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  1. 1st Mission (16/07/2017 - 20:30 CEST) I don't have any comment on this one. I don't even know what it was about. We drove somewhere, then drove elsewhere, then stayed a bit, only to get in a vehicle and have Mission Complete shown. I hope it was more exciting for other squads. 2nd Mission (16/07/2017 - 21:40 CEST) Zeus: @BlueNexus, @Neroxen, @Tomo Awesome Zeusing, the mission felt fair but difficult and everything was either visible ahead of time or spawned outside of view. Though most of it was getting to the actual first target, the 2nd half really made up for it. Platoon: @Doctadoone?, @Silberjojo I think you guys had issues contacting Bravo? I was in the driver seat of the 2nd Bravo vehicle, but didn't know how to reply - or what to reply, sorry about that. Otherwise pretty decent leading I'd say, there were no random contradictions in orders and groups were given clear orders. Squad: @Sir_Chuckles: Pretty decent accidental IC, would recommend this situation again. Can be (mostly) understood over game sounds, speaks clearly @Krieg: Really great patching up there, keep it up! @Ahanus Turon: Sick vehicle kill! Didn't get that one on recording, but i got the aftermath of it.
  2. @Doctadoone I have rewritten several parts of it now. I hope that's better. Edit: Also I can't give feedback to Zeus or Platoon as I don't have any idea what they're supposed to be doing, except for on Weegies mission. Removed those entries.
  3. @Bobblehead Eh, i'm too tired to really care. Just more annoyed at things. Old man yells at cloud and stuff. Edit: In this case old man yells at forum post.
  4. 19:00 BST - 1st Mission PvP (earlier 1st mission failed to work) Sides: Independent (Somalian Pirates), Opfor Zeus: Unknown, i think it was scripted. Platoon: I don't think I saw platoon or heard from them, so that's good I guess? Stage 1: Get into position Our uhm... ambphibious vehicle moved through water onto the western coast towards the hold point. Took us a while, but we got there. We proceeded towards the town, taking cover but our spacing needed work. Stage 2: The actual Town When we got close, i think Rob tried to cross an open field and got killed due to that. BlackJack must have attempted to recover the gear, because the next time i saw him he was dead in the same open field, leaving Darth in command. We got even closer, spotted a Technical (didn't manage to kill the Technical) and mostly just messed around on the same area for a while, killing the stray enemy that happened to be in the line of fire. Eventually it was just LordMareron, Lyecer and me left and we proceeded to the beach, where we met up with the last remaining guy from the BTR crew, Jacob_Waltz. Stage 3: That freaking IED factory needs to go down From the beach, we pushed into the town. Three members on the right, one to the left (me) trying to get a better vantage point over the town. And that's where my life ended because as soon as I got up there I was shot and killed by my own team. I don't blame them, radio might have not worked again (it's been doing that the entire week now, can't figure out why). Squad: @BlackJack (SL): The plan of attack was flawed in my opinion. We attacked from one of the more obvious points of attack and were lucky we didn't run into a random IED. A better plan would have been to go from the north or north west, shortening the distance while also providing a better element of surprise. Darth_Mario, Rob, Tuba, Lyacer, ChaosShadoWolfe, LordMareron: Pretty decent, not really have much to comment here. 21:00 BST - 2nd Mission I have no idea what this mission was actually supposed to be. The briefing was rather short, we were taking over a town and then probably another town, which got cut short by three BMPs out of nowhere. As our vehicles were full and Charlier just went into nowhere, I was left behind to get shot through everything that the checkpoint had to offer. Died, got respawned two minutes before the end of the mission - don't know how useful you can be then. Long Range Radio users: You're using up a lot of time which could have been used for actual chatter. Maybe consider turning that down a bit? @Shroomzeh (SL): It would be great if you could speak up or increase your microphone volume. I had you at +20dB and you were really quiet. 22:45 BST - 3rd Mission Sides: Semi-Opfor, Unknown Zeus: Unknown, would have to rewatch footage Platoon: I met up with platoon somewhere along the lines, really fun guy. Too bad i couldn't join his squad. Stage 1: Get to the actual Mission This proved to be surprisingly difficult as our 2nd driver drove into a sign that everyone else avoided. Probably the best moment in the entire driving part. Stage 2: Clean house, kill everything, loot everything Simple enough. This is where I domed @Godzi, as he forgot to say crossing while i was getting ready to fire at an enemy. Sorry! BlackJack also died somewhere in the open, so yeah. Our squad ended up very small really fast... Stage 3: Regroup with the Respawns This proved surprisingly difficult. I think even after the respawns happened our squad was basically back down to nothing again. I tried to meet up with Charlie (who had Rogue next to them) and got, from what I can tell, teamkilled. Cpt. bucko then teamkilled Rogue by driving over him. That's all the mission was for me. @BlackJack (SL): Please reconsider your stance of staying out in the open as squad lead. You're probably the most important part of the team, we kinda need you alive at least to get us info from Platoon. @Godzi (Medic): Yell 'Crossing!' before running across the line of fire of a teammate. Especially in an area filled with enemies some of us are a little trigger happy and you'll die. 01:15 BST - @Weegies mission Amazingly well executed and planned, especially loved the helicopter flying 0.1 meters from the side of a cliff. @Tomo, InquisitorGarm: You guys gave out a lot of conflicting orders. Please make up your mind on who you want to go where and don't undo your decision a few seconds later again.
  5. "What do we do about the black hostages? The slaves? ... What do we do about the black slaves?" "These are my slaves." "You're naked because I like to look at the size of your penis." "I didn't have a harem, I had a black slave army."
