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  1. campaign

    You have 6 hours to ask for any of the open slots! If any of the slots remain open, they'll be following the regular slotting process.
  2. campaign

    If you had previously asked for a slot that you didn't get, but is now open, feel free to ask again.
  3. Your Name: NeilZar Player Name: Argon Reason: Needed to go to bed. Like really badly, eventhough he doesn't want to and probably isn't tired, he needs to really take a nap.
  4. campaign

    Mission rescheduled because of known reasons, will now be run with 40% less AI. Anyone that had a slot assigned when we ran this mission on 25/7 will have that same slot on 28/7. No matter if you have a tag for that slot. If you are not able to make it and are on the list, please reply that you won't make it so the slot can be opened up.
  5. campaign

    The slots in this post are limited to regulars+, FNGs will only be able to play regular infantry (YOU DON'T CLAIM INFANTRY SLOTS!). Priority will be given to tag holders, doesn't mean you can't try to claim a slot you have no tag for. Mission 8: Operation Vengeful Vengeance We have captured Palida, giving us a new FOB where we can receive ground vehicles. Because of the small dock at Palida, we have only been supplied with two LAV-25A2's and standard supplies. To get a resupply of helicopters and drones, we need to capture the airfield at El Villon. There is a small problem though, the town is occupied by the rebels, but there is a small russian garrison to the west of it. We need to clear that aswell to make sure that we have no direct threat of any enemies. And we have had rebels trying to take back the oil field we captured. They were coming from the south, so we need to make sure the south is cleared. Main objectives: Capture Victorin Kill the rebel warlord Secondary objectives: Clear Lagosa Free pro-american hostages Failure conditions: All soldiers die (no respawns) It takes more than 60 minutes after first contact and russian reinforcements arrive. Vehicles 2x AH-6M-H 2x LAV-25A2 1x Reaper drone Slots to be assigned beforehand: IF YOU CLAIMED A SLOT IN THE PREVIOUS MISSION, BUT DIDN'T SHOW UP, YOU CAN'T CLAIM A SLOT THIS MISSION! Role: First Pick (Backup or special condition) Platoon Leader: Netheral 2IC: FAC: RTO: Tomo UAV Operator: Vados Vehicle Crew Commanders (2x): Sarissa, OneMadPanda Gunners (2x): Bonsie, Chefla Driver (2x): Unidigit, SGz_Eliminated Air Crew Pilots (2x): cineafx, Mittens Co-pilots (2x): Darth_Mario, Tobe Prophet Sniper: andyt90 Spotter: Linnet Squad Leads (6x): Zenthar (Eval), Lenny (Echo), Timberhawk (Charlie), Servok (Alpha), NotConnor (Bravo) List will be finalized one hour before the mission!
  6. *LOCKED* Did you not read your original thread?
  8. NeilZar
  9. until

    Lead or SL in both
  10. The problem is that, with platoon lead for example, all the training is tracked by the trainers. So we know who did what and how much. So as for it reducing the load on trainers will really depend on each tag and how it is done.
  11. *Personal opinion* No, the whole managerial cluster fuck this will become is something I do NOT want to be a part of. FNG's are free to ask for training from the trainers. Just know that there will be a long waiting list for some tags, like the SL one has a wait time of 1-2 weeks at the moment. Anyone is free to help another out if they want to train for something, but no need to involve the trainers in everything.
  12. *MOVED* Because it was not a question. On another note, this problem has been around for quite some time. It is just more prominent when Battleye has an update and they forget to tell it to allow the files it previously allowed.
  13. campaign


    The list has been finalized, no more changes will be made.
  14. And we have heard your voices, that's why we proposed the system that we will be testing in the think tank. As for a temporary solution, as it has always been, it's up to the zeus to enable and disable the settings he/she likes. We won't change the standard setting until we have finished the trial period.
  15. Will try to update this thread at some point, currently no time for it.