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  1. Straight from the video Description: the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC adds a new faction called IDAP (humanitarian aid organization), mini-campaign ("Remnants of War"), Van (multiple variants with over 20 liveries), Utility & Demining Drone (multiple variants), APERS Mine Dispenser, clothing and gear, time trial challenges, and more. The package will be supported by a free Arma 3 platform update, which highlights include: refined cluster strikes, the simulation of Unexploded Ordnance, the ability to drop (custom) leaflets from the sky, two new Showcase scenarios, emergency and medical supplies, decorative objects, and extra Steam Achievements.
  2. Zeus: @JacobyWitness Platoon: was @Spooks at first then shifted to @Servok Squad: @Cotte @proxyship , I forgot the two other squad members names(Sorry) A short Stealth Night Ops with at max 14 platoon members(plus the two heli pilots) with the mission involving us locating and disabling a Mobile Russian Nuclear Launcher while taking out a Communication tower and clearing a small town south of the base. This was a fun mission with it not being completely dragged out to where it felt boring. Everyone involved had something to do like the pilots being both our ride into the AO(Area of Operations) and our CAS support with the armed Little Birds. A bit anti-climatic at the end but overall was a great mission for an Off-Hours Ops.
  3. Glorious Military Hardware~