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  1. You forgot Natnanny
  2. The panic that silently enters your mind when your teamlead sends you into what is basically a free fire zone for your enemy, without cover. And ofcourse, there is the ancient; "Fuck this squad!" panic, which happens when your squad(whether you're lead or member is irrelevant) doesn't listen to commands and end up getting themselves(and you) killed as a result.
  3. Let me correct that statement and say that Bravo was completely unaware of any such events. We were just doing our every day Iraqi military jobs; shooting some insurgents, killing some protesters(Though I would have chosen a ditch rather than a wall, makes clean-up easier) and being pretty annoyed by Americans butting in our affairs. We did not follow the commands from anyone other than Woody, so the shoot-out at the end came as a complete surprise to me and forced me(as squadlead) to abandon three of my men to the slaughter in order to keep the squad from being wiped. That is to say, once we got clear of immediate threats, I ordered my guys to double-time it to the base, while the two gunners in the back were to shoot any vehicle NOT Iraqi, while keeping those inside alive though I wouldn't have cared if they were lethal shots or not.
  4. Naturally. DMR fits my own personal playstyle of lone wolf within a pack much better than most other roles. Naturally, when I don't have a DMR I tend to take point with Blue Squad(Frontline is where the action's at!)
  5. Okay, so I'm gonna throw in my two unasked for cents and say a couple of things; As great an idea this might be, the fanbase is 1) Too small to support this, and 2) Not feasible for a reasonable pricing. Behomia is a company, they want to make money. If money is not being made or there is little to no prospect of making money, they will not do it. Naturally, though it's a lot of work for Bohemia with a lot of time in between. Apex brought an entire new area to play in with new mission. Marksman DLC brought slightly better ballistics and additional sniper rifles and stuff. Both have content, you qualify one as bad and one as good. The problem you have it is that you think the price is wrong. Apex is worth around the 20 bucks. Marksman around the 5 bucks. Apex costs 30, and Marksman costs 10. That's where your issue lies. I'll be quite frank... this is something rather moronic to hope for. For one, be real and think how many outside of this community use character animations. Most servers are PvP and they generally don't use animations for anything serious. So no, this would not be interesting for Bohemia. Naturally, though this is directly linked to the engine. No. And I'm going to quote Don here Okay, I'm going to quote Don here as well, because I think his reaction is rather... weird honestly. You immediately jump to the worst possible thought without realizing that multiple games have the exact same thing and none of this happens. Yes, people will rant and rave about it. Yes, people will get offended by women and children being killed in warzones because that's what happens in real life. But a counter-claim would be that Arma profiles themselves as a "Realistic milsim" which attracts most of the community to it; In real life civilians die. WE HAVE A FUCKING RULE ON THE SERVER TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM KILLING CIVIES INTENTIONALLY!!! Don, you immediately jumped to the worse situation while communities like ours could use this to incredible extend. No. Too much work for too little pay. They simply lack the manpower to do this efficiently. This makes no difference other than legal ramifications. They changed names to prevent people from being directly offended by something. Uhm... this is quite a difficult system to implement properly. Not everyone speaks english properly, and not everyone pronounces everything properly enough for voice recognition. Take Tom Clancy's End War as an example. Voice command is the way to play that game, but if you don't force yourself to pronounce everything perfectly, the game doesn't register the words spoken and thus the command is ignored. Yes? Maybe? It entirely depends. If it's an in-house developed engine, then they can specifically make it to work best for Arma. However, if they lack the knowledge required, this will not be beneficial for anyone because it'll ruin their game. So Yes, better Engine and optimization, but don't get your hopes up.
