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  1. It's a pretty neat game and I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before. I may give it a go. I will note also that it's free in it's full form for 14 days, beyond that you must pay a subscription or be limited to Rifleman. It's not P2W though, no purchasing ammo that gives you bonus damage or any of that shit. Thats always a plus.
  2. I've not had a chance to play through the game yet but if a mission pops up that requires sending a squad to hound a couple of dudes over 21 square kilometers in the pitch dark with only flashlights make sure you put me in for that one.
  3. I've been playing this for a few days and it's actually quite fun. The major concern being that everyone that plays it seems to have mild brain damage unless they are part of an organised coalition but other than that it's pretty good. Colonial or gtfo nerds.
  4. Everyone heard you about the explosive but literally no one cared because it was the 2IC that dropped the explosive at his own feet and at that point it wasn't SR Chatter it was me and Zenthar spotting two BRDM's and a BTR that rolled onto our position as well as Identifying an HMG position and EI buried in a sandbag bunker to our SE which never got a response because you were screaming about the explosive that we acknowledged already.
  5. I'll give you that it was bright enough to not need the NVG's but it was quite jarring to have them work sometimes unexpectedly and other times not work. My HK MG36A1 scope worked perfectly with the NVGs but I switched as I knew it wasn't what you had in mind for the mission. That said, looking over the scope, fixed aperture or not, should not switch off my NVG's as far as I'm concerned. Was a decent mechanic to try out for the first time anyway though.
  6. Mission 1: Under cover of night we must infiltrate and extract multiple hostages. If 20% of hostages are KIA it's mission fail. Zeus: @BlueNexus @cineafx Solid Zeusing all-round. The NVG disable on scoping was AIDS though, particularly when peeking OVER the scope it turned off my NVG's. Platoon: @TEG I didn't see you do anything because I got wiped out in the first 3 minutes (we'll get to that) but I'm assured you did well. Squad: @Doctadoone SL - @ToffRocket 2ic - @Spooks AR (Me) - @Trahsi AAR - @Kalagen Medic - I Can't remember our LAT's sorry about that. The mission was fine in theory and then @cyanidehappened. He wiped out 6 of Foxtrot and 4 of Bravo if we counted correctly and spent the remainder of the game afraid to fire his GMG ever again. Foxtrot recovered well, clearing 2/3rds of the town and recovering all Hostages. I hard crashed after that but it was fun even with Cyanide teaching the trees a lesson in spacing. Mission 2: Vehicle Convoy must make it to the town of Chernogorsk where they will capture the town to complete the mission. Zeus: @BlueNexus Fug you and your chemlights, bish. Platoon: @Doctadoone I felt so sorry for you when Bravo 2ic tried to call in on Opfor LR and then Crossroads tried to send a message on Longrange only for 4 squads to try to interrupt at the same time despite the order for only Crossroads to speak. @Silberjojo Excellent RTO as usual from our good friend Silber Squad: @Spooks Foxtrot SL - @gravitydefyingturtle 2ic - @ThatSlickOniichan Medic - @Arrexis AR - @Trahsi AAR - @Pilotgeoduck LAT We got to play Engineer/Resupply Squad. Honestly for me it wasn't that boring but I realise for the guys in the back, particularly Repair, it would probably have been very boring until we got to FOB Victoria. I felt that we actually functioned rather well and didn't cause Platoon too much of a headache. Had some quality fun times Refueling, Resupplying and Repairing @cyanide and @TobiWan in Titan 1-1 and almost running @ZentharTheMagician over as he attempted self service with our Fuel Truck. Was an all round quality mission. During Off-Hours Ops there aren't many players who will actively try to Squad Lead. This leaves a few of us FNG's with the role. I don't mind squad leading these missions as it is generally a good place to learn and wherever possible I will play 2IC. I've stepped up a couple of times in Main Missions to take SL/2ic or even picked it up as our SL/2IC die off. I feel comfortable doing this but I understand more than many that this is not always healthy. My squad leading is far from the finest and I am pretty sure I am reinforcing many bad habits. As a result I'd appreciate any training offered. Even if only a crash course that teaches me nothing, at least it reinforces the good things to do.
