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  1. I'm sorry, but anecdotal evidence of you doing something does not prove anything. If you can't see why a DMR (and let me just say, we've got DMRs with actually good iron sights) is better for the situations we mainly find us in, compared to a bolt-action rifle, I really can't be arsed to have this discussion. Also, BETTER does not mean it's the end all be all way of doing it, it's just the BETTER way of being an all around asset for your squad. You might do fine certain missions, in others it might get you killed stupidly. I never said you'd never be on a hill, that's basically what you're for. It's just that you need to be available for doing the regular stuff as well. If we need people to stay on a hill all game we have prophet. Also, I'm fairly sure you could've gotten those people with a DMR as well...
  2. @Vesper Akiri The thing about the designated marksman in a squad is that he's usually not going to be sitting on a hill for an extended amount of time. He's usually going to move together with the squad, clearing buildings and doing other stuff than sniping long range. A DMR is way more useful in those scenarios than a bolt-action rifle. If anything, I would suggest that a bolt-action rifle is only allowed within the squad if someone's attached, so the amount of people who are available to effectivly do stuff isn't below the usuall number. I would also require the marksman to bring a sidearm. He's not going to be sat on the hill all game, but this way the basic function of the squad isn't compromised in any way.
  3. Have you got all the mods downloaded? Check this out, and if you've got more problems join the "ARMA Mod Help" room on TS and someone will get there eventually to help you https://www.fuckknows.eu/documentation/joining-arma/
  4. Yesterday @whifey arranged a medevac mission for us early in the day, and I feel it deserves some feedback. I'm making it a sperate thread simply because I'd like people's thoughts about the medevac missions in practice, not necessarily just the happenings of this particular mission. Zeus: Firstly I'd like to point out that a civilian should not unrestrain itself and suddenly spawn a backpack. Especially when said civilian is stood right next to a LZ for medevac. It felt a bit badass to get to shout "landing zone is not secure! landing zone is not secure!" over comms and proceed to take out the civ, but I'd rather see another civ come running from an adjacent building or something. In my opinion we were facing just enough resistance to make it exciting, but still easy enough to smoothly handle the unfamiliar aspect that medevac is. Thumbs up to @Woody for some great piloting (I have to mention that his multi million dollar heli was no match for a 10 dollar body bag ). I loved how natural the civilians seemd, with there being just enough of them walking around town, vechicles etc. M'IMMERSION was satisfied! I was particularly happy with the medevac aspect being successful, but the mission in itself was great fun. Platoon: Probably did good. I don't know.. Squad: Ammo bitch and manning the M2 of our squad's second HMMWV. I forget what squad it was, possibly bravo? (@Sarissaas SL iirc) We worked well together with good mostly communication imho. 5/7 would slot up with you lads again! The medevac brings a few new aspects to the table, and I for one welcome them. It makes for a new dynamic in how a mission is executed and makes for a more realistic and fun experience imo. Having to secure a LZ and keep it secure as the helo makes a touch and go multiple times kinda breaks up what might be a slightly dull ride from point a to b with some clearing of houses as the only 'fun'. I've heard a few people complaining about the medic being nothing but a fancy rifleman with a ton of bandages. I think they're missing the point. You're not healing people, you're keeping them alive. You're the one who makes sure that they get evaced, the one who makes sure they won't die waiting for that evac. Their lives is as much in your hands as in normal missions, it's just a different dynamic. It might not scale well for smaller missions like this, but I can see it being both hectical and a lot of fun for the medics if this kind of mission made it to the 70 man main missions. All in all, great fun!
  5. It's not a problem as such, it's just that as time goes by technology progresses. For most applications it's fine, but ArmA is stupid when it comes to ram and it could benefit from the more modern and faster ram you get today, not just the total capacity of it.
  6. People ignore rules everyday. Most of the time it won't have great consequenses for the rest of the community. My guess is that a lot of the FNGs haven't even read the rules. If someone where to say the ip and password out loud so it would be heard on one of the larger streams it could have massive consequenses. Therefore it's very important to remind people not to read it out loud. This is why when it's posted in TS it's usually always followed by "don't say it out loud". Most people, probably even Crelax, were told that when they first got the server info. When we've got this preventative measure of always warning people not to say it out loud, having it in the rules isn't really necessary. All of us have heard it several times, and you'll hear it when you first get the info. If you're dumb enough to still say it out loud, you deserve whatever punishment you get.
  7. The survival mission @Mopafid and @Ruekatu did was great fun. I was one of a few to last the whole thing, and for a long time the only medic still alive. Even tho I had broken legs and had lost a lot of blood myself, I went from person to person as fast as I could constantly hearing people yell for me. I want to applaud the people who saved their buddies by carrying them to me, and helped me bandage both the patients and myself when needed. I saw a lot of great teamwork during that mission, popping helis and armors constantly, making good calls and what not. I'm not sure I've had more fun during any other mission! At one point I'm sure I was down to 5fps, but when I'm mainly healing people it didn't affect me that much. I feel sorry for the people who had to aim and hit stuff tho! All in all a great mission, perfect 5/7 would play again.
  8. There was a second update, about 2GB, released a few hours ago. You need this as well as the update you downloaded last night. The problem you're experiencing with the Arm3Sync is due to there being so many people downloading the updates right now. Not much you can do than wait or try again at a later point.
  9. Bravo's driver got instakilled while turned in somehow, which caused a bit of confusion and delay as we couldn't really just switch to the driver's seat. He was also SL to make matters worse. I do believe we lost the next driver to memleak... Next driver had no prior experience driving a Bradley, but we tried anyway as the orders which had been relayed to us was to keep on going no mather what. So get of your high horse, just like your memeleaks wasnt your fault, what happened with us slowing down wasnt ours.. I feel like the chaos in the first mission was simply due to bad communication. Had we known that we should've stopped and engaged the enemy, this would've been a great mission for us in the back of the Bradley's aswell. I like the idea about these convoy missions, so I'd definitely join one again. However, today's experience was sub-par, in which the zeus had no fault. Good communication is Alpha Omega for the execution of any mission. Today, it failed. Let's learn from it and make the next road trip fun fun fun!
  10. Mission 4: Bravo Ammo bitch Capitol and I worked well toghether as a team for once (I'm quite often the ammo bitch, but a lot of autoriflemen don't want to / try to work together with me), which was great. We were possitioned in the same area as PltHQ, which the OPFOR guys were out to get. We took a lot of fire, got split up and I ended up in cover behind the large rock. Peeking out of cover I saw the ATV and PltHQ dead by it (well, he wasn't really dead but that's what I assumed). I wanted to grab the ATV and get out of there, but as I approached it I saw people moving towards us. Through the NV the cammo looked fairly similar to ours, and the movement didn't look like AI movement. I held my fire for a few seconds because of that, until I realised they had foul intentions. I rested in pieces shortly after. The mission was good fun.
  11. Whilst I agree that cat is betther than a, b, c, etc. this can also lead to an equal amount of confusion if the steps of communication are to be followed strictly. "Bravo to Valkyrie - Bravo actual - cat 2 - 3 - blue - Green smoke." I think if line 3 and 4 is switched it'll be better.
  12. Really enjoyed the survival mission. It lasted just long enough to be good fun, and enden in a way that felt fair in my opinion. Sadly, I died a few minutes before it ended, but managed to save a guy in a glorius fashion just before dying myself. Perfect 5/7 would play again. The third mission was good fun too, sadly we died to a suicide bomber whilst the medic was bussy patching up the guy who walked off the roof At least we managed to get the whiny VIP to the heli (so we didn't have to listen to him anymore)!