  6. Second Mission; Charlie 2iC(More DMR than 2iC) Zeus: @Siri Neat mission. You did blew @Gditz fully in the face though so there's that. But that didn't take anything away from the mission. Platoon: @Sarissa(I think) Good plan though a bit unlucky with the river crossing not being there. Squad Lead: @Timberhawk Despite me being the dipshit that I am, running around spotting enemies and taking shots at them, you did really well with keeping me in check. The orders were clear and they generally were sound. AR:@Arrexis AAR: @Trahsi They did great. Provided overwatch where necessary and sent hot lead down range effectively and efficiently. Medic: @Life010 We're all used to your shenanigans but today... today... Today you behaved perfectly fine with the occasional joke but keeping the serious face on most of the time. I think you tended mostly to other squads than to Charlie Squad which is good. Blue Team: @Gditz, @Smeghead, @Milly who has no account. I generally don't talk a lot about Blue Team. Only when I'm put in charge of them or when I complain about them. In this case, it is the first rather than the latter. Blue Team was a perfect pointmen squad, constantly ahead of the main squad and busy clearing buildings and pushing up. Shame Gditz ate lead in an ambush but that shit happens. I have no complaints about Blue Team, you guys did great.
  7. I would like to apply
  8. Repeatedly calling someone to have a stick up their arse, generally isn't just immersion as an issue nor actual zeusing(Unless you call a zeus dropping a half a platoon sized squad of EI on your arse because "You're not supposed to set up here" bad zeusing). It went like this; *Pastebin got dropped* "Anyone that deviates..." we know the rest. The bitching happened afterwards because it was a ridiculous load-out. It also happens that Lukas stated that "he wanted to re-enact a battle"... this doesn't count as immersion but more as mission parameter to have the correct gear for the re-enactment. Shafty mainly complained about Immersion though, as he dropped without leaving spawn. I do have an issue with this fella, I honestly do and I'm not alone. When I was in his squad, his orders were so ridiculous and absolute bullshit(not to mention, nobody complied to it so there was no leverage over his squad) that I actually cheered when he ate a bullet(in-game) and Timber had to take over. There is a difference between forcing a pastebin and bad zeusing. I agree on that, however what I think the main issue is, the way it was ACTUALLY enforced. I understand wanting something specific, and a pastebin is a good way of doing so, but opening from the gates with "If you deviate" is just a sign of assuming the worst of people. If people deviate, just talk to them personally instead of issuing a threat to everyone present. There was also an account of two late-comers(@C-O-B-R-A and @WO1 J.Franc) complaining over group chat in-game that Zeus was smiting the ground next to them and basically being an absolute cunt. Moments later, they sent a message saying that "The other Zeus is being very kind and helpful. He'll TP us to you" and moments later the Zeus(Andy I think) did just that. Chefla, I'm generally not one to complain about Immersion. I'm perfectly fine with things and I generally just bow my head when it comes to equipment for the sake of having fun. Tl;dr: My main complaint in the debriefing response I made, clearly stated that the Zeus' attitude was completely off and hostile towards the rest of the players. If you look close at the other reports, most of the people that partook in the second mission And yes, I'm gonna quote myself because this really annoyed me; So to be quite frank, nobody seems to have any issue with the actual mission and save for Shafty, nobody had sever problems with 'Mersion. Most of the complaints are about Lukas' stick so you might wanna call him out on that instead.
  9. Generally, hop on TS and see if you can join an off-hour mission. Say you have little experience with the game and they'll happily show you the ropes. Everyone is here to have fun after all so there is no harm in asking. In fact, it's better to say "I can do it, but I don't know how." than to say "I CAN DO IT!" and then it turns out you don't know how. So yeah, Off-hour missions are always an option. If you have a bit of experience in ARMA, you can try and join a main mission. Just mention that you don't know how to play and they'll help ya out as well. We've all been there, don't worry about it.