  7. Mission 1: Drive to target markers and assist with the clearing of hostiles from several towns, find and kill an HVT before assaulting the airfield and completing the mission. Zeus: @Tomo Platoon: No idea but did not like having to join British Comms because American had to go. Before that it was a solid mission with solid command. Squad: @ChaplainNirwana SL - @mekboy_4000 2ic - @TEG Medic - @SpanishBirdman AR - @Spooks AAR (Me) - @Dinjari @Joelsan @Krieg LAT I actually wanted to play the Brits on this Op for apparent reason but Nirwana's squad was lacking in members. I can't say I made the right choice or not as my view of British Platoon is skewed by the fact that they were hamstrung by American Platoon having to bail but it was a really solid mission with good objectives, top class memes via Medic trying to defuse an IED with his face and quality heroics after a really bad CAS strike call by the US Squad Leads. We had an Enemy MBT covering the approach and for some reason Delta, I believe, called in an A10 CAS Bomb Drop on a small enemy compound with 4 buildings and light resistance. At which point they then missed 3 M136 HEAT rounds trying to hit said MBT at +500m leaving yours truly to dig one out of the vic to shit on that tank commanders day. *applause* We lost a few early on including the 2ic who got a lesson in not taking your pistol to the window of an armed Humvee with an opfor driver inside and our LAT team who got wiped out 20 seconds before by said humvee driving up the rear of our overwatch and spraying them down. I did take over 2ic position and tried to support Nirwana as much as possible by just listening over the radio for him and he did a pretty solid job of Squad Leading. He did succumb to the lag at the end and managed to die somehow while driving which left me in charge but to be honest by that point it was mission complete and everyone was crying about the state of the lag. It was a really well done mission and something I'd really like to do again. Well played Tomo and the Zeus crew. If I had one complaint it was that slideshow at the end that crashed half the server out of the game. Mission 2: Move to target markers and find Intel relating to the position of the downed Raptor pilots before rescuing them. This one's a doozy so hang on tight. Zeus @Hekhal Raptor Survivors: @Trinoc @Vipershell Platoon: @C-O-B-R-A @Silberjojo Squad: @Shafty/mowag SL - @Zoteri_Andrew 2ic - @Krieg Medic - @Spooks AR (Me) - @Doctadoone AAR (Battle Buddy) - @Fixlumer @Eric @cineafx LAT I am absolutely going to toot the horn of a few squadmates here. Particularly that of Myself and @Doctadoone but I'll get to that in a minute. I'd also like to extend an apology to @cineafx for almost immediately killing him in an incident in a town that just was not getting cleared with hostiles all over us and a BTR pinning us down. I was also upset at literally over half the squad leaving the game but I can't blame you guys given that Platoon did not call in a reinforcement wave for about 40-50 minutes after you died. To put things bluntly, after arriving at the first objective Alpha went from the full list of squad members above to 4 (my bad Cineafx). I will also point out that Docta, Cine and I were the only ones to actively clear the town correctly while Shafty was basically beside himself trying to organise our numerous FNG's and then got killed nigh on instantly. That being said, even after I killed Cine by accident, I still believe Alpha performed at next to full efficiency with thanks to Docta's guidance and my big gun and scavenged launchers. Shafty got killed in an unknown fashion, Fixlumer killed himself and the medic with a misfired rocket while trying to take out the BTR that pinned us down and I mistook Cine for a hostile after turning around to the direction of the bullets whizzing past my head and into the wall behind me and destroyed him. After grabbing Cine's launcher and destroying the BTR that had us pinned myself and Docta continued to clear the remaining buildings and link up with our 2ic. After trying to coax him out of his hole reassuring him the town was finally clear and the BTR destroyed he got word to Platoon and we were quickly off to our next objective. On arrival we marked our targets and mowed down as many as we could find. We moved down the hill with Platoon taking our place on Overwatch and immediately ran into another BTR. Docta made his best effort to disable it with the .50 cal while we got out of our vics and took cover behind. I pulled an M136 HEDP out of the trunk and blasted it to shit and attended to Docta's now very critical condition with Zoteri. We were informed of a triage station in the town up ahead which we were assured was clear so we headed over to get Docta patched up by Bravo's medic. A short while after we came under attack and Bravo lost 3 at the Triage point. Docta and I moved North of the town and linked up with Charlie to eliminate the remaining opfor in the town. Docta and I engaged a number of contacts inside the tunnels leading to the backyards and pushed through killing 3 to 4 hostiles. Unfortunately @Cosmo moved around the other way and walked into 4 rounds from my M249, breaking his legs and arms. Not My Finest Moment 2: The Electric Boogaloo. After confirming the town was clear we were moved out again, this time being informed that we had gathered enough intel to secure Raptors location on the map. Docta and I mounted up before we asked what the prize for first place was before