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  1. ADMIN EDIT: We have a twitch page for this! Ask a CM to get added! https://www.fuckknows.eu/twitch/
  2. until

    Will try to be there, will be on about 15 minutes post-start.
  3. until

    Hekhal signing for BluFor PLT
  4. Mission 1/2: Platoon 2iC 1: Not much to relay about the first mission, was the third person to die. Gotta say that I wish the south checkpoint teams wouldve cleared some buildings on their way down there. 2: @Digby Tatham-Warter You are one of the most lovable scatter-brained individuals Ive ever met and I adore having you lead. You played Czech music all mission and forgot Charlie's 2ic back at base during deployment. Didnt catch the issues of the 2nd mission, all I got was making all of platoon shit themselves with my godly driving before hopping out of the truck at the final objective and getting two-tapped by Soviet. Checked the stream, actually true.
  5. Hoping my 3rd mission didn't shit on peoples' day. You all said it went great at the end, but I'm sure a few people got peeved they took headshots about a minute into the start of the mission
  6. Hekhal here in response to the survival missions. There's a couple reasons why I'd like to try them in second mission spots, never in first. But there's also reasons I don't want to. For: Itd be a great combination of teamwork and competition between squads and a change of pace for a lot of regulars. Against: A Zeus is needed for every squad pretty much. There's a lot of infantry assets being used which would crash the server if used with all six squads. And finally, I'm not sure how well any of the community managers and veteran regulars would enjoy them. It creates a long wait time for those who die early and they end up getting frustrated. I can't really do respawns if we did six squads because it would just prolong the mission for way too long. Self-Suggestions: Make the six squads pair up 2-2-2 to simplify the Zeus allocation and provide an asset list for each pairing to use. This handles possible asset overload as well as Zeus responsibility. The area coverage would be higher but that makes the defense a whole lot more fun. The one thing I can't account for is time taken as well as how much enjoyment a lot of people would get out of it. I don't know, people message me about this and I'll think about asking to Zeus a survival mission in a 2nd mission slot.
  7. until

    I'll pick up RTO in the case of specific slots to be filled.
  8. Has anything been figured out when it comes to TS' 3.1 update fucking up TFR?