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  1. By pressing either shift+R or control+R(forgot which one) you can check how much ammo is left in your mag Pressing shift+K shows you the estimated wind direction and speed, usefull for shooting long range without a kestrel.
  2. Mission 2: Alpha medic Zeus: @Argon Liked the mission and the idea of having the force on the move constantly, liked the ironsights and the enemy that has superior equipment. Somehow you managed to not kill as many of us, like weegie does when he zeuses his sahrani campaign.Platoon: / Sadly don't know who it was, but having all 6 squads going in the same direction to leap frog each other was actually a pretty decent idea. That way, if anyone needed help it wouldn't take long for reinforcements to arrive. Having the force split would maybe have resulted in parts of it being wiped.Squad: @Nugget30(SL), @Sanddude(2iC), @Mihax209, @Bobblehead, @thePier, @Rogue, @Lyecer, @HootiePumpkin Driving into a town we know is occupied by enemies is just a bad idea, this is one of the worst approaches you can take as SL. Why did I as the medic have to stop treating someone, take out a launcher and shoot the BMP that was about to kill us? did no one have AT? Other than that I had alot of fun, Bobblehead did extremly well as SL, he had to take over for the first half since our SL and 2iC got killed right at the beginning.
  3. Mission 1: Delta medic Zeus: @WattsitsPlatoon: @RezonathSquad: @andyt90(SL), @Psychopozzie(only other survivor) Mission started out with us being lit up at the FUP by a technical, we lost 2 members there. When Bravo entered the compound we got engaged by two BTRs and most of us died. Andy said to me "dont look for the BTR", did exactly that and died. We then linked up with Bravo and helped clear the rest of the buildings. I gotta say, I love these missions where there are no respawns, however I think instadeath should be disabled so people have something like a saving grace, that would probably keep frustation levels down for people who die. Mission 2: Alpha medic Zeus: @ThatWalder, @Nugget30, @Christian Platoon: @Paintchk Squad: @SABER, @Tennin, @mekboy_4000, @thePier, @HootiePumpkin, @ShawnStone, @larsvanbeek1997 The first contact we had killed the SL and at least 2 others, the rest of us made it under fire to the town and proceeded to clear it. Before we made it to the ministry building we had a respawn wave, so alpha and bravo were at full strength when we entered the compound. One of the zeuses continued to control enemies and managed to kill all of Alpha, bravo and possibly platoon by spamming grenades. That zeus threw more than 10 grenades, why did this happen? I think I am not the only one who was very frustrated by dying through this.
  4. I am pretty sure that suppression works on AI, they keep shooting but they lose alot of their accuracy
  5. People who think the M136 needs a extra rocket to fire and don't listen when they are told otherwise
  6. There is also a staggering amount of people who dont know that you can suppress the enemy with normal assault rifles. I personally just forget that smokes are an option during a firefight, whenever I hear my SL yell "throw smokes", I remember I brought smokes.
  7. Mission 1: Echo/Charlie LAT Zeus: @NeilZar, @Vericht Platoon: @Forked Squad(SL): @Callistano, later @Christian I'm gonna cut straight to the point, the CSAR and QRF system we tried during that mission. Basically whenever CSAR was needed they would load up the patient and replace him with one of the Alpha guys waiting in the helo. The system itself is good, but it might be a bit boring for the squad sitting in the helo. Mission 2: Alpha LAT Zeus: @Weegie Platoon: @NeilZar Squad: @Doctadoone(SL), @Vizel(2iC), @Syndicate @Codomain, @coloneljack1234, @Callistano, @robotprobot It was our job to attack two towns together with bravo and charlie. Platoon made the bad call to use the BTRs we had for an amphibious assault. We took about 20 minutes to reach the first town, since we had to go 2km through water with the BTRs. Half of Alpha died early into the assault, eventually the town was cleared, we captured 2 T-72 and we hopped onto a BTR to go to the next town. Along the way we encountered a checkpoint, that was called out more than enough. Driver rammed us into the open checkpoint, the BTR got hit and started cooking off, we dismounted and most of the passengers, which was most of Alpha and Bravo, got mowed down by enemies. BTR driver, who was from Bravo I believe( @thePier was in the BTR and should know who) , please dont just do a frontal assault on enemy positions, that is what got most of us killed. Also the gunner took forever to start shooting at a called out target right to the front, was that because people sat on the outside and blocked the turret?
  8. I was taking the manual adjustment for the SMAW into consideration, since that is easily done for up do 1000 meters(the lines in the SMAW sight are in 75m increments), after that you have to adjust without any help. The CG doesn't have any help for manual adjustment, instead it has a straight line in the scope, so you basically have to estimate where to aim along that line. Which is fine if the target is just a bit farther away, but it is pretty hard for untrained people to engage targets at much larger distances than the zeroing for the CG allows.
