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  1. Apologies, by "in charge of air" I meant that no-one on the ground can overrule FAC's orders to air. As with Ground assets, the commander of particular asset has final say in go/no-go situations.
  2. Just an FYI for everyone here : Platoon & FAC are of equal rank on this server. Platoon is in charge of ground, FAC is in charge of air. There is no chain of command, no-one "outranks" Platoon/FAC except Zeus.
  3. Do I hear a scripted mission?
  4. It is possible, but not currently feasible. Down to server config issues and differing mod versions. We're looking at it and want to implement as soon as we can.
  5. Lifee010
  6. TLF


  7. TLF


    REQUESTS WILL BE LOCKED IN ONE HOUR Those who have RSVP'd & requested a slot will get priority over others.
  8. Trouble is a lot of these are niche mods. We don't want to force people to do WW2 or Vietnam or Halo or Zombies. With the options of adding things to the second server; its running off a "What will be played most" system. So we're looking at Unsung. We were hoping to wait for 64bit but that's been pushed back again. We're discussing options now.
  9. MISSION/MOD TESTING TEAM The Testing Team is getting some new members, so expect a few delays for the coming days. TRAINER SYSTEM UPDATE We are now accepting proposals for new trainers to the current training team. These candidates can be proposed by the current Trainers to help them with the training workload. If you are a Trainer, and have an individual in mind who you think would be a suitable candidate to be a Trainer; PM Sarissa with their name and the reasons you think they would be suited to the role. RULE AMENDMENT Due to discussion and feedback within the Think Tank; we have amended the following rule:
  10. Repeatedly fired in spawn during an off-hour mission despite being told to stop by numerous people. 24 hour ban.
  11. Ok, gotcha. I'll deal with it.
  12. Was it expressly forbidden by Zeus/Platoon/Squad Lead?
  13. ^ I don't even wanna think about the piece of shit gear scripting will be with that
  14. Describe to me Who this is What's happening How they're cheating We'll deal with it.
  15. TLF