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  1. First Mission Delta Squad: SL: @atomicbucko122 2IC: @ghostsquid M: @Vipershell AR: @Tobe AAS: @Fumblenumb MAT: @Michael Wayne MAT: @Colter R: Myself Mission was great so thank you to whoever was Zeus. it was was very good structure and was most enjoyable once we got in. In all the whole of Delta seemed childish and the only ones who had there heads screwed on was myself Bucko viper and Squid, When our SL and 2IC went down the squad seemed lost and i had to take command. I had got @Colter to pick up long and we headed to Echos location to take the fort. @atomicbucko122 your a good SL just you panicked at the last half of the mission i suggest trying to keep your cool. @ghostsquid as 2IC you did well from my point of view during 2nd half when bucko lost it. @Vipershell Great Medic i commend you on helping out the other squads when needed. @Colter Thank you for picking up Long and relaying the commands i gave you so as the other squads and Pltn knew what had happend. And for the rest of the squad please for the love of god stop fucking about in the starting zone there is no need to fuck off to another squads tent, play music or yell. after we have tped into our load up zone. im going to call out @Tobe for this most of all as you where the main problem of the loud music and running about. In my deference I normally take the first mission very seriously the 2nd no so much.
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