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  1. @SxQuadro Don't get anyone wrong here, no one is saying this to YOU, we are saying it to all the people who did mess around and not listen to thier SL and 2IC. it's nice that you thought the mission was good, and thats fine, but to other people it was hell. Also this was my personal opinion on the matter, like I said before some people don't like it when you have units spawned ontop of them. When you are doing zues there is no right or wrong way to do it. (Aslong as you don't abuse the power)
  2. This needs to be said. When I helped the zues' on the mission I was shocked by the way @MonsterScream and other members was treated. No matter what you follow you squad lead and you listen to what people have to say (like call outs) Even though it was off hours, that does not give you the right to make off hour missions hell for everyone else. Next time I am watching over Zues' or being Zues myself I will be more harsh as we all come on FK to have fun ( And NO, fun is not making the game hell for everyone else) And if I seriously need to say this to the new FNGS, Look at the rules page, and follow it please. I am seeing way to many people shooting and throwing stuff in spawn. I want to say thanks to everyone who did their part and did not make it hell for anyone. Note to the Zues' You did good and had a good consept but if you are going to spawn units in try to make sure it's not that close to the players, some people don't like it which is fair enough.
  3. Afternoon boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Lastnight I did not get any sleep so im sorry if I seemed a little off at times while I was squad leading two main missions. Both missions where super fun and the zueses did very well. First missions plan by @Forked was amazing, and I loved the feedback everyone gave him which made the plan more realistic and could easliy work around. I felt that everybodys role was very important but sorry you had to sit there alpha. I actually felt Forked was gonna have my head if the medic did not get thier fast so when I heard my medic had broken legs I said, "well that's a shame, carry him them! i'm not losing my head over this" haha Second mission. Thought the plan was alright by platoon, though it was more the helis crashing every 2 seconds and the Ai placement which cought me off guard which made the playing not as fun as it might have been. but no harm done it was still fun taking the town and taking the hostage I hope I did well as your squad lead and anything that I might of said that sounded cruel, I did not mean it and ik most of you knew it was a joke but I still just wanna clear that up.
  4. Zues: Vipercode, @Oirien Platoon: @Spooks This was the second mission I have zuesed, and I believe it was Oirins second aswell (correct me if wrong) Mission was simple clear the area and rescue the hostages, there was 10, but I got to slap @Whiskers gunner's hand for killing a civi. (all I can say is don't fire recklessly into the compound where hostages could be) I loved the mission and I'm so glad everyone else enjoyed it and can't wait to hear your stories and feed back but I got alot to say about what happend behind the seens. Mission started at night and went to day a good time after first contact, hopefully it made things more interesting for everyone down below. Spooks did great as platoon although there were a few times when zues tried to get into contact with him, which he did not reply, don't blame him tho. I could not take over ai for some reason which was a shame but I made a few good and funny things happen. Spooks I hope you enjoyed the car going around you at the start and a few first contacts with the cars were my doing, I tried to make it as realistic as possable without over doing it. I was suprised to see the factory being taken out so early, as many of the BMRS where for reinforcement but it was great to see it, aswell as this made me learn more about my placements and how capable FK is at completely messing up my plans haha. Later on in the mission the whole team was stoped by two men. It was funny but also a little sad to see as they has 25 men in ONE building and around it. To help move this along as it nearly got to the 3 hours marker the russians kindly told us that they would start killing hostages in 15 minutes which I hope made people a little more eager to push up. Final note. I want to say a big thank you for Oirien letting me be co-zues for the mission, he did a fantasic job and I hope we can work together like that in the future Also if you any tips or feedback for me feel free to message me. Thanks to everyone who played and have a good night!
  5. Zues @Slouchy Orc, Viper, Staples and Oirion wow, what a cluster that was, for me being zues it was pertty fun and by the reaction of everyone else you all seemed to enjoy it. Zues was expecting you to come in from the south and use the airfield as reinforcements, to slowly put in, thats way there were so many BTRS. But they choose the hard way in and from what I saw it started of ok, and then got worse. I told one BTR where to go, not mainuly control it, but it managed to nearly kill one whole squad and played with the others. Which was alot of fun. I am very interested in how everyone ended up in one hanger and why you did not try to go from any other angel. It is unfortunate that it was a mission fail but I did learn alot about zues and happy I got the experiance.
  6. Second mission on server two, got a few things to say and feedback. First of all good job to buko and @Grimm Hunter you both did great, I loved the mission and the ending were Grim knocked me out and i still managed to kill her. To Bravo team you did a good job just note that if SL and 2IC is down one of you has to take command and take the long range, other eliments need to stay in contact with you. To my squad members you did great. Thanks to the medic for healing me and everyone else you did a great job. To the 2IC you did great, you took over when needed and when I ask you to take charge of Blue team you did it fluently, Though a tip when driving stay in staggered position when driving, might save your vehicle from ping. In responce to @Staples You followed orders even if it sounded rediculous, trust your squad lead, I said you would make it accross that field and you did unharmed. But do note when i saw your body in the building I grieved for you. In reponce to @pedrasa I did not give you premission to give me CPR and I was that close to shooting you after I got up haha But to all my squad members Thank you for all you did and following orders. Platoon @Oirien Great as always Final note: Any feedback would be great and thanks to all who played the mission!
