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  1. I have no idea. The Black Wasp is just an air asset, the others are all disabled as should be. Try verifying the integrity off your game cahce
  2. Tanoa, Sahrani, Beketov - nearly all the maps have at least some non-enter-able buildings; that's part of ArmA's "charm".
  3. I've never seen one that fits an encrypted military radio - the ones I've used don't use 3.5mm jacks.
  4. As of tonight (29/03/2017) we will be playing with ALiVE enabled on the main server - this means that you need to go into your ASync and check the ALiVE box like so That's the only change you need - just make sure that you have ALiVE enabled to be able to play tonight.
  5. That's a limitation of the actual equipment IRL though. I can't speak for the 152 as I've never used one; but generally the radios I have used only have one earphone as standard. To actually get it to set to two different ears you need to get a special splitter cable, two ear pieces and then work some tech magic to make it all work properly. The volume is hardwired into the device itself. LRs are different, they tend to still utilise the handheld telephone style receiver so you'd just have that hanging off your webbing, loud enough to hear and grab when transmissions start.
  6. Player name : Baesterful Ban Reason : Being disrespectful, jumped into a TS room, said nothing but PM'd me abuse. Ban Length : 7 Days
  7. The only trouble is that making AI attack in any meaningful way via Zeus is incredibly hard. We've done defence missions before, but they only really work when scripted.
  8. DHBatman
  9. That was intentional. I never put my map markers directly on an objective if it is not a fixed building. Adds to the confusion of combat.
  10. until
    At 1300 GMT we're going to be hosting a large-ish zeus mission on our Test Server to see how Alive works with 64 bit. For this to happen we will be handing out the server IP - and you need to enable the ALIVE mod. If it goes well, we will be looking to get it active on the main server - meaning we can track kills and activity player by player.
  11. Get him on here so we can walk him through it. (Not wanting to be that guy but don't go around handing out any server details - people get them from us when they're a member of this community)
  12. until

  13. YOUR NAME : Sarissa PLAYER NAME : BadassMonkeh BAN ; 1 week Posted direct copy text from Mein Kampf.
  14. Your address is wrong.
  15. Some of us *ahem* @SM- , are working out a "killhouse" CQB training thing. So, enjoy that.