  10. First off, I would like to apologize to you as well Shafty but seeing as we were all there to just have fun, I felt like I just had to try and calm you down and get you to play along. I know your heritage is important to you(Ya bloody scotsmen are all the same(jkjk)) but for the sake of the game, I tried to get you to play along. Secondly, @Lukas(There, now your arse is tagged as well), there are a few things that you need to lay the fuck off. I've been both in your squad once(And GOD was I happy when the EI capped your ass!), I've now been in a mission that seems to have been created by you and I gotta say; GET THAT FUCKING STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS!!! I'm not gonna bring up your behaviour while I was in your squad(I made an AAR on that after all) but christ... was that a clusterfuck of a mission. I don't easily agree with someone but I'm gonna second Shafty here for you not doing your research. Calling something "Hypothetical" is all fine and dandy, but if you wanna re-enact something, do it properly. If you wanted to do hypothetical, you should've said "This is a military exercise that puts the battle of Jadotville and see if we would do better now." THAT is hypothetical and would allow you to use Irish DMP, it would also force you to use AUGs these days but ehh, you'd probably find more people to support you there. Secondly, let me be really nit-picky and say this; "If I see anyone deviating ever so slightly from my pastebin, I'm going to smite you and everyone in your squad."(You said around you, but that was basically the same thing), this sounds like one hell of a power-abuse if I ever heard one in a main mission. Not only do you IMMEDIATELY become the target of everyone that already doesn't like you(which is already a few people that know you. I've been one that literally said "Just follow the pastebin because Lukas has a stick up his arse and can't be bothered removing it." and I'm sure I'm not alone there), you make a lot more people feel like you're being either overly sensitive or just an idiot with a stick up his arse. You are not above anyone, either we are all equal or we are all above you. It's that simple. Now onto the thing that REALLY pissed me off; "If you have complaints or any feedback, there's the feedback thread" and then buggered off. First off; you probably already knew what feedback you were going to get. Man the fuck up, take the critique and accept it as is instead of running like a little bitch-baby saying "there's a thread". Ironically, you can very easily either pretend for your own ego's sake that nothing came your way, or you can ignore the whole thing entirely. I'm derailing into a rather negative rant so I'm going to close up on this; Second mission was absolute rubbish and I'm sure I'm not alone with this opinion. You literally spawned half a platoon on Charlie for having a strategically sound overwatch position, ironically after either Andy or Lukas complained about the amount of trenches we had(While a little further away, Echo had twice the amount) and subsequently wiped Charlie with these guys. I even suspect additional spawns after we wiped our arses with the first EIs BEHIND me and Timber, I have no proof and I won't be blatantly accusing people of this. If its true, dick move. If not, my apologies. In summary; I'm going to opt out of mission with Lukas as Zeus. I'm going to opt out of squads in which Lukas is SL. Rubbish mission with rubbish rules and ridiculous restrictions. DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!
  11. 2nd Main Mission Zeus: @cineafx The ordeal that transpired was handled with proper care so you have my thanks. Other than that, I enjoyed the mission as much as I could. Platoon: @TEG I'm used to nothing less of you TEG, proper Platooning with a solid plan. The reason why I gave up my Platoon slot to you and why I will any time. Squad: Charlie SL 2iC: @RSoldat AR: @gravitydefyingturtle AAR: @Kingorrik Riflemen: @Hentalia, @Turbo, @SGz_Eliminated, @Cr0wnless, And I think I'm forgetting one. All in all, solid mission. I enjoyed it and the squad was acting proper and precise. No fucking around and straight to business just the way I like it. Kudos to you lot. Alpha blew up the Hostages. Much to my disappointment, this meant mission failure. I would like to say however that I appreciate @Jacob_Waltz for his honesty, and don't blame him for this action. After all, one has to obey their squadleads at all times. This unfortunately was no exception.(Though next time, please inform Platoon and potentially a CM if this happens again),
  12. Yes, clickbait, I know, booh hooh. Now onto the actual real thing; Blue on blue firing. Yes, everyone has some form of experience with it; either you did it yourself(Be honest, you have at least been tempted a few times), One of your squadmates has done it, or you have been the victim of it. Well, here's the point I'm going to make; HOW CAN WE PREVENT THIS?! Well, the first method reasonable; The Markers. The markers allow everyone to know which squad is where and this would alleviate potential confusion. However, this is cheap and isn't really a proper solution as this doesn't include squadmembers. The second option is Uniform. Having the same uniform all throughout the platoon would fix a lot of issues as this includes EVERYONE in the platoon. However, when dealing with "rogue" elements, that's highly troublesome as you can't identify friend or Foe through uniform then. Third option is... well, I can't really think of anything other than LISTEN TO YOUR SQUADLEADER(S). In general, the squadleaders are in contact with both each other and platoon, thus knowing which squad is where on the map(roughly). This makes targeting friendly forces a whole lot more difficult unless hostiles are in the same area(which is where Uniforms come into play). Well, those three options might be there but the best option is proper communication. If you spot something that MIGHT be hostile and its not opening fire, then ask if someone can verify whether its hostile or not. As much as people like to shoot anything that looks hostile and moves, asking permission to engage is something quite normal in missions. Naturally, trigger discipline is essential as well; the age-old "Don't fire unless fired upon" rule is a standard, so even when you spot a hostile force, don't shoot them unless given permission. "But, how can I prevent myself from shooting friendlies?" Well, young chap that is totally not fictitious and not for the sake of answering a question, Identify your targets before shooting. "But what if a friendly walks in front of my sight right when I shoot?" This, unfortunately, happens and little can be done about it other than to call out that you are crossing in front of a soldier that is engaging. "Crossing front" is something I personally use when I have no other option BUT to cross his line of fire. Usually, people will hold their fire if possible for you to cross and you can do so safely. At least when you do it this way, nobody can say you DIDN'T warn him before crossing. I'm curious whether other people have odd situations that would be great examples of Blue-on-Blue firing, naturally I would like a solution to this but that's rather tricky and you can't root it out completely as some people just don't listen.
