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  1. @Shoxe stepping up. Huzzah, so theres the handling of the PS4 version. Will definitely need an Xbox manager as well if anyone plays the game there.
  2. For now yes, but I believe that clan can carry over to consoles for the tag at least
  3. Ok, so no CM has approached me about halting this. So, I would like to properly announce that I shall be running the Destiny 2 FK Group/Clan. A link shall be provided below for the group site. However, until the PC options become available on Bungie's website for people to actually represent PC groups, it will not register as a clan until the game's actual release in October. I will be taking "competent" volunteers who know Destiny's mechanics and would like to be partially responsible for helping insure that the group runs smoothly. I will see you all on the Farm. Fawkknows Group/Clan Page
  4. Posted to the wrong category. Woops
  5. On a bright summer day, the sun was beaming down upon the small town of only fifty innocent villagers, their fields were toughing out the heat, still in their more infant-state from recent planting. Yet, it seemed that the closer one got to the center of the village, the more brooding the people seemed to be. For emblazoned across a notice board, a single poster was set, "WANTED: DARICRAX THE BLACK" it read with a rather crude sketch of what one could only really perceive to be a dragon's head. And at the bottom, "REWARD 100 GOLD PIECES".
  6. Ok, now this can go great, bad, or nowhere. Hopefully it's the first option. Anyways, how this works is that I will provide in my next post a simple context that people will reply to in a fashion similar to roleplaying a character as if they were playing D&D. However, you only get one character to introduce until that character dies or leaves the "thread" by some form of circumstance. The character must be given a description during the introduction and you may not chain posts nor edit your post save for grammatical or spelling errors. DO NOT METAGAME OR CONTROL OTHER PEOPLES' CHARACTERS. Also, to guarantee some form of reply from someone else's character youre interacting with, feel free to put a bracket/parentheses next to the person youre interacting with that mentions the person [ex. John Doe (@XXXX)] Hope I explained enough of this for people to get the idea. An example of a chracter introduction "From out of nowhere came a man of immense muscle all along his upper body with seemingly no hair upon his skin, glistening in the sunlight save for upon his hide trousers, 'Greetings, I am Sir Dinkleshit!'" (Do not ask where my creativity comes from) The next post shall "begin" the thread.
  7. So umm, I did a thing. https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/About/2056680
  8. Im really that bad eh?
  9. This particular idea has been brought up already in a much older thread. Ill be hosting FK raids if not attempting to lead the clan itself
  10. Well, all the requests are done at the moment. In total, I have 50 custom characters at the moment. New vods will be coming out hopefully tomorrow after I get my house vacuumed. Do tune in during the streams to see if your soldier pops up and kicks some ass against Advent. I'll also be posting a full library of characters and moving it to the top post after tomorrows potential stream.
  11. All current character requests have been completed
  12. *cough cough*
  13. OPERATION HAMMER FIRE Squad Roster: Digby Tatham-Warter - FK Division [ @Digby Tatham-Warter ] Leslie "Ol' Faithful" Neilzen - ZFB Division Rali Bunora - ET Division Ben "NoName" Dover - ZFB Division Direct Link *Still need help with embedding Twitch videos After-Action Report: Operation Status: Success Deployed Location: Small town in ADVENT Patrol Zone 10, outskirts of Volgograd Casualty Report: ADVENT: 7 KIA XCOM: Tatham-Warter - Suffered laser burns to upper back and lower neck region from Advent Engineer. Psych evaluation made due to contact with Sectoid psionic panic attack. Recovery expected in about two weeks. "Ol' Faithful" - Back burned severely from laser fire by Advent Engineer. Recovery expected in about a month. Bunora - Left shoulder grazed by laser fire from Advent Trooper. Recovery expected after two weeks. "NoName" - Suffered burns to upper front portion of torso due to laser fire from Advent Engineer. Infected by Viper poison during operation and has been brought in for detoxification. Recovery expected after a month.
  14. OPERATION STARVING DEATH Squad Roster: Memes "Buns" Long - CC Division Jack "Doctadoone" **** - FK Division [ @Doctadoone ] Kikan "Gigi" Ketsueki - ZFB Division Direct Link <iframe src="https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v161550830" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="378" width="620"> </iframe> *Someone help me with embedding Twitch highlights please After-Action Report: Operation Status: Success Deployed Location: [REDACTED] Casualty Report: ADVENT: 5 KIA XCOM: "Buns" - Grave wounds to the right side of torso and back from laser rounds fired by a Viper and an Advent Trooper. Recovery to be expected after a month. "Gigi" - Wounds to the right side of torso after being incapacitated by an Advent Surveillance Drone's stun pulse. Recovery to be expected in half a month. "Doctadoone" - No apparent physical injuries from operation, ceramic plating on armor was destroyed in combat. Fit for deployment immediately.
  15. All broadcasts will automatically be archived, I will give links per session on here as well.