  9. The repo update included a mod called TF47 Launchers. The mod introduced a new AT4, with a reduced backblast and, more importantly, it added the Carl Gustav(known ingame as M3 MAAWS) recoilless rifle. This is a short comparison between our current go-to MAT, the SMAW and the CG. First, let's start with the SMAW and it's pros: Higher effective range, 950-1000m, while the CG only has 900m. More damage agianst armor/Higher penetration(600mm vs 550mm).(source for this: Higher magnification for the optics(comparisson attached below). Spotting rifle. 50m zeroing increments, CG has 100m increments. Pros for the Carl Gustav: Faster Rockets, less of a ballistic arc. Lighter ammo, Launcher+3 rockets are: 20.9 kg, while the smaw is at: 26.5 kg+Spotting rifle mags. Airburst for HE rockets. Illuminaton rockets, think of a big flare you can shoot into the air. Smoke rockets. I also suggest that we are allowed to bring 3 AT rockets and 1-2 other rockets(HE, Smoke, Ill.) if we start using the Carl Gustav, since that would make the AT more versatile while not reducing their AT capability. Sights comparison:
  10. Mission 1: Bravo LAT Zeus: @V1rU5 , @Nugget30 , @Weegie Platoon: @Rezonath Squad: @mulletshock, @NeilZar, @Linnet, @larsvanbeek1997, @Prototyp, @BigT Bravo was supposed to provide overwatch while delta secured the HVT. To actually do that overwatch we had to clear a compound, which ended up with us being in a long firefight during which we lost everyone exept for three people. I acted as SL during the fight and we somehow managed to survive and secure the compound. After delta had dealt with the objective bravo and delta had to destroy five artillery pieces. Choppers picked us up, we got Arma'd, chopper picked us up agian and we arrived at the target LZ and made our way towards the arty. Turns out nobody bought explosives to destroy the artillery, but lucky for us the artillery was five SPGs. We managed to take out four of the SPGs before we ran out of AT and the last one chased us down and killed most of our squad and most of delta. We respawned and attacked the town agian, to take out the AA and the last SPG. We took out an AA turret and then retreated for the mission complete. I later learned that @ZentharTheMagician, who was a pilot, landed his black hawk directly next to the last SPG, jumped out and killed it with AT. Overall this mission was alot of fun. Mission 2: Bravo LAT Zeus:/ Platoon:/ Squad: @ZentharTheMagician, @Leftymonster, @Silberjojo, @Chukase, @Kingorrik Bravo had to assault a compound together with alpha and find intel on hostages. We 'assaulted' by rushing in there with a coyote, which got our SL killed. We found the intel and moved towards the castle the hostages were held at. Together with Alpha we assaulted the castle, by bum-rushing it and clearing it. Nothing big went wrong during the whole mission, so there is not much to say about this, but it was an enjoyable mission. Lefty: solid leading after SL died. on a side note: Alpha medic told me, that @anden3 told him to always take saline over blood bags, while @Sarissa told me to take blood bags and only take saline if there was a CSAR(which he confirmed during the mission), can I get some clarification on that?
  11. Mission 2: Delta LAT Zeus: @ThatWalder, @WeegiePlatoon: @ForkedSquad: @andyt90, @Silberjojo, @BonSie, Knut, @Trinoc, @Mihax209, @anden3 Delta was supposed to keep overwatch over the south-eastern part of the FOB, which we did by placing around 150 Mines(we had 4 guys carrying 2 bergens with ammo and mines) and then digging us in. We had a few contacts shortly after the mines were placed and then we had about 20 to 30 minutes of nothing, exept for sporadic contacts, most of us(and I believe charlie as well) were pretty bored at that point. I dont think our medic had to do anything exept for a few scratches, which is great when you are being evaluted for the medic tag(not anyone's fault though, just wanted to bring that up). Andy decided to get the squad moving and go hunt down a btr to get out of said boredom. Delta then lost two guys to rocket artillery, that came very suprising and it was pretty disappointing to sit around for half the mission doing nothing and then get killed by a magic rocket that came from the sky. All in all I didn't like the mission.
  12. I am pretty serious about the way I play when I come into contact. If there are no tracers flying over my head, I don't care how much chatter there is on the SR or anything along those lines for that matter, I still keep an eye on my sectors though. However, if we are in an engagement I want to be able to rely on my team mates to cover their sectors and suppress or kill the enemy. If people keep talking shit over the short range or dont call in contacts, during fire fights, I get annoyed.
  13. Mission 1: Bomber (?) Zeus: / Platoon: lol no Squad: @Galactic(lead), @andyt90, @thesecretgames and a couple others I only saw at the beginning. We first held the eastern part of town, when we received reports about contacts on the western side(and with reports I mean shooting), so we headed west and dug in. Took a while until we saw contact, our squad was responsible for at least 3 kills and the destroyed btr. I have to say, the lack of coms and the general quiet additude made for some spooky moments where I thought everyone else was dead. it was tons of fun, but I think part of that is, that PvP missions aren't done every day. positive: It was generally fun thank you andy for not laughing at me after I fell down from the roof. negative: Why was my class called bomber when I did not have anything exept an AK and a single grenade, I expected more IEDs here. The btr crew was far too focused on a single point (the weapons market), check your surroundings. Mission 2: Delta LAT Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter(aka Putin) Platoon: @NeilZar Squad: @ZentharTheMagician(lead), @capitolmoney170(2iC), @Conga Line of Neckbeards, @atomicbucko122, @Argon, @Trinoc We were supposed to take the town of Vybor alongside bravo and foxtrot, what we really did was sit around for about 40 minutes and wait for any contacts to engage, we also tried to support foxtrot, but that didn't really work out. When we tried to set the Milan up somewhere we could see the road, we got engaged by that gunship, retreated and got close to the town. when the tanks rolled in we killed at least 2 with the Milan, we then got back to base to find out where that nuke was. positive: Zenthar as SL, he tells us what to do but is still free to other suggestions, always kept a cool head even when we had multiple casualties. It's fun to use assets you usually don't see in the field or that are not often used on a large scale(talking about the Milan cars here). Also I liked the hijacking of our LR by Digby, since I was in the Milan crew we heard most of what was going on on the LR. negative: Do not, under any circumstances let captiol ever drive a car agian, he got us killed by ramming a tank which @Sarissa was commandering, on an OPEN FIELD.(although I believe it might have been desync.)
  14. I support this idea, similar to how a pilot is in charge of their aircraft and a tank commander is in charge of their tank, a medic should be in charge of their patients and who to send to the CSAR first.
  15. From what I have seen, there is a need for advanced mechanics training for most people in FK, so sure, go for it