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    I would like to participate if there is a no-show
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    I am still in Fox 4 LAT, can you change that please?
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    I would like a slot as rifleman MAT
  4. Coming from another community, this really fucked me up, when I wanted to say something I always messed that up and now I just use the second one and people still reply to me.
  5. Something we could use is bounding. tl;dr for bounding is: squads or fireteams leapfrog each other while covering each other and/or supressing foes. MOUT as you already listed is badly needed, maybe general 360 security training, I often see people not covering their sectors. maybe squad formations.
  6. sure, why not
  7. By pressing either shift+R or control+R(forgot which one) you can check how much ammo is left in your mag Pressing shift+K shows you the estimated wind direction and speed, usefull for shooting long range without a kestrel.
  8. Mission 2: Alpha medic Zeus: @Argon Liked the mission and the idea of having the force on the move constantly, liked the ironsights and the enemy that has superior equipment. Somehow you managed to not kill as many of us, like weegie does when he zeuses his sahrani campaign.Platoon: / Sadly don't know who it was, but having all 6 squads going in the same direction to leap frog each other was actually a pretty decent idea. That way, if anyone needed help it wouldn't take long for reinforcements to arrive. Having the force split would maybe have resulted in parts of it being wiped.Squad: @Nugget30(SL), @Sanddude(2iC), @Mihax209, @Bobblehead, @thePier, @Rogue, @Lyecer, @HootiePumpkin Driving into a town we know is occupied by enemies is just a bad idea, this is one of the worst approaches you can take as SL. Why did I as the medic have to stop treating someone, take out a launcher and shoot the BMP that was about to kill us? did no one have AT? Other than that I had alot of fun, Bobblehead did extremly well as SL, he had to take over for the first half since our SL and 2iC got killed right at the beginning.
  9. Here is a collection of trailers, first one is the reveal trailer, but there are three other ones that look like character trailers.
  10. Mission 1: Delta medic Zeus: @WattsitsPlatoon: @RezonathSquad: @andyt90(SL), @Psychopozzie(only other survivor) Mission started out with us being lit up at the FUP by a technical, we lost 2 members there. When Bravo entered the compound we got engaged by two BTRs and most of us died. Andy said to me "dont look for the BTR", did exactly that and died. We then linked up with Bravo and helped clear the rest of the buildings. I gotta say, I love these missions where there are no respawns, however I think instadeath should be disabled so people have something like a saving grace, that would probably keep frustation levels down for people who die. Mission 2: Alpha medic Zeus: @ThatWalder, @Nugget30, @Christian Platoon: @Paintchk Squad: @SABER, @Tennin, @mekboy_4000, @thePier, @HootiePumpkin, @ShawnStone, @larsvanbeek1997 The first contact we had killed the SL and at least 2 others, the rest of us made it under fire to the town and proceeded to clear it. Before we made it to the ministry building we had a respawn wave, so alpha and bravo were at full strength when we entered the compound. One of the zeuses continued to control enemies and managed to kill all of Alpha, bravo and possibly platoon by spamming grenades. That zeus threw more than 10 grenades, why did this happen? I think I am not the only one who was very frustrated by dying through this.
  11. Plot will be something along the lines of: "christians fanatic, christians kill people, kill chrisitians to stop them"
  12. setting looks really interesting, I just hope it doesn't end up being just another ubisoft open world game.
  13. I am pretty sure that suppression works on AI, they keep shooting but they lose alot of their accuracy
  14. People who think the M136 needs a extra rocket to fire and don't listen when they are told otherwise
  15. There is also a staggering amount of people who dont know that you can suppress the enemy with normal assault rifles. I personally just forget that smokes are an option during a firefight, whenever I hear my SL yell "throw smokes", I remember I brought smokes.