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  1. Zeus: Katla Wattsits and WoodyPlatoon Did not have any contact. Squad:SL= Radio2IC = Callistano Did a good job leading, clear commands so no complaints. @Rorkiy one piece of feedback: when an FNG comes to you and asks you a question (even though in all honesty it was a stupid question) dont tell him to fuck off. Besides that he did his job well SM- Sinderi Syndicate Andre NotConnor The mission started out very slowly and we took pointless vehicles while most of the mission we ran anyway. At the first bunker we didn't do much since our CAS bird was so kind to bomb it, second bunker was also already destroyed when we arrived. We got orders to push up to a compount and clear it, it went pretty smooth. While standing in the compound we saw Foxtrot fireing at Alpha and later on what we thought was one of our Knights fireing at Foxtrot. We were extracted by CAS bird and the rest was pretty much uneventfull.
  2. ehh i might, i just suck at the game