putting the boot down and rallying into the distance to gain all that Alpha glory. Unbeknownst to us there were enemies in a nearby town which we were to engage and destroy when in reality I pushed through while Docta laid down suppressing fire. By the time the call came in to clear that town we were already cresting the hill to Raptors position. It was absolutely infested with Opfor and boy did they want us dead. I must've ran over a squad and a half and I've no idea how many Docta destroyed on the .50 but my god it was glorious. Docta eventually was rendered unconscious and an RPG fired into our rear sealed the deal for him and knocked out my vehicle about 50 metres from Raptors building. Hopping out and laying down fire as I ran to the cover of the building I called out their names. "Raptor you fuckers where are you?!" "We're upstairs!". I hurried up the stairs gunning down 3 on the way. "Please saviour, give us your bandages for we are dying!" @Trinoc cried. "Fear not my sons for I will aid you" I placed my right hand upon his bare cheek and my left on upon his head. "HE'S HEALED! HE'S HEALED! THE MESSIAH HAS COME!" did @Vipershell rejoice, and through belt and box I dispensed merciless justice to the heathens that dare lay their hands upon my children, soaking RPG after RPG to the face without so much as a scratch. Then it arrived, upon a tide of blood. The Ark to which I led them two by two, spraying down any who should step into my path. My mortal form near impenetrable to all but one. The silver bullet that should take my life. Caught cleanly in the heart. Down I went, "alas! The Messiah is blocking the stairs and I can't get out!" @Vipershellshrieked. At this point my fantasy was interrupted by @Silberjojo who yelled "just fucking jump over him you spastic hurry up". Eventually he picked me up only to leave me on the cold, hard floor, wet with the blood of my foes. Through the abyss of eternal night I struggled to see, Raptor fleeing into the creeping black. A dim reflection of what seemed like my father appearing through the silky void with a hand extended. "I've got him hurry up get in" "GET IN THE CAR" "holy fuck a tank THATS A TA-" And this is where my tale ends, only mildly fabricated at the end. I really enjoyed myself during this mission, I didn't feel hampered by the lack of men in the squad at all, I felt like we had a sufficient enough grasp of the situation. I still would've preferred to have the squad with us in full. I think it probably affected @Zoteri_Andrew a lot more than us because he seemed a certain degree of nervous throughout the entire mission but he held it together reasonably well. Overall a great mission. I'm also only a little bit sorry for that wall of text. <3
  8. We had an incident on Thirsk Winter where BLUFOR and OPFOR were wearing camo of similar colours, particularly against the white background and at range it was difficult to spot the difference immediately, with markers turned off it's not easy to distinguish via map presence unless there are movement markers drawn on the map to show which squads will be moving where which we also did not have. At this point, through rangefinders, we spotted the squad on the hill were carrying RPG's and AK's and we had taken fire from that position so we got the order to light them up. Turns out it was Platoon, carrying OPFOR weapons because reasons. In this instance because we were returning fire to that bearing versus OPFOR weapons I believe that the brunt of the blame should have been placed on Platoon, ofcourse we got railed for it though. Proper PID is the key to starting any engagement and should be used above all else before an engagement begins. If a player or squad decides to grab OPFOR weapons/camo/equipment they increase the likelihood that they will be fired on by friendlies, this is why I always shit the bed as SL when members of my squad try to justify taking Russian Tank Commander helmets as BLUFOR. If you are incapable of gaining PID on a target and you have any doubts as to whether they are ally or enemy then you fall back on trying to obtain friendly squad Grid Refs or positions referencing obvious markers and failing all alternative methods of identification you need to check how urgently that target must be eliminated. If you aren't returning fire then generally you don't need to kill it until you can positively ID them. Generally not a good idea to run in front of anyone for any reason during contact.
  9. James 'Spooks' Skelton [Scottish] 5"11' - Medium Build - Medium Length Brown Hair Swept - Glasses - scruffy stubble that makes me look vaguely mexican if I get a tan, have fun putting that in the game. Heavy Armour/Tacticool AF helmet Squad Lead/Heavy Gunner
  10. Correct attachments for your L128A1 are crucial to the success of the weapon.
  11. If memory serves Lerto said he won't be back until the weekend but they're usually run later at night for us Yurops after the main mission. It's not exactly uncommon for Lerto to run 2-3 missions or objectives in one sitting either and it's definitely not uncommon for us to have Lerto rolling as Zeus for 6-12 hours across multiple missions into the wee hours of the afternoon from the night before. These campaigns have been things he's created on the fly. I'm a particular fan of his Australian and Turncoat Operator/PMC missions and in general the Vehicles Captured or Lost have been a big part of those mini-campaigns. They've pretty much been stellar though and something I'm quite a fan of.
