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  1. Got a bit confused because you changed the picture again in which they are disabled. *EDIT* Not sure if I should trust batty or daddy
  2. WOOHOO!!
  3. You mean mortar, 3 air assets and 2 bradley's? so much fun to talk to my FAC and RTO as Lead. I need to wait for them to have responded to the 50 requests coming in simultaneously.
  4. Really seems like an issue of not having the correct repo adress or A3sync being blocked by your firewall.
  5. Hi, this was a problem with the mission. Because there were so many objectives, of which most didn't have a clear "completed" condition, it was difficult for me to balance the squads. The moment that you guys came back to base I got a call from Zeus that there was a new objective, while I was just preparing to get everyone back to base for mission end. The reason Foxtrot got left behind, I had no where else for you to go without sending too many units to a small objective or having the risk of you landing there and immediatly returning to base because it is completed. So I told your SL he would have to fuck around at base until mission end. One problem that made the mission longer though, all the units at the big bases we were scouting out decided it would be fun to start attacking. So we ended up having to escape armored vehicles and attack helicopters, which was impossible. All our air assets got taken out and we had to wait for respawns and new helicopters to be spawned to end the mission properly. I know that mission may not have been enjoyable for most, but I tried my best balancing the squads between the many objectives. I personally hate these recon missions, because there is barely any action. I for example sat at base for most of the mission to make sure I had contact with all squads. I ended up relocating because I got out of range of A and B.
  6. I always keep an eye on server fps in the missions where i'm admin, I haven't seen it dip below 40 fps during those missions. At those times I was getting anywhere from 20-40 fps, depending on the environment. And even when the server was runnning at it's max of just over 50 fps during briefing, I was getting 60-80 fps. Your client side fps isn't limited by the server fps. We recently moved to an improved server, so not sure if mavy is willing to do it again.
  7. *Guidelines! You can never be prepared, i'm still shocked sometimes by some of the FNGs, so now and then a regular that pokes his head around the corner.
  8. This was actually the second, the first one was posted one minute before this one.
  9. The problems is that right now, we already have a lot of Regulars that want to do certain roles. So if we include FNGs in the training from the beginning, there will be regulars who would like to get the tags but will have to wait quite a long time. So for the time being, IMO, it will be better to get the initial wave of regulars trained in the field they want their tags. And once there are some spots free at the lower levels, reassess whether FNGs can participate in training. Maybe up to a certain level. It's not like the training is a one hour thing and you get the tag, I believe that some tags will require multiple multi-hour sessions, maybe up to 20 hours of training. I can't give exact hours as the training is still being designed at the moment. Another side note, the tags don't mean you'll never get to play the asset. It only means you have first pick of the asset. If there is no one in the mission that has the tag and wants to take the asset, you can still take it as an FNG if a regular doesn't take it.
  10. The problem is that most of the maps are part of CUP, so to remove one map from that one is to remove the whole set of 20. As to the maps you mentioned, only chernarus winter and ifa are actually never used. Lingor and Isla are used quite often and beketov also a few times.
  11. There are quite a few good mods being suggested here:
  12. I can tell you there are already pvp templates being made
  13. Zeus: Platoon: Squad: You know the drill
  14. I know that, it was more meant as a joke.
  15. As no one else seems to want to make these. Zeus: Platoon: Squad: Try to use this standard format in your responses.