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  1. Finals and essays come around the same day tags are implemented. I come back, look around. Don't care anymore. If you read this, I'm just not gonna do missions anymore.

    1. Hekhal


      Zeusing missions specifically, just done

  2. @Conga Line of Neckbeards Every mission I make, I ask myself if it's possible by my own means with the resources I'm giving.
  3. @Trahsi I didnt zeus the 4th mission
  4. @Lenny Id happily have the spawns be directly on the points, however that would require me to get a template past the CM's that has all the kinks worked out. Ill get working on something, but the thing stopping a perfect operation like that is just regulations.
  5. The teams are meant to be about evenly split, however, the OpFor-PMC's will be broken up into fireteams to be assigned to particular locations like checkpoints and outposts. Of course, a certain number will be kept at the headquarters. The idea is to make both sides think strategically and tactically rather than throw everything at the enemy at one time.
  6. Updates for this mission type will occur over the course of this week. This is a test project to see how milsim people want to get with pvp. In-Play Concepts: OpFor-Funded PMC corporation hired to defend a large region with several outposts and checkpoints with a final central headquarters within a major city. BluFor forces required to perform a surgical strike upon the headquarters to disable support elements and cripple effectiveness of the PMC corporation. Requirements: BluFor - Behavioral Profile: Attitude coming into mission is to limit casualties as much as possible. Maintain covert operation for as long as possible due to possible immediate enemy QRF upon discovery. - Weapon Configs: Server Restrictions + 1x scope maximum + no suppresors (Flash Suppresors Permitted) + no projectile explosives (Grenade Launchers/Launchers) - Uniforms: NATO-Themed OpFor - Behavioral Profile: Hired mercenaries to occupy checkpoints/outposts/central headquarters with specific role of guarding and performing proper protocols according to role provided by locations. Report any disturbances and investigate if necessary. However, assuming immediate assault of enemy forces upon any disturbance and calling for back-up will result in misuse of available assets. Play it professionally. Patrol. AI - Assistance available to PMC's upon alarm for assault from enemy forces. - Uniforms: PMC-Themed (Deviate from NATO style as much as possible) - Weapon Configs: Server Restrictions + 1x scope maximum + no suppresors AT ALL + no projectile explosives (Grenade Launchers/Launchers) RESPAWNS: BluFor - 2x (Triggered at 25% manpower) OpFor PMC's - 4x (Triggered at 50% manpower) Vehicle Assets: BluFor - 1x Darter (2x respawn) OpFor - Static MG's (preplaced) + 4x MG-Mounted 4-Wheeler (2x respawn) Think I covered everything, I know this isnt a calender event, so no sign-ups, but who wants this to happen?
  7. It's understandable to ask when your at crashes and you ask. I will apologize to you @Nugget30 for that. However, arriving at plt location and seeing @UniDigit fucking with the people present at the briefing quickly irritated me as he decided that he had the right to defend his actions at that moment to which I then entered my behavior that you got familiar with during the mission
  8. Just a quick heads up and apology to people for the second mission. Not to insult @NeilZar's zuesing ability at all, but the reason the mission seemed off from my usual kinds of missions was because my dad finished work early and needed a pick up practically as the platoon went through the tp pole. The moment the ambush started I left. Not sure how the rest of the mission went but Ill try and make another shot at this kind of mission. Thank you Neil for covering for me and being a co-zues in that situation or Id be fucked royally.
  9. I wont go about criticizing how the mission went for @Wattsits. We know the hiccups at this point. Im more for transparency on how a mission goes. Anyways, the OPFOR actually got nearly decimated upon first contact, but what you dont know is how bloody close Alpha came to spotting me. I was as close to being stepped on as you could get by them and it was intense hearing @Derpy's voice blair next to me suddenly then pass as the whole squad walked right by me as I lay there in the grass. I will supply a clip of the event in a bit. But I will also I say that i felt the pain of the BLUFOR when I gave myself up to the back portion of Alpha in order to try and ease their fears a bit of telling them personally that I wasnt aiming to kill them. @FireDad can vouch for that instance. It was immersion breaking but I felt it was necessary since I was hearing a lot of distaste from the squad just being close to them. In the end, I like looking out for the enjoyment of the players and want things to go smooth with as few people having problems as possible. I take a large amount of negative feedback into serious consideration when Im thinking of how to improve special missions or arcade missions. Hope you guys understand that and can look forward to a highly improved version of the third mission going forward.
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    Will try to be there, will be on about 15 minutes post-start.
  12. until

    Hekhal signing for BluFor PLT
  13. Mission 1/2: Platoon 2iC 1: Not much to relay about the first mission, was the third person to die. Gotta say that I wish the south checkpoint teams wouldve cleared some buildings on their way down there. 2: @Digby Tatham-Warter You are one of the most lovable scatter-brained individuals Ive ever met and I adore having you lead. You played Czech music all mission and forgot Charlie's 2ic back at base during deployment. Didnt catch the issues of the 2nd mission, all I got was making all of platoon shit themselves with my godly driving before hopping out of the truck at the final objective and getting two-tapped by Soviet. Checked the stream, actually true.
  14. Hoping my 3rd mission didn't shit on peoples' day. You all said it went great at the end, but I'm sure a few people got peeved they took headshots about a minute into the start of the mission
  15. Hekhal here in response to the survival missions. There's a couple reasons why I'd like to try them in second mission spots, never in first. But there's also reasons I don't want to. For: Itd be a great combination of teamwork and competition between squads and a change of pace for a lot of regulars. Against: A Zeus is needed for every squad pretty much. There's a lot of infantry assets being used which would crash the server if used with all six squads. And finally, I'm not sure how well any of the community managers and veteran regulars would enjoy them. It creates a long wait time for those who die early and they end up getting frustrated. I can't really do respawns if we did six squads because it would just prolong the mission for way too long. Self-Suggestions: Make the six squads pair up 2-2-2 to simplify the Zeus allocation and provide an asset list for each pairing to use. This handles possible asset overload as well as Zeus responsibility. The area coverage would be higher but that makes the defense a whole lot more fun. The one thing I can't account for is time taken as well as how much enjoyment a lot of people would get out of it. I don't know, people message me about this and I'll think about asking to Zeus a survival mission in a 2nd mission slot.