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  1. Damn, that ping and packet loss. I don't really know a fix other than improve your internet connection, by buying a new router of some sorts or switching provider.
  2. Most of this is from before 64-bit. Also, try the performance build. It may not be as stable as the stable branch, but it contains the latest bug fixes and optimizations, before they are put on the stable branch.
  3. Everything that gets put in the repo gets thoroughly tested. Trust me, advanced sling loading works, but it is very different from vanilla sling loading.
  4. *MOVED* Please check where you post content. I'll keep an eye on this thread and what people have to say about this. I will bring this up during the next cm meeting.
  5. No, as the rules state:
  6. A hotfix for the A3Sync repo has been pushed: Added: MBG Buildings MB Vegetation Advanced Removed: Arma Deus Redundant folders
  7. *LOCKED* Keep memes to the shitpost thread. Conversations using memes can be done on the discord.
  9. I have random alt-tabs, even without clicking a button. I fixed it by playing fullscreen windowed.
  10. As some of you may already know, we have a second server! Seeing as most of the FNG missions during the official missions are still local hosted, we are making this an official announcement. When can you use the server? The second is available for use during the whole day. Although the second server will also be used for tag training, tag exams and testing of missions and mods. So just like with the main server, check with people who are on it to see if you can freely join. What can you use the server for? Anything you can use the main server for. During off times you can use it for messing around in zeus or trying stuff out. During official missions it can be used to play missions with people who didn't make it into the official mission. All the missions and stuff that are on the main server, are on the second server. Just like with the main server, an admin can be voted so you don't have to ask a CM to help you out. How do you connect to the server? The IP for the server and other official FK servers is available in this list: The password for the first and second server is always the same. You can get this information from a CM or when the mission is starting. Task Force Radio rooms Because the second server can be used at the same time as the first server, we have created additional TFR rooms. TaskForceRadio will be used only for the main server, TaskForceRadio2 is to be only used for the second server and TaskForceRadio3 is for any other local hosted server. All our zeus templates will automatically move you into the correct room, so no need to manually move yourself. If you are a mission maker, please make sure that this is also implemented in your mission. Information on how it is done will be available on the GitLab repo.
  11. But is it still functional?
  12. I think it will take a while. Once it is placed in the 3den editor, it is saved as part of the map. This makes sure it can also be used for landing and takeoff etc. I think this is also the reason why it is not in zeus. So once someone finds a way to put it in, it still won't be functional for takeoff and landing.
  13. Unless you don't use the version supplied by the repo, or you have messed up the mods in the repo, it should be working. since nobody else is having this problem.
  14. They always show up, it's just the limbs color may be almost white. If there is nothing on the right hand side, there is nothing. And if people stay in the open field and not go for some hard cover to get healed, they don't deserve to be healed as they bring you as the medic in danger. Your live is more important than theirs in that case.
  15. Probably in scripted missions only. As it can only be placed in 3den editor and not in zeus.