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  1. @Siri @Netheral
  2. I'm going to try to host a Unofficial Games night on the 29th, depending on how much people we have I'll have a poll on what game to play. Hope to see some of you guys there
  3. until
    Hey guys, I'm here to host a Games Night on TableTop Simulator. Now you may miss the main missions, but I can always put the game on hold while people go and play it. If we get enough people we could play Secret Hitler, Spyfall etc. depending on what people want the most and how many people decide on joining. If we get a large enough turnout I could get another person to host other games. Hope to some some of you guys there
  4. But only one person answered
  5. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter (And others) Platoon: @Woody Squad: SL: @ChaosShadoWolfe 2iC: @Bule_G (?) Medic: @Nova (Me) AR & AAR: @sumsum & Turbo Bait LAT & CM Rifleman: @Isardy @UniDigit @Hekhal & @NeilZar Zeus Feedback: Good mission, really liked the bit with the war crimes, unironically I love those. Also distance yourself a bit before you say "Blow it" to the IED operator. Platoon Feedback: Who kills Civilians on Wednesday? You always kill Civilians on Mondays. But yeah good Platoon leading from the things I overheard. Squad Feedback: Great squadleading, special thanks to @NeilZar for giving me a PAK, also sorry if I was too toxic/annoying after the Godzi incident.
  6. NovaFK
  7. Either upload it to Youtube or just put a link there
  8. Zeus: @Sarissa Platoon: @Doctadoone Squad: SL: @Callistano 2iC: @ToffRocket Medic: Me (Nova) AR & AAR: @Lexic @Cyico LAT & Rifleman: @Warhound @BonSie @Cr0wnless Zeus Feedback: Great overall mission (actually kind surprised I got medic slot) for a scripted one, kinda weird fighting against BAF with no clothes on tho... VIVA ANTI-VAX REVOLUTION Platoon Feedback: Kinda a cluster fuck when trying to get all the squads together with no radios, but it sees that you did a good job of doing it even without radios. Good job Squad feedback: Good overall squad composition, @Callistano was a great leader (until he dieded) and sorry to @ToffRocket for stealing the radio. Apart from that no one died for the bulk of the mission and apart from night killing 1-2 team mates, it was good.
  9. How so? At least I haven't forced you and Siri to date. Yet
  10. @Siri @Netheral
  11. TLF


    Either Medic or a Gunner for the Bird
  12. Lol, 3 guys in a house living their lives, this will make one helluva sitcom