  12. Zeus: @Spartan_MiniMe Squad: 2ic @JacobyWitness MG Team @Baker @ChaplainNirwana [email protected] Medic @Vizel Rifleman @zzLittleMuffinss Late Night/Early Morning Stealth Search and Destroy Op. Wall of Text incoming. Our objective was to silently infiltrate a Russian town behind enemy lines under cover of darkness and interrogate the informant to gain the necessary information about what major assets lie within and must be eliminated. No one must know who the culprits of this assault are. Mission Critical: Any KIA squad members must be extracted or fully stripped, dog tags taken and their bodies destroyed before discovery by Russian Forces. Failing to do so will End the Mission. We parachuted to a Drop Zone near the town and proceeded on foot to a nearby farming compound avoiding possible foot patrols and manned checkpoints along the main road. We successfully infiltrated the town and interrogated the Russian Turncoat. Intel gathered from the informant suggested that we were facing large numbers of enemy hostiles and armour in the town. S&D Assets included trucks transporting possible nuclear capable missiles, 5 BRDM's, 3 Hind Helicopters and a Russian Commander and their Platoon HQ. The informant pointed us in the direction of an unarmed vehicle to the south of town to be used as a squad transport to get us closer to our new targets and was then promptly dispatched by the SL and the 2ic. Squad mounted up and headed offroad towards an Overwatch position where the 2ic and MG team, Callsign: Ghost, dismounted and the remainder, Callsign: Reaper, moved on to a fortified enemy overwatch position North of the town. Enemy Overwatch was neutralised rapidly and redeployed to the East side of town. Ghost Squad successfully marked the positions of Russian Assets and moved to infiltrate the town silently from the West while Reaper proceeded to engage patrols and enemy squads on the East. After destroying the Russian Nuclear Threat, Ghost team moved to support Reaper and link up in the middle of town to destroy enemy armour assets. Unfortunately the 2ic was lost in an engagement on the West of town and his body was destroyed. Both squads reconvened and fought their way to the enemy armour assets. At this time several Russian attack and transport heli's forming the spearhead of the QRF moved to support the units fighting in the town killing our Rifleman and our Medic, prompting the MG team to commandeer a Russian BRDM and use it as a battering ram to reach Enemy HQ with the remainder of the Armour destroyed with the SL's explosives. SL moved through the street on foot guiding the BRDM while the remainder of the team mounted up. As we pushed through towards Enemy HQ, BRDM crew were ordered to eliminate enemy air assets before ground crews could mount up while Squadleader pinned them down. Air assets were destroyed and heavily injured Squadlead during the cook off prompting a slow crawl to Enemy HQ while BRDM pushed on and lit it the fuck up. HQ was destroyed and General was confirmed KIA. All squad mounted up and raced to RHIBS extraction point whereupon arrival final BRDM was destroyed. Last moment of action came during the boarding of the boats when an armed attack helicopter moved in to strafe the boats and which point the squad engaged with small arms and killed the pilot, destroying the enemy helo before making a quick exfil in the boats. Honestly with the exception of @Ruekatu's Airfield S&D Invasion this was probably one of the best late night Stealth Ops I've played. It's definitely up there, the right mix of sneaky beaky and action and some top tier zeusing. Definitely something I'd like to see more of in stealth related sabotage missions.
  13. Zeus: @Lerto Squad: @Maverick @ThatSlickOniichan @Slouchy Orc @Woody @Servok @Tobe Quality memes (See: Woody blowing up 3 heli's before taking off) and almost flawless execution of missions, particularly the part where I managed to join prophet team as LMG due to miscommunication. Was actually really fun, enjoying this continued campaign. It's been top notch from the beginning. Squad Leading was really good up until Mav going unconscious in a vic was taken as him being AFK, Woody did a solid job of flying once we stopped using RHS birds. Servok/Tobe doing a solid job as Prophet and Slouchy's top notch timing on that BRDM extract as we got surrounded was great.
  14. Go on vacation. See North Korea Best Korea. Travel around with cute tour guides military police officers. Date Them. Also there's probably a hot spring or something. Supports one-handed gameplay *wink wink*. We know what you're here for.
  15. I have all the Operators bar the new Velvet Shell ones. My favourite is Fuze, especially on Hostage missions with lots of breakable surfaces. I'll actually take any weapon that gets a holosight and I fucking despise the Riot Shields with a passion. -Steam Name: Spooks -Uplay: Skelton_UK