  13. I'll be making a topic regarding Blue-on-blue fire. It happens way too often(my very first mission, I got mis-identified and was knocked out by friendly while clearing.) but yeah, my sincerest apologies for Foxtrot's fucked up action. I personally would've repremanded it but unfortunately I was 2iC and at that point, @Not Connor was still alive. We did get ordered to fall back but Connor seemed to be ignoring this order(which was funny considering Delta might've shot back and domed Connor). In short; I saw Delta, I reported your position, someone else saw you as well, misidentified you guys and opened fire, the rest of the squad followed up, I called out to cease fire, they ignored until we got fired back upon. At this point, I took over as Connor got killed and we withdrew.
  14. @CheflaIn one instance, Foxtrot shot at Delta while there was a clear statement that Delta was heading up from the woods directly in front of us towards their (first) objective. So yes, there is a much bigger problem than just the markers and I doubt this was caused by the lack of markers(I don't know about anyone else, but my map isn't open when I'm in combat)
  15. I do not remember scolding you for pushing with Alpha when I gave that order? I scolded you for pushing with Alpha when that order was not issued(In fact, that order is what I meant with "Catering to you"). I generally expect my squadmembers(whether I'm SL or otherwise) to have a brain of their own, meaning I'm expecting at least a little bit of self-guidance from every member of the squad. I play quite loose with the SL role honestly, as I leave a lot of autonomy to the individual teams and pairs as is. However, you took it out of bounds when I specifically called Red Team over to the hangar to REGROUP. At that point, I leave it up to 2iC(or individual members) to take initiative if they wish to proceed ahead, you can always ask this and I will either give permission or deny the idea. I also remember saying that we would WAIT for Alpha, who was holding there until all elements were present as well, before preceding. During the mission, LR was busy which meant I couldn't easily get through to plt so it increased our waiting time. And reason behind forming up is very simple; I prefer to have an overview of who is still alive in my squad and I would prefer to know where my squadmembers are before heading out to the next part of the mission. There was a lot of confusion within Bravo by the time we were on the airstrip, which meant I had to organize and readjust Bravo according to the present situation. These things take time. It doesn't help when one of your squadmembers complains that it takes too long. I'd rather take 10 minutes more and increase the efficiency of my squad by 10 percent, than rushing it and losing 50% of the squad as a result(Perfect example of rushing being the town in which Bravo got wiped). I'll give you a run-down of what a SL typically does during the mission; Keep an eye on his squad(which is easier if its operating as a single group, rather than with elements scattered all over the place), tell the squad what to do(I.E which objectives to take and how to take them) and keep a line to the other squads and platoon. Dealing with both Long and Short range can be tricky and minor inconveniences tend to become actual inconveniences when you're triple-tasking already. Next time, and this is something I do personally when I feel things are going too slow, is REQUESTING permission to do things instead of sighing and being disrespectful. If you wanna do things your way, take SL role. If you don't, just respect the SL and obey his orders. Understood, I retract my statement. My apologies.