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  1. We're all so glad you're happy again.
  2. Hi?

    Alt + f4
  3. More lounges / game rooms are needed in general I believe, especially in peak times they fill up pretty quickly.
  4. Claimed by @Woody @Spazz and me. One of us now.
  5. Just an FYI we're not really a Hardcore Mil-sim group so if that's what you're after you may get a bit frustrated. But if you're up for a laugh then stick around.
  6. Kebab removal in T minus Serb
  7. We are kebabs of great speed
  8. What a top notch meme, welcome. Prepare your kebabs for removal at nearest possible date.
  9. 2nd mission: got my kebabs forcefully removed by a truck and played the good music. 6/10
  10. Mission 2: Kebabs successfully removed
  11. in before FK sponsored by GeFuel
  12. campaign

    prophet sniper thank you very much