  7. After Hours Mission @Mittens Zues: @Happyiest Hippo SL:Saber, 2IC: Viper Rest, Hurrr, pp26am12, sabastien and OhmyRofl Gotta say what a mission by zues, thought it was short it was a complete meme and i loved it. Squad lead did great and everyone else. Dispite gravity, laws of physics and everything else, Mittens the master of the air, landed a aircraft so perfectly on a DAM that everyone but himself servived. I thought I was dead but no, (and then got killed by ai) Songs played to the place where Run though the Jungle and Living on a prayer. Dont remeber the song going back on the heli by Mittens (Plz tell me that)
  8. Second Mission server 1. Zues: NotConnor SL: @Whiskers, 2IC Viper Rest, Conga line, Arrexis, Deathly, Wolfborn, 2LT Savre and Crazy Coconut. First night mission I loved. Zues did a great job even if alpha got a little salty (me included) by being killed by a attack plane. Other then that SL did a great job and made use of everything he had. Clearing both towns where diffrent and fun. Getting attack by a zues was actualy fun as I could finally use a granade in the right way
  9. First Mission server 1 Bravo Squad SL: @ChaosShadoWolfe, 2IC: Vipercode rest: Knut, Mekboy4000, Mercenary and Conga line. Mission was amazing Zues did great. First we had to rescue the hostages which went really well as we did not lose anyone or hostages. Going to the second objective we lost two men but we clearned the area of all enermys. The squad lead did a great job and the team worked very well together. I killed x10 myslef which I am happy about and I hope i did good as 2IC
  10. Zues Notconnor SL @Bule_G 2IC: Viper Rest Alex, UnitDigit, Smarty and Hawk1411 Mission was fun though Charlie team got destroyed by the BTR. Once Bravo attached to us both squad leads did good at sorting things out and taking commands. At ther end we failed the mission but it was funny to watch a plane fly into a heli which @Sam41 got on cam (Thanks for that mate) and it was funny to watch the cluster of two attack helis killing us all on the brige. Mission Failed
  11. Off hour mission Zues: @Silver Snow Bravo SL: Viper 2IC: Swagger Mission was good although I thought we would have more time to set up. But good mission.
  12. Zues @Silver SL: @ToffRocket 2IC: @Snuggles Medic: @Hurrrr Rest Sneaset, Encry and Josh Solid mission from zues, I liked how we had to assult 3 places one after the other, they all felt diffrent and was not overwelming. Spawns were almost perfect. Toff, Could not have asked for a more capable SL. Snuggles, love the name though i took the piss a bit it was all fun and games and when you took over you did it flawlessly, happy you were 2IC Hurrr, good medic did what had to be done could not have asked for more, but just a little tip if squad lead asks you to get in the truck you can always be healed in it Hope I did alright in my role and I was not annoying.
  13. Played both mission 1 and 2 on server 1, so here is my view point. Mission 1 Delta SL: @Spooks, 2IC: Ginger Rest: Alex, Makboy Chukase, Don Corleance and Zenthor As we are getting started we had a bit of fun telling people where breifing was with the now saying, "it's over there" Mission was simple, rescue the hostages and for delta cover After that bit of fun we got right into the mission, Landing was ok for us but Alpha and Bravo made thier Heli fly off on flames (Both dead) I dead once we reached our overview point by a Tech I would think but upon going back in @Whiskers being the fancy pants and elite heli skills drove the heli down the highway and taxied it and then tried to land it like a plane, which did not work well for the landing. As spooks was the only soldier alive and got shot by Bravo twice in the back, Both me and @ZentharTheMagician (Medic) started OP Save Commander Spooks which was a succese as we saw Bravo pull out. Once the Hostages where secure we moved into the last objestive and took out "Kek" which I believe I hit it while never using a LAT before. So that was great. Mission success. Nice Picture of burning enermy ^-^ Second Mission Alpha SL @SGz_Eliminated 2ic: @Not Connor Rest: Alex @Chuckase, Nirwana Amazing Mission like the first loved it all. I was Alex's ammo bitc..... Assistant (I mean i had to put him on a lead Jk) and we worked well together. Mission was going good until the famous elite Heli flyer @Woody landed ontop of a Tech, which killed notconnor and ingured SL, Spooks and Nirwana I helped patched up Spooks and give moral support to Nirwana who was going though a tough time as @Chuckase tea baged him. After 20 mintues a heli came and picked us up and took us to another objected once that was cleared we moved onto our final objective, which iI have a few words about. Though Chuckase jumped out of the chopper, which I strongly suggest he never does again, Spooks helping him back to health was not wrong, it would have been wrong to leave him in a state. I believe it could have been handled better by both SL and 2ic. Though you had a right to be mad at Chuck for doing something stupied was it necessary to shoot him? and Chuckase i would suggest you don't give into revenge, just becuase he shot you first does not mean you should shoot him back. SL: I understand the stress of Squad lead but I have to say with Spooks there with us no one would have lived. I was under a little fire i believe and all 3 of us got hit, if spooks was with us he would have been hit too and it was only becuase i was a little further back that I did not get knocked out, I was trying to patch you and Spooks would try patch me or Alex. I did not even worry about myself and used everything on you as I knew if anyone had to live I would rather it be SL, sorry Alex. I understand rules are rules you must listen to SL but it's not like Spooks was not trying to save someone, I believe Spooks did everything he could to keep everyone alive in his team. Note: not trying to start or carry on argument, these are my personal opinions on the matter. After both SL and Alex died infront of me I made my way back which Spooks tried to save me as i passed out infront of him, if not for mission complete I would have not died once in the mission but Spooks final words to me where "This has to be done" and he pulled out a glock and shot me in the head, Which in my opinion was a great way to end that very long, amazing final mission. Last objective: Hill of colour. Thanks for reading if you read it all. Have a great night everyone! *MOD EDIT* Don't put pictures in the feedback thread.
  14. Yea sorry i saw that right after making this, sorry, but thanks for clearing things up for me @Silver Snow
  15. Off hours Mission Zues: NotConnor (corrcet me if wrong) SL: Silber, 2IC: vipercode, others Eliminated, max, Redlime, ThatSlickOniichan, GingerRocker. Good mission for Bravo although Alpha got killed.