

    do you have Nvidia shadowplay installed? That caused problems with my mic before.
  4. I've been probing with other people from similar communities what the possibilities would be with having not a TvT mission, but a team-with-team co-op: two different communities, two seperate platoons. relax linnet, I haven't contacted them either by representing FK or even mentioning the community.
  5. This has actually already been shared on the forums, maybe we can combine the sales in that thread instead of making new ones every month?
  6. until

    MMG G #1
  7. Enable "show script errors" in launcher options, after you crash again, retrieve the log file, it might show the needed info, find the log at \AppData\Local\Arma 3 edit: nvm, happy to help!
  8. That "wait a moment" screen makes it look like you have an cracked 8bit version of arma 3. About your errors: STUI_Core is Shacktac, missing an addon of CBA3 (correct me if i'm wrong on these) cfg.surfaces should be vanilla arma 3 textures Have you tried to: - verify game cache on steam (right click on your game in the library, select "properties...") - Validate your repository once more by checking the addons again - Launching the game without any mods gives you no issues? Can you give us a screenshot of the launcher options as well?
  9. until

    HIGHLY interested in this so hopefully you'll do another session soon after this one... Current time schedule is impossible for working people though, 3pm on a weekday :'(
  10. I play it daily, prefer squad, like duo, despise GETTINGREKTBYNOOBSWHOGETLUCKYFUUUUUUGGH edit: you can find me on steam if you search for [C. Yeager]
  11. campaign


    For drone; can it be an unarmed UCAV or raven?
  12. until

    FOX 6 MMG Gunner #1
  13. Mission 1: Zeus: Really looked forward on playing on this map and with 7 (that's just pure porn) air assets. Carrier was usable (less buggy) today, but we should either try to manually tp condor/eagle to the deck or find another way to get there rather than using a TP pole, which still has a 50% chance of placing you at the bottom of the ocean. Keep the carrier for air assets only and it should be okay-ish to use. FA: @V1rU5? Comms were clear, I mostly got my orders from flight lead @Woody though. Flying was fun, clear formation comms and proper air superiority. One note: IP Echelon felt too close to X1 for me, due to the AA net and other factors. It seems I prefer an IP like 2-3 clicks out rather than 1,5. Especially if it's a type 1 and I have to wait for "lase" and "cleared hot" comms. If i'm going 400kph, I only have 13 seconds of flight path from IP to X1, bomb drop angle excluded. A remark on that: my GBU31 went MIA, it landed on top of bravo it seems. Still unclear how this happened as I had a direct lock on 1 lase at the AO. But a note to all: never, ever, randomly use a laser designator during a mission (EVEN IF YOU ARE AT BASE) and make sure to turn it OFF after using it to range or designate something. (IP and flight path were correctly assigned by FAC so that a stray bomb had no chance of hitting bravo, as bravo was North East of IP/X1, and IP/X1 was West to East.
  14. until

    I'd like to dibs a pilot slot for "two stroke swing" as well.
  15. 1st mission: Fun mission with a lot of flying assets and a versatile AO. Enemy birds with stealth tech are a pain to take out. A lot of sexy tracers going off left and right all across chernarus. A couple of things that should be noted I don't know why you would take a jet slot if you don't want to do formation flight if we have three jets in the air, it's such a rare thing that zeus gives us so much air assets so please allow others to actually do some formation flying and to work as a team. One last thing; the carrier is cool, but I almost had a heart attack when I was coming in to land to see multiple choppers awaiting tasking on the landing runway itself. If a jet would have to make an emergency landing, either because of damage, bingo fuel, or no ability to call it in, it would've resulted in crispy bacon. Is it a possibility for choppers to land and stay stationary on the launch pad, the lifts, or maybe somewhere else than on the carrier itself? Tip to zeus: dead guys can't ping