  6. 19:00 BST (1st) - Survive aka Just Fucking Run! All of our squads had one goal: Get the fuck to the Airfield, preferably alive. In the end, only about 6 people survived and only because the AI didn't know how to swim properly - otherwise they'd have been dead too. All in all this scripted one was fun, but HOTEL got wiped by a 7 or 8 man squad spawing in front of me (got that on recording, including how i forgot to turn off the safety on my gun). Decent but the spawning triggers definitely need work. Squad: @Forked, @Prototyp, @Jackal, @Kingorrik, @Toasty, @BigT, @Xaymar Dunno what to say here, about 10 minutes in we were already down to 5 members and then got absolutely wrecked in the forest. We should have went for the coast and just swam. 20:20 BST (2nd) - SAS Stealth Mission (At Night, Find Hostages, Extract) The best mission so far. From what I understood, our mission was to infiltrate a town, clear out any resistance, find the hostages, get those out and then extract. The squad I was with had an excellent SL and couldn't have been better - you could actually understand him through a radio! That's a rare trait to have. Somewhere throughout the mission we encountered a fair amount of Civilians out of nowhere which @Shafty/mowag promptly decided to make his slaves volunteers. Zeus unfortunately saw that and took them away. Image 1, Image 2 Zeus: @TheMinion, @UniDigit, @Walder You guys were fun. You may have taken away Shaftys slav-er I meant volunteers, but at least we left the mission knowing that they had no clothes! Squad: @Wpinda, @Psychopozzie, @Neroxen, Xaymar, @Shafty/mowag, @Tynakuh, @Panda (anyone i forgot?) Best squad I've ever been with. Wpinda was a great SL, Shafty was a bit jumpy and had his own volunteers. I got quite a bit for the videos out of this one. And Shafty? Nobody will ever hear what you truly said. 22:30 BST (3rd) - Operation Neptune? This could have been executed a lot better, it took over 40 minutes to set up. And half the time it was just drive here, drive there. All in all it felt like actually being deployed - either nothing happened or everything happened all the time and nothing made sense.
  7. 1st Mission - Around 20:30, lasted 2 hours. Mission was to clear/retake towns from an invasive species called enemy. We somehow succeeded after our BTR? just said fuck it and didn't let anyone else on. Our truck eventually just got ARMA'd, nobody really knew what happened there. Zeus: Weegie, UniDigit, Life010 No comment, Platoon and SL might have more to say. I did get shot through cover by a tank that couldn't see me, so that was fun. Platoon: Derpy, Jacob, Cpt.bucko?, Vados So for some reason we had trouble contacting Platoon and lost our marker on the map. Squad: Timberhawk, Warlordsh, Galactic, Gditz, Demox, farsk, Kranosos, Xaymar (Charlie) Pretty good squad, sadly both our vehicles said "Fuck you!" to us. One thing though, don't say "Give me the LAT!" and then die right after that. 2nd Mission - Around 22:30, laste 1h45m. Also a clown tearing, er, town clearing mission, thankfully shorter and much more action rich - even though it felt rather unfair. I saw several AI literally pop into existence and disappear a moment later, thought I didn't give it much of a thought - could have just been desync or whatever else. Zeus: Don't know I don't know why someone decided to spawn in Mortars right on top of us and especially red smoke. There was nothing there that could have thrown the red smoke, so unless there's red smoke mortar now, what the fuck was that about? As for the rest of the mission, that was quite a few Tanks thrown at us. Overall decent, but could be worked on. Platoon: Don't know, can't comment on this. Squad: LTRampageX, cosmo, ToffRocket, vonca, Master-Young, ThatSlickOniichan, Xaymar (Foxtrot?) While ToffRocket (medic) was a headshot magnet, everyone else did quite well. SL did okay, could have been clearer on orders. One thing irks me though. The debriefing screen said I died twice, once to myself (probably an AI kill) and once to @gadsada, which would have been a team kill then? Unless he was Zeus and controlling a unit that someone unloaded a complete mag into.
  8. 2nd Mission, started around 23:00 BST Bravo? Rifleman Blue Team As far as I understood, we was supposed to protect AMUR 1-1 (or at least the part that I was with was supposed to do that). First objective was to meet up with AMUR 1-1 which proved rather difficult as they just drove off to where Alpha Recon was - then they eventually turned around full speed, passing us by. We kept trailing them, took us a while but eventually we arrived. Then began the counter-invasion on what I can only guess was/is either "Sevastianovo" or "Mikhalevo" (the only thing I remember is the worlds longest fence). We arrived eventually and AMUR 1-1 just said fuck it and drove off without us, so we just tried getting into the town. An AI shot at us through a fence (with rather decent accuracy, damn) but thanks to our decently thrown friendly presents we were able to convince him to just lie down instead. After that we just met up with what I guess was Delta? They didn't last long as we came under fire from an invisible source and moved out before they got turned into a fine red, gray and black mist. Continued moving into the town where we spotted paratroopers and some vehicles being dropped. I think SPC zack (sorry, no clue about your forum name) managed to bring one down with a direct hit RPG. This caused the Server to crap itself but we moved further in anyway. Saw a friendly tank across the street, someone fired an RPG again and killed someone with the backblast and then the mission was complete. I guess that was a success? Nothing really happened aside from AMUR 1-1 running off without us. Zeus: Digby? Can't really comment here, the mission was okay - not very long but it was okay. Plt: Can't make comments on this, though one of them didn't have a face or at least my ARMA didn't load the face. SL/Squad: Trinoc doesn't know what south is (kept moving south-east even though we were far north of AMUR 1-1 map position), but aside from that everyone did fine.